More Detailed Off Air Notes From RAW
MORE DETAILED OFF AIR NOTES FROM RAW by Casey Bernauer @ 9:25:00 AM on 5/25/2004 I just made it back to town from Rockford. As you saw there was a big pull apart. It should be not...

Lucy worked for Mr. Mooney at the bank.
There must have been awkward moments, since he was also her Uncle Harry.

How Long Before Mayors Here Start Doing This??? Mayor Tells Sorcerers to Banish Evil Spirits Mon May 24, 9:47 AM ET ...

Wow, Jericho was veering into SCSA/Rock territory
...with the constant pops and chants. The only way I wouldn't be pissed at another HHH title run would be if it meant a Jericho HHH feud with Jericho going over and making HHH "retire" ...

New Star To Debut On Smackdown!
Tough Enough 3 winner Matt Cappotelli will be joining the Smackdown-Brand superstars when they head over to Tokyo in mid-July. Cappotelli will be facing Chavo Guerrero on both the 7/16 and 7...

Bumpy Road Ahead Yahoo! News Tue, May 25, 2004 Iraq Council Wants Control of...

Don't Lick Your Doctor's Tie~!
Hazards: All Dressed Up, Carrying Germs By JOHN O'NEIL May 25, 2004 (copyright The New York Times) It's not news that hospitals are full of sources of infection. But a study...

The day The 864 has been waiting for is almost here!!...
August 6, 2004 mark that on your calander as "864" day ~~~~~ This is my SIG, and my SIG says EPAT End Post And Thread I SAID EPAT MUTHASUCKA!!

Mae Young & Moolah On Jay Leno Recap
* Thanks to reader John Permaul for sending in the following recap of Mae Young & Moolah's appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" : The segment began with a v...

5/24 WWE Smackdown In Lacrosse: Guerrero-Bradshaw Goes Three Minutes
WWE Smackdown house show report May 24, 2004 Lacrosse, Wisc. at the Resche Center Report by Chris Vetter, reader (1) Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn beat Nunzio & Joh...

Deer Edge:
please stop coming out on the entrance ramp smiling like a flirkin retard. Only EUGENE!! can do that. You are giving retards a bad name!! ~~~~~ This is my SIG, and m...

Shelton Benjamin > Most of the RAW Brand Talent
oh it's true, IT'S DAMN TRUE!! Kurt must be so proud of his student /end mark mode ~~~~~ This is my SIG, and my SIG says EPAT End Post And Thread...

OT : Tim Russert is Exciting Proof is in the Picture

(Ladies) Snoop Dogg is getting a divorce
Entertainment - AP Gossip/Celebrity Snoop Dogg Files for Divorce Mon May 24, 9:36 PM ET By ANTHONY BREZNICAN, AP Entertainment Writer LOS ANGELES - ...

Woman loses arm after bear attack
I just know she didn't do something stupid like oh, nevermind... Netscape News: N.Y. Woman Loses Arm After Bear Attack WEEDSPORT, N.Y. (AP) - A woman lost part of her ...

My question about Victoria's music
How'd she end up getting a legit song (her first entrance music) in the first place? Michael

[RAW] Remember kids
HHH vs HBK = headline feud Benoit teams with Eugene. Nuff said.

New Version of "Godwin's Law"
Changing your e-mail address and/or posting handle to duck people's killfiles. -- (Calling it now.) My name is: ____ ...

Idiots complaining about Victoria
My impression of the clueless idiots complaining about Victoria's "new direction". "WHAT IN THE WORLD??!! Victoria doing more JIGGLING, DANCING and RUMP SHAKING for the cameras!!...

(OT) most serious injury you've suffered??
Got cut by some glass. Needed a few stitches on my leg.

(OT) greatest baseball play ever??
That Japanese dude that climbed the wall and robbed someone of a homer while STANDING atop the fence. The Japanese=better workrate.

mmmm, Cold pizza~!
no, it hasn't been added to BUCKEYE PRO WRESTLING's latest event, but it IS being added to my belly! -- Fat Harris, 333's biggest (sizewise) threat. http://www.fathar...

(OT) Am I The Only One Who Liked Bushey's Speech Tonight?
I thought it was the best I have ever seen him, with the exception of his post 9-11 speech which was his best promo ever. The idea of having him give these addresses 1 a week over th...

[RAW] Deer Victoria...
I'm still your biggest mark, despite the fact that your theme is butt ugly video game music and that you're now a dancing happy-go-lucky idiot babyface. *sigh* it's a t...

(poll) what kind of porn do you like?
I like gonzo movies such as the Ed Powers series I'm also more into videos that have cheap lighting and a low budget but fine and established pussy (such as sabrine maui, lacey duvalle...

( POLL ) Do you believe in Jesus?
And if so, for the love of Buddha and Allah, WHY?

A camera adds 10 pounds to Diana DeGarmo
three cameras on each hip.

Victoria has jumped the shark...
Sweet Baby Jesus! What the fuck was that dancing and gyrating all about? Does Victoria have some kind of palsy gimmick now? Let's break it down, shall we? Psycho Bit...

Re: (RAW) Didn't J. Nitro tell Regal...
It's tow rag JamesF

Bobby Heenan on Dennis Miller
Repeat from Friday's show is on...the Brain will be on in about 10 minutes from this post. On CNBC. -Froggy -- [mWo] fa-fa-fa lyfe <...

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