[0Tee] every1 ready for The OotKast/Beyonce Awards???
Total number of major Grammy(c) Awards to be won by crackers (n.Unkle) this year: Zero (n.Billy Corgan).

HHH pins Zeus (n.Lister) clean on Mt. Olympus
HHH no-sells 2 lightning bolts and pins the King of the Gods after a single pedigree. Word is HHH took time to pose on all the turnbuckles before the pin.

(Post #8) See Black People Aren't The Only Ones...
Who fuck up the National Anthem.

Is Undertaker going to RAW?
Is Undertaker going to RAW? Lately, they've been making it look like the Undertaker is scaring Kane during his matches, the latest of which causing him to lose to Goldberg. I can't ...

WMXX: Goldberg v. Brock Lesnar
WMXX: Goldberg v. Brock Lesnar. This would seem to be the direction that these two are heading. But unlike Benoit, it looks like Goldberg is not going to join the other promotion (a...

HHH beats Demolition for the tag titles
No, really, this posting spree is headed that way.

How can there be two post number "2;s"? Must be a DEMONcRAT

Kiss34: Horrible troll or dumb motherfucker?
I say troll..........nobody is that fucking stupid. ****** "Asian diseases just don't come knocking on your door, folks. Unless you're Neil Bush." - Bill Maher Proud me...

I make typos, that means I cannot type. I know how to spell it, I simply hit the wrong key.
You DEMONcRATS can be the best typers in the world and still be wrong on every single solitary issue, as you actually are. I will take my shitty typing over your strictly partisan hate for a...

(Post #7) Which Will Fold First Arean Football or NHL
I'm leaning toward Hockey. Its always has been the jobber sport but never like this, I sometimes can't even remember if Hockey is in season or not. I'm a huge sports fan and I know like ...

question about these geiko commercials
--WebTV-Mail-30344-7864 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit man these commercials are hilarious,some of the best commercials on t...

MLW question
With the reported cancellation of the 2/14 show, does that mean no speech from Terry Funk, or has that been moved to 2/13? Michael

HHH beats Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl
How DOES he do it? ------------------------------------------- "We brocke dourt bar blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BROCK LESNAR" -- HitMan333 "You people have been led to believe that med...

Some MMA Fans Are Clueless.
http://www.sherdog.net/forums/showthread.php?threadid=143919 -- "The Original Cactus" Jack Foley "Have fun, stay cool, try to be happy in this imperfect wo...

HHH beats Mike Tyson in Punch Out
It's all about the Game.

HHH defeats Mork on Ork

HHH pins Satan clean in hell
With the Pedigree.

(Post #5) GAME!!! Would You Rather???
Easy game, its called "Would You Rather" you are given two choices and you HAVE to pick one. Would you rather - Fuck a horse or Fuck your mom Would yo...

Economic Predictor formula shows Bush win in Nov...
FWIW...interesting how Bush 41 was basically a victim of the calendar and the timing of the recovery (and his idiotic no new taxes/tax increase debacle/Perot). Bush 43's recovery started a ...

(Post #5) I Had To Get Something To Eat
Hmmmm Lvubun loves him some greek gyros, the only problem is those damn gyro nazis never give you enough of that white creamy sauce.

Deer Arena Football League...
That beige football you are using is UGGGLLLLYYYYY!

Notes On Austin And Hart Concerning Wrestlemania
NOTES ON AUSTIN AND HART CONCERNING WRESTLEMANIA by Buck Woodward @ 4:15:00 PM on 2/8/2004 There are new columns by Scrap Dog and Michael LeBlanc in the Columns section. Sc...

A HUMOROUS LOOK AT WRESTLEMANIA by Michael LeBlanc @ 11:34:00 AM on 2/8/2004 THE WRINGER'S WROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA - FEBRUARY 8, 2004 Well, WrestleMania fever is in full...

HHH beats Kobashi in Tokyo
And by "beat" I mean he literally hit him with a sledgehammer 14 times as a shoot and ran from the ring to a taxi before Big Orange could recover. ****** "Asian diseases just don'...

HHH pins Baba's corpse in Nagano
He no sold the big foot, and when he gave him the pedigree, Baba's head came off. ****** "Asian diseases just don't come knocking on your door, folks. Unless you're Neil Bush...

MISSING US CITIZEN: Presumed to be in absentia in ROMANIA or FIJI [Ericka Ashley Visconte]
From: [email protected] (William Wallace ][) Newsgroups: alt.fan.rush-limbaugh Subject: MISSING US CITIZEN: Presumed to be in absentia in ROMANIA or FIJI [Ericka Ash...

Q and A
PWINSIDER Q & A: HEADLOCK ON HUNGER, STEAMBOAT, CENA, CAGE OF DEATH & MORE by Mike Johnson @ 3:30:00 PM on 2/8/2004 You can send us questions for the PWInsider.com Q&A by clickin...

CCW returns to Myrtle Beach, SC Feb. 28th
Coastal Championship Wrestling returns to Myrtle Beach, NC on February 28 with Big Bossman & Road Dogg Myrtle Beach - With CCW's "Night Of Champions" less than three weeks away, t...

(Post #2) Grading The Playboy Pics
Sable - Face: 5/10 Uh not good. In two words 'Beat Down" looks like she fucked with Ike Turner's money. Tits: 6/10 Big and going in opposite directions. Looks like a f...

One more reason to mark for Norah Jones.
Norah Jones Orders Label To Ditch Remix Sat Feb 7,11:00 PM ET LAUNCH Radio Networks Last year's Grammy sweep winner, Norah Jones (news), has ordered her record l...

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