[KORSPW] Lord Hatred Promo Time
I come to all of you in a time of my life when I should know better. The KORSPW tournament was unfairly stacked against me and everybody knows it. But I am not going to complain about that...

Kane's incredible need for dentistry
Oh, the irony is great. WTF is up with Kane's lovely upper front teeth gap....that alone made me laugh at his promo instead of taking it seriously, as we were supposedly supposed...

New "worst commerical ever" canidate

More fusion technique wrestlers
Now that we have Tedge, I got to thinking that Johnny Nitro looked familiar. I don't think this is the same guy from Tough Enough. I think he's a fusion of Raven and Matt Hardy. ...

Deeeeeerest HitMan
I know you think the 333 is some stable even though it isn't ;) -- but I have a favor to ask. I need ssome support in my battle with Greg Grant in the KORSPW. You see, we've been friend...

(OT) Wow...some bad news on Drudge...
Nothing like getting home from class, briefly reading some RSPW nonsense, then opening up my browser to drudgereport.com and seeing "Draft Talks Hit the Hill" in red print. <...

Important poll, please reply
a) Are you "popular" in RSPW? b) Have you ever gotten laid? I am testing out a theory here...

Deer Dave Lewis (Detroit Red Wings coach)
Please shave the mustache, you look like a bald Hitler. Otherwise, lead the Wings to the cup (or at the very least, destroy Colorado); hopefully over the Montreal B-Level Actors (but they ha...

Deer C the Shocker
I can notpossibly put out a decent video by tonight. Way too much render time is necessary. I have the flu. And I will never release any work that is sub-sub-par. Thus the Lord...

RIP Molly's virginity
Shelton Benjamin, man. Oh well. At least it wasn't Batista or "Tyson Tomko" or somebody like that.

do you remember the old wwf jobber...
mike lucca wa a jober for the wwf in the late 80's and early 90's does anyone have any tape with him in it let me know.

[OT] All hail the winner of the Universal Studios "8 Mile" sweepstakes!
Didn't know I won until today when I got a package in the mail announcing me as the winner. My prize? A 50 Cent DVD which includes a bonus 50 Cent CD. Damn...I love ego trips. :) ...

Ultimo Dragon's WWE Status, Chris Nowinski's Career Over?
Ultimo Dragon's WWE status, Christopher Nowinski's career over?, Latest on Lesnar Submitted by Richard Gray on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 5:43 PM EST a.. Ultimo Dragon...

Molly On Why She Shaved Her Head, Shelton's Crush On Her
WWE Byte This review April 8, 2004 Host: Josh Mathews with Droz Guest Host: Lilian Garcia Guests: Molly Holly and Kurt Angle Lilian Garcia guest-hosts in studio this wee...

Booker T Predicts A WWE Title Win
WWE Byte This review April 1, 2004 Host: Josh Mathews and Dr. Tom Prichard with Droz and Tazz Guests: Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and Booker T Droz recalls that he wrote ...

Okay NHL fans, place your bets on tonights Game 7 matchup....
Ottawa vs. Toronto. TO is gonna win by, let's say, 3-1. Ottawa will choke, AGAIN. -- Damn dirty fleas... RSPW's #1 Simian

[KoRSPW] After seeing the results...
Wow, I knew that Shocker would put up a hell of a fight, but I had no idea it would be THIS much of one. The thing that surprised me most though, is I've been here for nearly 10 years, and ...

[KORSPW] Killfile question
how do I set my newsreader to ignore any promos without webpage/media file links in them? The bar has been raised, bitch! words are hard...

Ping: Lvubun
I don't mean to pry, my BROVAH, but are you using Diebold electronic voting machines? How the hell can StoneCo/Steve Perkins have a total of 50 votes when none of the other matche...

[KORSPW] A Tribute to my opponant, Hitman333
Over the past few months, since we were paired up against one another in the March Melee, I've chatted with Hitman several times, and I just want to tell all the people that voted for him, y...

More on (moron?) Eugene
411Mania writes: | Details on the controversial character.... | | The plan for Eugene is to have him take a Rainmain-like turn. He | would appear to be mentally slow but would sh...

Why stop at WW2 and Hirohito????
Have Rene Dupree become Napoleon, Tiger Ali Singh as Genghis Khan, Alex Wright as Bismarck, Los Boricuas as the Conquistadors, Nunzio as Ceasar, Nidia as Cleopatra, Lance Storm as General Wolfe, ...

[EVENT] NMW - First Blood III - 4/24/2004 - Springfield, IL
FIRST BLOOD 2004 April 24th, 2004 8-MAN ELIMINATION TAG MATCH - SURVIVOR SERIES 4GQ: "The AlphaMale" Guy Smith, Lucious P. Cotrain, Mr. Elite & "Mr. Hollywood" Stan Sallinger...

[T'POLL] Does the average WWE fan....
even know who(nN) Hirohito was? -- Damn dirty fleas... RSPW's #1 Simian

OT: Adult swim
Witch Hunter Robin is an animated abortion that should never have been released in the US. What's worse is this talking heads borefest is considered to be 'action.' Bring back Lupin and ma...

Somebody LOVES the Undertaker!!
Undertaker Still Has Supporters Backstage Posted By Ashish on 04.20.04 EVERYONE doesn't hate him..... Despite the fact that the Undertaker has many people against him backst...

That was fun... I of course, still got it. I AM TROLL GOD!
And you know it because you had to open this thread and see if your TROLL GOD had more to say. yah feeb moron. -- When I finally do go to Hell, I am kicking Satan's as...

KORSPW 2nd Round Brackets One & Three Final Results
http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=65259&tclass= Hitman vs. C was as good as advertisted. We lose our first #1 seed in the tourny with FunkyM pulling off one of the biggest up...

Columbine sillyness
Apparently the new national pastime for the media is second guessing. It's like saying "I should have know little Jimmy would pull out someones head and spinal cord when I saw him playing M...

(OT) Best poll ever!!

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