Most Violent Movie - "Kill Bill" Or "Passion of Jesus"?
Or some other flick? -- Stone Cold Mark Troll Poontang for Breakfast Starts Your Day Off Right

I just heard the funniest thing in radio history...
..too bad all ya'll dorks missed it. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k

Did You Know That The Grand Canyon Is Only 10K Years Old? From Alabama to the Grand Canyon, US battle over the Bible knows no respite ...

(OT) Is being white trash the only way
for white people to get a show or push on MTV. Britney Spears white trash from Louisiana, Christina Aguliera white trash from Cranberry Twp. PA., Justin Timberlake white trash from Orlando, ...

[xbox-live'ers] Rainy, miserable weekend with nothing to do...
Rainbow Six 3 and Project Gotham Racing all weekend 24/7. I have no life and am going to spend the next 48 hours wallowing in it and staying completely off this computer and playing those ga...

Vince looking to hotshot WrestleMania -- F4W Flashback From Figure Four Weekly Issue 397 -- 2/3/03 By Bryan Alvarez This is not going to be a good year.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.
'THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY' FROM THIS WEEK IN WRESTLING by Buck Woodward @ 5:40:00 PM on 2/27/2004 I asked for a response, and boy did I get one! So, by popular demand, th...

(Phila) Genital herpes cases on mouths up in Philly
Saw it on the TV news last night, saying that the obvious causes of it were more popular than ever in Philly. Mostly because girls there don't apparently consider it sex anymore. ...

(WCW) Will the "West Hollywood Blondes" return?
Man, NWA TNA could make a mint with the current political debate.... and no WCW censors to deal with.

Was Dusty Rhodes wrestling back in the 1960s?
So I was on the web getting information about US Navy "Swift boats" like the one John Kerry was skippering in Vietnam. One site had a list of different boats' crew members, and one's name wa...

Adrian Adonis still out there?
Just a question

[ META ] Maybe Dragan is *this* guy, as well...
http://www.livejournal/users/fingerbang http://www.livejournal/users/bingerfang [ Not making any legit/serious accusations, obviously, but I *have* always gotten the feeling that ...

Hulk Hogan Needs To Be At Wrestlemania XX
Guest Editorial By Matt Riggs of Ridgeview, W.Va. reader Ever since Hulk Hogan left World Wrestling Entertainment in June, discussion began over whether or not Ho...

Nash should be the spokesman for YJStinger...
.think about it, he actually NEEDS it. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k

Da Marriage of Da Gayz
There should be no debate. The majority of Americans (64% from a recent Gallup poll) do not wish for it to be allowed that two people practicing their little deviant sexual behavior be reco...

ATTN: Posters of the Right Leaning Political Persuasion
Liberal is not a dirty word. It is derived from the word "liberty." Do you hate liberty?

Vince McMahon=supergenius
Dump Chris Kanyon (a great worker) hire 2 Playboy playmates (nobody will care if they casn't learn to wrestle, it's nudity that counts!)

[Finance] 2.27.04 World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., Declares Quarterly Dividend
World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., Declares Quarterly Dividend STAMFORD, Conn., Feb 27, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE) announced that at its F...

I *Still* Don't Know...
Whom Little Johnny Is.......................................... --rafiki

Edge is a no personality jobber
He dont have KARISMA like Christian do! Dragan

We've got a little rama-lama-ham-dam here
I wonder what reception Rock get when he at Raw Monday (exclusive- you hear from me first that Rock at Raw). I hear he not welcome backstage like Teddy Hart since he insobordination by thin...

Who would you want to see in a wrestling version of Surreal Life?
Yes, Neidhart would be fun to see. Throw in some Warrior for his long winded rants, maybe also Brother Bruti. Tom Zenk could join the cast. Jeff Hardy. But then you gotta throw in s...

The Undertaker
Mark Calaway started his career in 1989, starting in Dallas. He wrestled under the name Texas Red as well as The Punisher in Memphis, where he got his first career break. He moved to th...

The Goldberg Question
Morning Glory: #37: The Goldberg Question by: Scott Newman on: 2/25/2004 6:37 pm est It's interesting that while the tagline for Wrestlemania XX goes "Where it all begi...

New Job for Nash?
I drive past a country music bar on my way to work, and today its sign said "Next Week: Diesel Returning". Fiona

Vote for Dubya! I'm better than that ol snake HHH... eh eh eh.

Scherer's Smackdown Thoughts
SCHERER'S SMACKDOWN THOUGHTS by Dave Scherer @ 2:08:51 PM on 2/27/2004 This week's show was a bit of a step back from the recent episodes of Smackdown as the company spent m...

The Rock Says
THE ROCK, GOLDBERG, THE DIVAS AND MORE by Dave Scherer @ 1:42:41 PM on 2/27/2004 Just to throw in my two cents on the Rock being at Raw in Atlanta on Monday, the plan is to ...

Tori >>> Torrie Wilson
In every single way. WWE was nuts to fire her. -Beans

Injury Delays Edge's Return
INJURY DELAYS EDGE'S RETURN by Dave Scherer @ 1:10:01 PM on 2/27/2004 Edge, who has been talked about a lot here on the site this past week, has suffered an injury as he pre...

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