Name that tune...
Hey guys & gals, I was cruising around after work the other day when I heard a new hip hop tune which samples the rhythem guitar (main riff) of AC / DC's "Back In Black". I found ...

ALERT: Dirtyred is a convicted child molester.
DirtyRed <[email protected]> was charged with sexual assualt on a 10 year old boy last year. He is still awaiting trial. Stay away from this rapist.

[POLL] Official RSPW News Poster
[ ]Predator [ ]Ben Smith [ ]Evad Setzer [ ]JeffH [ ]Other: _____________________ -- Fat Harris Or none, none would be good

it is time to bring back The Goon
WWE needs to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of hockey fights.

what rhymes with "Gagne"???
Vern Gagne, that is......

Shawn Michaels injured, WWE in UK, More Posted By Ben Smith on 02/22/04 * Shawn Michaels is currently wrestling with a torn ACL. It is believ thast after Wrestle...

Shawn Michaels Suffers Torn ACL
Shawn Michaels recently suffered a torn AC

(REPORT) ACW in Ogden UT, 21 Feb 2004
Had a great show last night up in Ogden, at the Marshall White Center. Some of you might know that it's been over three years since I worked a wrestling show in any capacity, so this show ...

Shawn Michaels Suffers Torn ACL
Shawn Michaels Suffers Torn ACL Posted By Ashish on 02.22.04 But is working through it... Shawn Michaels recently suffered a torn ACL. It isn't known for sure when the ...

If there was a guy that went around destroying inflatable motorboats..
...would he be a Zodiac Killer? (runs, ducks)

(#Rspwtalk) Whats the deal with the nina person?
We shall never know.

LMAO at this on Jericho's website..
.... Y2J Jem - September 14, 2001- Y2J, Edge and Christian drive 17 hours from Houston to their homes in Tampa after the 9-11 attacks on NYC. Edge and Jericho drive the whole trip, wh...

HHH wins @ WMXX
Thrilling New York fans into a coma!!!! Posted by: J Bratcher on 2/21/2004 * Chavo Guerrero Sr. will continue to work with WWE through WrestleMania XX. * With...

Chyna and X-Suck are back together again...
I guess love triumphs all... for cupid to poop on. from 411 ripped da Meltz: "Joanie Laurer and Sean Waltman are back together after a very messy split a few months back. Waltman has be...

jake roberts to be on sd! this weeek
crackheads unite for your right to party all night long and everyday. the leader of the movmentarians has called jake roberts the new maayor of crackton usa in the middle of anartoxics. ...

I'm watching 'Classic SNL' and...
it's from 97-98 with Sarah Michelle Gellar as host, and they just did a sketch about The View, and Cheri O'Teri as Barbra Walters chewing out Sarah's Debbie Matfdtauyfgtag is HILARIOUS. I remembe...

It's time for the CLASSIC Roger Ebert critique of 'Surburban Commando' It's a funny thing about coming attractions trailers. They may or may not be an accurate reflection of the movies they a...

The Warlord on the APollO
Warlord just dance and sing on showtime at the apoollo he was jumping like earthquake on tobassco sauce. "BABAJACKASS"

Bertha Faye is better than Scary Sherri
Bertha had class cause she no dress like a skankalank but scary sherri like to dres like she going to club with alfonso riberio from the fresh prince. new comedy club coming to velocit...

slam jam dok hendrix
that time dok hendrix sing song about going to wabbit country and taking todd pettongill with him. he buy that new song "mentos new freshness" "BABAJACKASS"

cmon fwlloew potheads
its saturday night..u know you all home reasding rspw and thinking about the time tatatatanka light a fire under lex loogie's fake hairpeice. postabout it and think good times all the time w...

Undertaker is like giant squid
He shoots venom (y. slick vic) at all opponents. Like don johnson fighting off the wiggers on nash bridges when terry bradshaw and ken berry do guest spot. undertasker vs. undercracker...

Benoit will wrestle two cripples!!!
Shawn Michaels Suffers Torn ACL Posted By Ashish on 02.22.04 But is working through it... Shawn Michaels recently suffered a torn ACL. It isn't known for sure when the ...

Isn't it about time Saturday Night Live was cancelled?
The writing is substandard, the acting is poor, the ... well you name it and it sucks. Doesn't NBC realize their cash cow has run out of milk?

Be more like pothead
talk rasslin (y. saba simba) and smoke some tablecloth. politics crap make pothead think of time when vince mcmahon dance with flash funk and call himself the king of the cool dance man.

Kurt Angle is my hero!
That smile he had right before attacking Eddy on Smackdown was so freakin priceless. Just priceless. Just don't forget not to anger the Demolition Man. -- Demolition M...

Christina Aguilera has nice boobies
Indeed. -- Damn dirty fleas...

A slight name change
But I'm still a badass mega heel. So don't anger the Demolition Man! -- Demolition Man A reminder to the world.... "Well, in my case, I get VCRs from the Goodwill...

Remember the Steve Winwood song 'Higher Love'?
I liked it. -- Damn dirty fleas...

Hey Chooch
BLAH... well MEH this! <knocks Chooch over with a steel chair> It feels great to be a badass. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little A reminder to the world...

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