DDP/TNA, Regal Book, Terri Story, Val Venis News, And Backlash Update
Posted on 4/05/104 by Kevin Malton Former WCW champion and WWE worker Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is returning to pro wrestling in coming weeks after trying his hand in acting. I've hear...

Diva Battle Royal On RAW
RAW PREVIEW: DIVA BATTLE ROYAL & TRIPLE H REACTION TO LAST WEEK'S LOSS By: 1Wrestling.com 4/5/2004 8:46:25 PM The tease for tonight's RAW that aired during Star Trek: ...

WCW Nitro 5 Yrs Ago: Goldberg vs. Hogan vs. Dallas Page vs. Ric Flair
April 5, 1999 - WCW Nitro Originally published: Pro Wrestling Torch Weekly newsletter #543 Cover dated: April 10, 1998 Rating: 4.3 (compared to 5.8 for Raw head-to-head).

WWE Planning On Experimenting With A Tuesday Night PPV Next Fall?
WWE plans to add two PPVs to the schedule this year, adding a Raw-exclusive and a Smackdown-exclusive PPV later this year. The WWE Calendar section at WWE.com shows October 10 will be ...

Bush Thanks "Big Ric" Flair
http://www.1wrestling.com/news/newsline.asp?news=18074 PRESIDENT BUSH THANKS "BIG RIC" FLAIR By: 1Wrestling.com 4/5/2004 6:20:38 PM Ric Flair was in attendance at a ...

Britney Spears actually loses her top in concert
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4609966/ -- Rockboy You are an important part of the computer

I curse you for making me play Bookworm(r)

(Update) Goldberg AOL Chat
Goldberg to Participate in AOL Chat on 4.6.04! Mark your calendars, all you AOL users! Goldberg will be participating in a live, online chat on AOL on Tuesday, April 6th at 7 p.m. CT. If

I didn't realize WM19 was such a bomb
Top 15 Highest Wrestling PPV Buyrates In History Posted By Ashish on 04.05.04 And which wrestlers have proven to be the top PPV draws... 1. WWE WrestleMania 17 - 950,000 buy...

[RSPW] Weird
Message 1 in thread From: The Almighty ILOVEUWxx ([email protected]) Subject: I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE STATE OF NEW YORK BLOWN UP. Newsgroups: rec.sport.pro-wrestling Date:...

How each market fared
Average annual employment Absolute employment growth (full administration) Absolute employment growth (annual average) Percent employment growth (full administration) Percent employment growth (annua...

I respect Craig Wilson
the mullet is choice, bonus for def leppard blond. ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

White Sox/Royals booking
that's how it's done, vince. ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

WWF RAW 5 Yrs Ago: Hunter, Chyna, Rock, And Shane Attack Big Show
April 5, 1999 - WWF Raw Originally published: Pro Wrestling Torch Weekly newsletter #543 Cover dated: March 12, 1999 Rating: 5.8 (Taped Mar. 30 in Uniondale, N.Y.)... [...

Going Off The Rails
The Finish Line: 04.05.04: Going Off The Rails Posted By Matt Nute on 04.05.04 Mass transit has never been so dangerous... In 1904, two passenger trains headed for the World...

President Bush Pays Thanks To Ric Flair
PRESIDENT BUSH PAYS THANKS TO RIC FLAIR by Dave Scherer @ 6:02:00 PM on 4/5/2004 To: National Desk Contact: White House Press Office, 202-456-2580 CHARLOTTE...

President Pompous
Remarks by the President to the Travel Pool Central Piedmont Community College-Central Campus Charlotte, North Carolina Bush:. Who is the AP person? Q I ...

(OffT?) DS9 Marathon on SPIKE TV!
FANBOY TIME! FANBOY TIME! FANBOY TIME! Gosh I missed seeing that show on my TV.... I also forgot how hard Bashir was making the play for Dax in the first season.... I'm just...

Bob Dylan selling lingerie
i have now seen it all. ******************** "Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach." -- Scott Hall

President Bush thanks Ric Flair
"I want to thank Ric Flair, professional wrestler. He's with us today. Big Ric, I'm proud you're here. Thank you for coming." -President Bush thanking Ric Flair for appearing at...

Killfiled! the Bede /:-)> won't have to deal with your foolishness anymore

Okay, maybe O'Haire didn't light the world on fire.
But the guy barely got to speak outside his few promos. And they were interesting promos. Maybe not great, but they caught a lot of people's attention. Sure, they put him wit...

Flair & President Bush Eat Lunch Today
Ric Flair was scheduled to have lunch with President Bush and Theresa Ernhardt (Dale's widow) today. As it stands right now, Flair is going to fly from Charlotte (site of the lun...

WWE Stars Detained At Border
http://www.1wrestling.com/news/newsline.asp?news=18070 WWE STARS DETAINED AT BORDER By: 1Wrestling.com 4/5/2004 1:01:55 PM Dave Scherer is reporting at pwinsider.com...

"The Lies Of George W. Bush"
Found this book at the library today (for those not in the know, a library is a big building with lots of books that you can check out and read, for free!). It's a 330-page book written by...

(OT) The mother we all wanted...
...or, maybe not. MERCER, Pa. - A Pennsylvania mom is going to jail for allegedly stripping at her teenage son's birthday party. Prosecutors charged that 35-year-old Patricia John...

(Beisbol)LOL @ e-mail from the Pirates
I'm on the Pirates e-mail list because I bought tickets a few times over the years when visiting Pittsburgh and I occasionally post to the MLB message board.....so I get this e-mail......

Getting sick, tired of Kerry
Getting sick, tired of Kerry By Tony Blankley THE WASHINGTON TIMES John Kerry's presidential candidacy has all the makings of a classic flop in the modern...

NPR is finally 100% Jew
Where are the liberal demands for "diversity"? National Public Radio, whose hosts, reporters, and guests are 98% Jewish, has, for many years, had a non-Jewish host for its morning news...

Inside The Bush Administration
http://www.esquire.com/features/articles/2002/021202_mfe_diiulio_1.html The DiIulio Letter On October 24, John DiIulio, a former high-level official in the Bush administrat...

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