Butters is funnier than Norm
Although Norm MacDonald is pretty damn funny.

I fell in to a burning ring of fire.
But that's okay, because Raymond is here, Raymond is here....

Who would make the better WWE Diva...
....Shania Twain w/Mutt Lange as valet (potential run in by a one armed drummer--too bad Zach Gowan is gone) ....Paige Davis (trading spaces) w/ Ty the carpenter guy (he could always be ...

ATTN:All of RSPW......I make a motion.....
Let's all killfile Trijcomm. I don't think I need to give the reasons. ****** "Asian diseases just don't come knocking on your door, folks. Unless you're Neil Bush." - Bill Maher...

HTH(n.HopeThisHelps) do you starve a python???
They eat one mouse every solstice.

anyone see espn cheap seats-1980 mid-south wrestling?
good gawd, it was good, the wrestling, the comedy, etc.. i believe its on espn classic tomorrow at 10pm eastern also..

Which match was better?
Benoit/Flair or Benoit/HBK?

I am still shaking my head in disbelief and laughing over a report I read regarding Eddy's win on Sunday where the reporter and his friend "hugged each other and cried" when Eddy got the str...

[PFOHL] How do you feel about Dragan?
I can't make up my mind. I think I hate the gimmick, but legit LOL for many of the posts. How 'bout my mWo brahs? Joe? Froggy? Thoughts? --Milhouse (n.Thoughts McDoogle...

[RSPW Presidential Rumble] Round 9
Dean's just running away with this thing... same number of votes as the 2nd and 3rd place guys combined. Oh well, even if his real-life political career is spiraling down the toilet....

Undertaker's Return, Goldberg-WWE Update, Hall Of fame
UNDERTAKER'S RETURN DATE, GOLDBERG-WWE UPDATE, HALL OF FAME by Dave Scherer @ 2:54:30 PM on 2/17/2004 As best as I can tell, the current plan is for Undertaker to make his return...

(OT) (NEWS) Cash Family Won't Let Song Be Used for Ad
"If any of you are in marketing or advertising...KILL YOURSELF!" -Bill Hicks http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=529&ncid=529&e=3&u=/ap/2004 0217/ap_en_mu/music_ring_o...

(NEWS) Off-air happenings from Raw
Off air results from RAW taping... Thanks to 411 reader Danny Richardson for sending in this report. I just got back from the RAW here in Bakersfield, so I figured it's my turn ...

The Push, Or Lack Thereof, Of Chris Benoit Has People Talking Backstage
THE PUSH, OR LACK THEREOF, OF CHRIS BENOIT HAS PEOPLE TALKING BACKSTAGE by Dave Scherer @ 2:35:50 PM on 2/17/2004 A lot of the WWE wrestlers are not happy in regards to the booki...

Scherer's RAW Thoughts
SCHERER'S RAW THOUGHTS by Dave Scherer @ 1:56:30 PM on 2/17/2004 There was some good and some bad in last night's edition of Raw. I have gotten a lot of varying email from p...

Dusty Rhodes Selling Stuff On Ebay

boo hiss etc for "return of rock" headline surrounding brit awards...
Bullshit. Nominating The Darkness for a few awards does not a rock show make. They (the nominations committee) could have at least picked out some decent bands for their supposed "British ro...

God, I love Lightning fans.
...epecially now that they are talking smack on other teams' message boards. http://boards.go.com/cgi/nhl/request.dll?MESSAGE&room=nhl_phi&id=556235

To my future self:
dude, WTF? "I was better than you and that made you angry"

HitMan 333 is a KILLER!
Lady Killer that is. me-oww.

I will mark when the Yankees choke like the Lakers..
....I will indeed have a cold beverage and smile a contented smile. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digit...

Things I learned from this 3 day weekend:
- Nascar is not a sport. It is sports entertainment. The Daytona 500 was fixed. Just like the Daytona 400 back in 2001. I admit...I marked that Dale Jr. won, but please...it was done for the...

What REALLY pisses you off about the Yankees the most?
The fact that they buy all the best players in the sport or that you have to hear loudmouthed, obnoxious New Yorkers jaw about it like they wrote the checks themselves?

[META] The funniest thing about Dragan...
...is hearing Tehawk crow on and on and on about how he's positive it's JeffH, and he's known it all along. -- "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! BROCK LESNAR!!!!!" - Brock Lesnar ...

"Choke on em!"

Last nights RAW was pretty damn good!
Well, it was. It's funny how much more over HBK is than Benoit. Say whatever you want, but that crowd wants HBK to win the belt at WM. Can't say that I blame them. The Under...

Win prizes in Mystery Wrestler contest - Feb. 16
This week's Mystery Wrestler(s) are one of the most successful manager-wrestler duos of all time. If you can identify themyou are eligible to win prizes from the WrestlingClassics.com onl...

Off Air Notes From RAW
OFF AIR NOTES FROM RAW by John Seamen and H Rock @ 11:30:41 AM on 2/17/2004 John Seamen sent this report. I attended Raw last night in Bakersfield, CA. It was a fun sh...

Anyone notice the fat HHH lookalike in the front row?
The camera scanned him in the opening segment while HHH was talking. Was wearing the same kangol and leather jacket he normally wears, as well as the salmon shirt that HHH was wearing last n...

The Passion has already pre-sold $35million in tickets?
Have they ever presold tickets for any of the big movies before--at least to that degree..sort of like selling concert tickets? - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team J...

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