[MARCH MELEE] My ISP is causing shenanigans.
RSPW is coming in awfully spotty on my end of the cable, meaning that I've been missing a lot of Lord Gow's first posts on the Melee, among other things, over the last few days. (I miss...

2004 RSPW MARCH MELEE finals 3/31:
6 "Spiffy-Keen" Sean Wilkinson with his purple velvet Seagram's Crown Royal bag filled with 20-sided dice. 6 Lord Stefan Hatred, using Telekinesis to control 32 Demonic Penistacles <...

Best South Park EVAR~!
He's just a wacky douchebag~! Mark van Pelt A Fan "That's not right. That's not even wrong!"-Wolfgang Pauli

New NG: alt.tv.the-apprentice
This group was just created. Check and make sure your provider carries it, that is if you like the show! alt.tv.the-apprentice Mark Ferrante

Where did all those Jewish people come from in South Park?
I could have sworn about three or four seasons ago there was a remark about Kyle's family commenting to the fact of "You ARE the Jewish community!" ...So where did that congregation come fro...

[TEST] Can you see me now?

" This is just like when we got our money back for ' Baseketball ' "
South Park RULES

TNA News: Raven Wins The Fatal Fourway
OMG!!!! Best TNA since... last week! They better give Raven the best ASAP, or else. -- Demolition Man

finally, a tv show aboot Dink!
"Squidbillies": Five million years ago, the Atlantic Ocean covered North America all the way to the Ohio Valley. As the ocean receded to form our present-day geography, a family of squi...

[IRC] Okay, I Concede Defeat...Stefan Has Lost It
<LordHatred> and the get rid of the shit dead weight like Booker T and RVD who have been given every chance to get over but never did <FunkyM> well HHH has been screwing her for ...

[#rspwtalk] Benoit is a cokehead!!
[20:40] <BeanFriedPork> So Jake the Snake Roberts wasn't over? [20:40] <FunkyM> X-Pac was midget world champ [20:40] <LordHatred> Jake would have held the midget title if t...

The Rock's Walking Tall Critic Reviews & Premiere Photos
http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/WalkingTall-1131281/ http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=1808472623&cf=premgal

Bob Magee links to Mike Johnson interviewing Gabe Sapolsky about ROH and...
from PWBTS: ------------ I'd like our readers to read the Mike Johnson interview of Gabe Sapolsky regarding the events of the last week. There are certainly people that have ...

[off-topic] what do you think?
Do you guys think that Fred Phelps and Colonel Robert Parker/Tennessee Lee look like each other? Here are the pics; http://billandkent.com/blog/blogimages/phelps.jpg <...

Small Hercules Bio
*We start off with some sad news, Ray Fernandez who WWF fans will remember as "Hercules" in the mid 80's and early 90's was found dead in a hotel room on Saturday morning in Tampa at the age...

Ok, I've been quiet long enough
Who the hell does Chad think he is? RSPW is not where you get your 15 minutes Warhol said you would. Telling people to "dance" doesn't make you sound intelligent. It makes you sound like a p...

Big Show vs. Jonny Ace Update
MORE ON THE BIG SHOW-JOHNNY ACE FACE OFF by Dave Scherer @ 5:28:02 PM on 3/7/2004 In following up yesterday's story about the Big Show's standing up to Johnny Ace last Tuesd...

What happened to...
That Kurt Angle DVD? -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

David Crosby arrested on pot, gun charges
I remember watching a 'Behind The Music' or 'True Hollywood Stories' on Crosby and all the drugs he used to do. Cleaned up his life--oh well relaspes do happen. One thing: Getting caught w...

They Should Make a Female Version of "Oz"
----- Original Message ----- From: "Jimbo Jones" <[email protected]> Newsgroups: rec.sport.pro-wrestling Sent: Sunday, March 07, 2004 2:15 PM Subject: They Should Make a ...

TTRS 3/9 Nasty Boy, Big Cat & Iron Sheik
TTRS 3/9 Nasty Boy, Big Cat & Iron Sheik Tune into http://www.trashtalkingradio.com for this Tuesdays show Confirmed this week Nasty Bo...

Man breaks girlfriend's back with wrestling maneuver
from Da Meltz: ---------- A Barberton, OH man was charged with assault for using a pro wrestling backbreaker on his girlfriend. Jermaine Johnson turned himself in on Friday facing...

FA: Austin vs McMahon Feud DVD
Austin vs McMahon Enjoy the highlights from the Austin - McMahon feud! It could very well be the most popular and most talked about feud of the last decade, and no question...

TTRS 3/9 Nasty Boy, Big Cat & Iron Sheik
TTRS 3/9 Nasty Boy, Big Cat & Iron Sheik Tune into http://www.trashtalkingradio.com for thi Tuesdays sho http://www.bfndevelopment.com/cgi-bin/home/Members/RandomImage/RandomImage.cgi?U...

LOL @ this Sportsline headline
"Cactus roundup: Colon battered in Angels' 26-3 shellacking" Sounds like an episode of Oz or something. I guess it's better than the hyperlink headline: "A's rip Colon."

(OT) Reports of the demise of my websites are greatly exaggerated...
My hosting service has announced to their users that they're experiencing a massive denial of service attack, so the sites they host may be having some trouble. They're not gone, they're j...

[OBIT] RIP John Henry
I just got an e-mail confirming that John Henry (Williams) has died of leukemia. This saddens me. "I'm going down to my van down b...

They Should Make a Female Version of "Oz"
I'd watch that shit. They could have someone play Martha Stewart. Think of all the lesbian action!! -- Jimbo Jones -Most respected RSPW poster (99-current) ...

Debra's Wedding Ring
Debra (Steve Austin's ex-wife) is auctioning off their wedding ring on Ebay. She is asking for $20,000 with a portion of the proceeds going to SafePlace, an organization against domestic vio...

(OT) Joe Budden v. G-Unit.
Joe Budden slayed them on his newest freestyle. He would continue to kill them on the records until Game's "friends" kill him in the street. -- "The Origi...

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