Eagles/Miami was one awesome football game.
The big completion to Pinkston on first down, the first play of the game by Philly. The running all around. Ricky Williams coming back with a hurt shoulder. The option pass by Philly. The ba...

A couple of Questions about World Class Championship Wrestling.
1. We all know what happened to the Von Erichs, Gino Hernandez and Chris Adams, but what are the other stars of World Class doing today? 2. What was the name of the Dallas te...


Brock Lesnar Scheduled To Have Two Surgeries
by Dave Scherer Updated: 12/16/2003 6:39:54 PM The word going around at Smackdown is that Brock Lesnar is scheduled to spend his Christmas break having and recove...

WWE Revisted And Reviewed
Journey with me back to February 2003, where the Rock had just come back from shooting a movie in order to deliver a breathtaking promo and there was a lot of time given to a potential retur...

Why I Still Watch WWE RAW
Porn, Armageddon, Tradition, and Cajun Chicken? It's a wild ride as I'm all over the map! Porn For The Holidays: With Christmas right around the corner I felt...

Top Ten Heels Of All Time
The Top Ten Heels of All Time This is going to be another weekly column of mine. The only difference is that this one will focus only on professional wrestling. I generally take a ...

Survivor Series Buyrate Now Looking Strong
Good news for WWE... The buyrate for the WWE Survivor Series PPV, headlined by Triple H vs. Goldberg for the World Title, is now up to 390,000 buys which is a solid number and WWE...

Deer alsostoneco864
thanks for ending my misery by answering my question about the guy from the simpsons. now i can sleep.

MLW news!!!!
MLW RETURN TO FLORIDA Dear MLW Fans, We have made several announcements over the last few weeks pertaining to the possibility of running a series of shows in the Northe...

RAW Rating Drops Despite Hypr For A Mick Foley Return To The Ring
Despite three strong main event level matches, two of which actually took place, Raw drew a 3.5 rating, down 0.3 from the last week and flat with the rating two weeks ago. Because...

Ericka Ashley Visconte : Our Journal (Re: Christmas)

RAW Ratings
[email protected] Raw delivered a 3.5 rating last night, which I would think has to be a disappointment considering the whole show built toward a Mick Foley match after four year...

RAW Rating
This week's edition of Raw did a 3.5 cable rating, with a five share. That is down from last week's 3.8 and is not a good number for the day after a PPV. The show did hours of 3.3 and ...

OT: Free IQ Test
With so many dummies within this NG (especially including Pete Panaro), I thought it might be interesting seeing who scores what on this free IQ Test. Post your score and please do not lie! ...

Five Wrestlers I Never Want To See In The Ring Ever Again
Irrational Exuberance: Five Wrestlers I Never Want To See In The Ring Ever Again By Scott Paris PWTorch.com Lounge Ranter/Raver I know some of you can give less than a rat's ...

Batista v Lesnar HITC match rumored on the Informer for WWE magazine
I read it awile back but I wonder if that's actually planned if Lesnar moves to RAW. "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Question about Invasion 01 (SSeries?)
The Alliance v. WWE match. Why exactly was Austin suddenly a face the next Raw? And since they were both heels going into the PPV, what did Angle do that made *him* the bad guy? <...

(META) Woah Krusty
that hitman thread upsetted me, It's your opinion though.. JeffH It's the wrong opinion that's all "I am better then you and that makes you angry." <...

Living with Jacko-Tonight-VH1
LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON 8:00 PM -VH1-e.s.t. The private life of the singer.

Bob Barnett-Pedophile Charge
What is with pro-wrestling fan Bob Barnett ([email protected]) who have been falsely accusing a well known stutterers' advocate of being a pedophile? He of course has nothing to suppor...

Jason Powell Lists "Foley Walk Out" as a Hit
http://www.pwtorch.com/artman/publish/article_6451.shtml "Mick Foley walks out: There have been complaints that this was nothing more than a bait and switch, but I disagree. WWE didn't...

If You Could Rebook Any Angle (nKurt)...
...what angle would you rebook, and how? The caveat here is that you cannot change the circumstances of the situation; i.e., if you rebook the InVasion, you can't magically bring ...

Saddam and Truth Serum
Ok...I really don't know much about truth serum. How reliable is it? Does it even work? Could they use it to interrogate Saddam?

Backstage Notes From RAW
by Dave Scherer Updated: 12/16/2003 12:49:57 PM A number of people backstage at Raw last night thought that the company really handled the Mick Foley angle very ...

WWE considers new stable
Based on the reaction Shawn Michaels recieved last night on Raw after pinning Triple H the WWE is considering a new rival stable for Evolution. Among the rumors I am hearing is that it wil...

ATTN: Vince and JR
The name of your company is WWE -- not USAWE. Thank you. Stefan

Fucking Piss...did anyone catch MLW last night? Was it even on?
My DVR completely missed MLW on Sunshine network, but when I went back to look at the Guide Channel, it wasn't even listed as playing last night. Yet, on the Sunshine Network site, it listed...

Democratic Prez Nomination = IC Title
The Struggle for the Runner-Up Prize.

Even Bret returning wouldnt save RAW
The ONLY way this show could get better,,Owen returns and says he faked his death (i actually had a dream about that once)

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