Coture career OVER
Victor Bellafort took eye out! What a heel. Dragan

Shaq thinks he's on Def Comedy Jam
O'Neal uses profanity on live TV February 1, 2004 LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Shaquille O'Neal was so frustrated with the officiating during the Lakers' 84-83 vict...

Dory Funk Jr & Steve Corino Live Tuesday 2/3/04 on TTRS
Dory Funk Jr & Steve Corino Live Tuesday 2/3/04 on TTR Tune into http://www.trashtalkingradio.comfor this Tuesday show.

Two Pro Wrestling Insider Columms?

You Got Served....A Shitty Movie.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In a weekend the Hollywood studios tend to write off because of Sunday's Super Bowl, the urban dance drama "You Got Served" broke from a lackluster pack to take the t...

I hate my monitor screen
It's all messed up shaking all the time and shrinking up to the middle of the screen while half the top and bottom are black. It works sometimes but lately it's been messin up mo... <...

Let's Go Patriots, Let's go!
New England is gonna run wild on Carolina. "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

This one time in math class...
we were going over denominators and long devision. And the teacher (who was a complete bitch said) 'its so easy all you have to do is eliminate the denominator' and my friend who's a mark sa...

Picture of John Kerry with his VP candidate

Eliminate The February PPV?
Posted on 2/01/104 by Mike Informer Eliminating February PPV makes sense By Rennie Detore TRIBUNE-REVIEW Sunday, February 1, 2004 When Chris Beno...

Monday Night War DVD

Rock Pictures 8709&styp=clbi

Monday Night War DVD
Korey Wendell sent word that the box cover for the upcoming WWE DVD for "The Monday Night Wars" has been released. It features a picture of Vince McMahon on the left side with the "Raw is Wa...

bj penn beat hughes at 170? wow bj looks chubby at 155
huges looks like a guy that walks around at

RIP Eddie Clontz Posted on Thu, Jan. 29, 2004 Former Weekly World News editor Eddie Clontz dead at 56 Associ...

Superbowl 38
With Superbowl 38 tonight (1st February 2004) who do you want to win, who do you think will win and will you watch it?. I think the New England Patriots will win, i hope they do ...

Nash Stabbed
Submitted by Rajah on January 29, 2004 at 8:37 PM - Reader Hurricane10000 sent this in: Nash Knifed by Punisher WWE superstar playing villain accidentally stabbe...

Impeachment Proceeding Began for Corrupt GOP CT Governor
Looks like the GOP pussy chcikenhawks are all riled up because of me. BWAHAHAHA Conn. Governor Imp...

Q and A
PWINSIDER Q&A FOR 2/1 by Buck Woodward @ 11:57:00 AM on 2/1/2004 You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here. Answered: 2/1/04 In this age of p...

God hates Muslims!
See, this is the proof!!! Zodiac69 the future of RSPW 864's most promis...

Bradshaw and Lind aMiles in New York
pwTorch writes: | Shaniqua will be featured on UPN9 News for the next four weeks as | a guest feature reporter. Her first segment (Feb. 5 after, | Smackdown) will feature her partying w...

OT: Vhs to DVD difficult?
I have a lot of videos that I have kept over the years because of things on them that I want to keep. Some may be a few minutes long (as in a particular news broadcast or something like that...

LOOKING AT THE WRESTLING OFFERINGS ON EBAY by Scrap Dog @ 11:52:00 PM on 1/31/2004 When the Internet was in its birth stages, no one could have guessed how important and uni...

Classic Royal Rumble
'OUTSIDE THE BOX' LOOKS BACK AT A CLASSIC ROYAL RUMBLE by Matt Zylbert @ 1:51:00 PM on 1/31/2004 Outside the Box #24 Matt Zylbert - [email protected] In this NE...

WWE Edits Botched Spots But Screws Up Voice-Overs
WWE Edits Botched Spots But Screws Up Voice-overs Story By: Daniel Edler February 01, 2004 Source: -- WWE once again cleaned up a lot of the stuff...

Japanese Promotions/WWE Talent
Japanese Promotions/WWE Talent, Survivor Series, Smackdown! Story By: Niel Stephens February 01, 2004 Last years November PPV, Survivor Series, generated a buyrate of roughly ...

1/31 WWE RAW In Dayton, Ohio: Orton-RVD, Jericho-Kane, Benoit-Batista
WWE Raw house show report January 31, 2004 Dayton, Ohio at Hara Arena Report by Chris Skolds of Cincinnati, Ohio, reader World Wrestling Entertainment made their ...

(WM19/SD:HCTP) When you do Brock's SSP
....does he lose 1/2 of his energy as well?

So Booker is on the Japan Tour.
I guess they came to a meeting of the minds about his felony status. Maybe they let him come as long as he doesn't rob any Lotterias.

GO NIMRODS! -- Tsar Andy Atkinson Card-carrying member of the B.O.B. #16 on Top 100 Posters n8chaboy508 - Yahoo! msur00lz - AOhell

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