Goldberg A Joke In Hollywood
Da Man not the man in Hollywood... Triple H continues to get praised for his work in Blade 3. Everyone in Hollywood has been impressed with how hard Triple H has worked on his role,

Escape The Rules
Escape the rules... The theme of the huge ad campaign for RAW that WWE is launching will be "escape the rules." The thinking behind it is that RAW is a two hour escape where you c...

Why to people keep referring to Hawk as "Mike Hegstrand"
His name was Michael Wiegitowski, fer Gawd sake! H.H. --Doesn't go by info fed to Whiff lemmings by MacMonkey Inc. ;)

How hard is it to learn guitar...
..Im not talking to get a band or anything, but just be good enough to sit around and riff etc. If I bought one, would I try it a few times, realize it was too hard and stick it in the clos...

A good idea on why Foley walked
When Foley does indeed return and give his reason why he walked out, it won't be because he was afraid or because he was a little rusty. It could be like this: Foley could come out and...

Happy Holidays!
I'm outta here to visit the family but I wanted to take a sec and wish everyone happy holidays. Michael

Is TiVo better than Replay TV?
There's this great deal on Replay TV for $150 with 3 years activation included. 40 hour version. The High Priestess of OT posts. Lyin' on the floor watching a bug cra...

More Cali Republican Friggin' Wackiness Lawmaker Targets Profanity on Airwaves Mon Dec 15, 8:31 PM ET B...

Am I the only one who (no) don't 'get' Missy Elliot?
Her last few songs have been hailed as great, her albums are considered classics--she's almost hailed as a genius. I don't hate her, but alot of her songs sound crappy to me. The latest on...

I'm so disillusioned...
...the Super Mario Brothers 3 video is a work. My favorite part is all the responses saying "I knew it all along". ...

12 days of Xmas
Fruit based drink for the ladies From Neil in Tamworth

Vince should sign Rick Steiner
He can do his Top Rope Crippledog on HHH.

[O/T] Michael Jackson converts to Islam?
What... the... fuck? --- Michael Jackson last night became a member of the Nation of Islam - and sources told The Post his religio...

[Book Review] Steve Austin's autobiography...
It's hard to rate this book. Usually after I finish reading a book, I can say it sucks or it's good right away, but not with this one. It's not worth the hardcover price, that much I can t...

posible demolition...sara gilbert of the roseanne show
was watching som roseanne on nic...she looked as though she may blossum into a babe... bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt...wrong answer...

[OT - Europop!] '70s-era Scandinavian bands
Yes, people actually used to dress this way: <Ray's dad> ...Holy crap...! </Ray's dad>

ok....gwb should ppostfu
lower the damn level to blue! were safer damnit.

(OT) I Thought He Told You That He Won't Stop...
No word if he talks over other people's lines or dances nonsensically. &u=/ap/20031218/ap_on_en_ot/theater_raisin_in_the_...

Question about Lord of the Rings geeks
So... Do they, like, try to stay in character at ALL TIMES? Like kayfabe?

(OffT) Peter Jackson is my hero. (Legit.)
From going around with his mates in New Zealand making "Bad Taste" to bringing Tolkien's vision of LOTR to the screen in three epic films, which run so well together, he has to get serious p...

Would you mark out if....
Raven came back to the WWE and won the World Title? I know I would..... -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little A reminder to the world.... "Well, in my case, I get VCRs...

TCM showing "The Right Stuff" right now....
I can understand why, with the anniversary of the Wright Borhters' flight. However, they are showing it this late.... and it is just starting. The movie is great but it is pretty long to sta...

That is some outfit Scoey. It makes you look like a homosexual.
- Booooooooooooooo! - Oh oh, maybe you are all homosexuals too! -- Damn dirty fleas...

(poll) What time is it RIGHT NOW?
It's 12:33 AM.

(OT) The Simple Life.
Biggest. Trainwreck. Ever. Nicole Richie is an uber-heel. -- "The Original Cactus" Jack Foley "Have fun, stay cool, try to be ...

Explain something about Drudge to me...
..okay so I read this thing saying OReilly is slamming Drudge and comparing him to Michael Moore..that you cant believe anything on Drudge's website. The question is...does Matt Drudge ever ...

[email protected]!Very good tna tonight
Sting, prime time baby!!, sabin vs. daniels raven gets punked by julio and cm punk. lots of action.. not much talk and NO HHH!!!

(OT) Official South Park Markout Thread
Rat-Hole Saddam!

Matt and Trey should retire now.
I don't see how that can be topped. Best markout of South Park in a looooong time. -- Tsar Andy Atkinson Card-carrying member of the B.O.B. #16 ...

Cartman got punkd
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam "I am better then you and that makes you angry." STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

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