Dudley Boys Main Eventing Smackdown?
One more reason to not watch Smackdown this Thursday/

[OT] Anyone remember all the different types of beer can tops they had between the pull tabs and the current type?
My favorite was the kind with two circles (big one to drink from and little one for air to get back in the can) that you had to puncture with your finger and try not to get too bloody. ...

What in the Blue Hell????
Heart of Rock and Roll and Sounds of Silence are among 50 worst songs ever? What are these guys smoking? http://www.cnn.com/2004/SHOWBIZ/Music/04/21/music.worst.songs.ap/i...

[KoRSPW v.3.0] Shocker vs. Me
Mike Tirico: Welcome to the King of RSPW tournament. With me here to call the action, as always, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. Gentlemen, we have a rematch from the past two seasons. W...

**SPOILERS** Smackdown 4/20/04
VELOCITY AND SMACKDOWN TAPINGS FROM KELOWNA BRITISH COLUMBIA Johnny the Bull over some local Kelowna Wrestler Not too bad a match actually, with Johnny getting some great...

Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale
Not bad, not bad at all. To me it taste better if it warms up a little.

(Spoiler) New Tag Champs on SD!
Spoiler: Charlie Haas and mystery partner over Scottie and Rikishi for the Belts! Yup, that’s right, new tag champs. They promo on the titantron t...

To all you young men of age... see what's coming your way

Food of The Gods
Anyone seen this? Watched it the other night. Awesome! The special Fx were shit. I think they were actually shooting the rats. Where the fuck was PETA then?

Heal sandwich??
Do you get a little bummed out when you go to make a sandwich, and all you have left are the heals? Discuss.

[KORSPW 3rd round] If you had one shot, one opportunity... to seize everything you ever wanted... one moment... would you capture it??
FunkyM's first KORSPW 3rd round promo can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/funkym3485/funkykorspw2.mp3 deer sax, first you get the sugar, then you get the powe...

I really hate fake barb wire...
That damn baseball bat was a big detriment to the Foley/Orton Backlash match. Yes, my brahs, I am making an effort to watch professional wrestling again. -- ...

Twenty Four
the only way to save this season is to have the terrorists win! there are no damn twists. too much shit happened with no followups. its just flowing slowly and smoothly. theyre bomb...

(PORN) Aids Scare Day 6 Darren James - nice guy..
CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Darren James is known throughout the adult film industry as a "gentleman." The veteran performer that tested positive for HIV earlier this week "wouldn't hurt...

(PORN) AIDS scare.. Mark Anthony wants to go on the record..
..and state that Darren james isn't gay!! (Meaning of course, that he is..) LOS ANGELES - Adult performer Mark Anthony, who is one of Darren James' closest friends, told AV...

(PORN) Darren james..found.. on the down-low..
still think he's gay... CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Darren James, the veteran performer who was diagnosed last week with HIV and has been missing ever since, has turned up in San Diego, ...

(PORN) Aids scare.. marc Anthony found..
....no, not the singer.. Performer Mark Anthony has been placed on the first-generation list A list, indicating that he had direct sexual conduct with Darren James, the veteran pe...

Hey Araxen...
I don't see you on Rainbow Six 3 much anymore, what's up? Wanna kill each other?

[KORSaxPW] A stellar endorsement
http://veepers01.budlight.com/service/RetrieveCard?id=88088A76-9351-11D8-9 FA0-E3635E514682 That's right! Funky may have audio...but I have THA POWAH~ ...

(PORN) DAY 7 L.A. and the industry meet..
LOS ANGELES - Representatives of the gay and straight adult industry, AIM Healthcare Foundation, the Free Speech Coalition and members of Los Angeles' gay community met this afternoon with o...

(PORN) Aids scare day 8... Condoms only in the future?
SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. - The HIV scare that started exactly one week ago today became even scarier today, as the LA County Health Department began to speak of regulating the industry and obtai...

(PORN) Aids scare day 8... 4 women cleared..
SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. - A positive note to end another day dominated by discussions across the adult industry regarding the current HIV outbreak. Four of the women in the first-ge...

Well of course Shelton has the hots for Molly
He appreciates the junk in the trunk. ****** "I hope - I don't want to sound like I have made no mistakes. I'm confident I have." -GW Bush Proud member of the B.O.B.

(MMA) Pride GP This Weekend...
..And I can't f-ing WAIT. Coleman has a better shot against Fedor than most are giving him. Randleman will take Cro-Cop town, pound him some, then it will be stood up and C...

Deer Ottawa Senators
...........Eh, I've got nothing, that's how little you impact the average hockey fan's interest....... ****** "I hope - I don't want to sound like I have made no mistakes. I'm con...

Dink: "Authorities have been contacted"
More from Dink... [00:18] -MemoServ- New memo from Cainster. For more information, use: /msg [email protected] LIST - [00:34] -NickServ- Info for Cainster: - ...

[KORSPW] A tribute to the fallen
Chicos and chicas of RSPW, FunkyM is surprised (pleasantly!) that you have put him through to round 3 of this month's popularity contest entitled: the King of RSPW. The audio pro...

Holy Shit...B.D. lost his fucking leg in Iraq...
Made it thru Vietnam, served proudly in Desert Storm...lost his leg in Iraq...my hat's off to him...few have served with such distinction... I've been so glued to the comics this week....

(OT) Alright...someone spoil the plot of GodSend for me...
I don't have time to waste actually watching it... -- "The Original Cactus" Jack Foley "Have fun, stay cool, try to be happy in this imperfect world and <...

Did Alex Cain really spy on his naked little sisters?
That is pretty fucking sick even by Bullis standards. What say you? Even if they are taller than him, Alex still shouldn't be engaging in incestual fantasies.

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