-- Leyton Hewitt's engagement!
Whilst I wish Leyton Hewitt every success in his sporting endeavours, will his fiance, as his recently announced engagement be his first sexual experience? If not, there seems to ...

Lesnar, Mysterio very upset that all your base are belong to us
They don't feel it was right that somebody set up them the bomb and they have no chance to survive make their time, and would have preferred that CATS tap out and move ZIG for great just...

I'm watching "Coach" right now...
why is this show still running in syndication? -- Damn dirty fleas...

(Humor) Twas the Night Before Smackdown

Outside of Bob Holly's family...
who (nN) would actually want to see him fight Brock Lesnar on a major PPV??? Why would Vince-Stephanie actually think this? Holly's not even a hoss! -- Damn dirty fleas... ...

People RSPW write Xtian to refer to Christian Leso WWE supersar. But actually it need be Xian since there is already T is X. Dragan

ASthon Kutcher and Punk'd
Last year was funny. This year just malicious and NOT funny. Dax and Al do evil but funny role play. BJ and crew this year not funny guys. Hits on Street was good show long t...

Green Bay secret plan
After great performance Monday front office rumor going to have different member of Brett Favre family die each week so they march through playoffs and win super bowl. Ben Rothli...

WWE need sign Ben Rothlisberger
He can be big 6ft 5 250 lb aryan Nazi gimmick. He look tough. They have when Ben get drafted he thrown down NFL jersey at draft and declare in front of Ben Tags that WWE is place to be ...

Mad cow disease hits the U.S. cattle industry
http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=514 &u=/ap/20031224/ap_on_he_me/mad_cow_17 Apparently, the cow is mad that Brock made Mysterio tap in San Diego.

Man, the japanese just *love*...
"sacred jewels" and "jewel shards" and "getting pieces of a scattered jewel"...wonder why that is? What's the deal with jewels or precious stones, or orbs, or pearls that are too powerful an...

[POLL] What do you think Tubby H is going to get for X-Mas?
Goldberg's contract, in which he can do anything he wants to do with it. -- Damn dirty fleas...

Merry Christmas
I have my Holiday plans set up, want to give a shout out to RSPW.

(Religion)) Could Christians celebrate Haunakah too?
I mean, since the Christian religion is rooted in Judaism and all....

Seriously...why would Old Navy want Fran Drescher as a spokesperson?
Why would ANY business want her?? She has dropped off the face of the Earth ever since The Nanny went off to TV hell. This is even worse than fat Kirstey Alley whoring herself for Pier One. ...

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about Randy Moss's afro
They want to see his afro tap out. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little A reminder to the world.... "Well, in my case, I get VCRs from the Goodwill thrift store that allows a

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about the breakup of Pink Floyd
They wanted to see David Gilmore tap out in public and admit to EVERYONE that he has no idea what Roger Waters songs are about. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little A remin...

Deer Minnesota Vikings Part Twenty
Will you please WIN this Sunday. Many thanks, -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little A reminder to the world.... "Well, in my case, I get VCRs from the Goodwill thrift ...

Good and bad news for Malvo
The good news for Malvo is that he got life in prison. The bad news is, his cellmate is going to be Michael Jackson.

[OT] Most disturbing greeting card I've ever seen
This MUST be seen to believe. http://www1.yahoo.americangreetings.com/display.pd?bfrom=1&prodnum=3044061 &path=40930 :) _____ "Ashes and diamonds...

Rush Limbaugh: "Abuse.. of... power!"
www.drudgereport.com www.rushlimbaugh.com Whoa.... The whole Palm Beach County/political thing?

(NEWS) Lesnar & Mysterio form tag-team
To be called "2 Guys Who Are Upset". -- Posted via the free RSPW web gateway at www.thugenomics.com

In The Spirit Of The Season!
Merry Freakin' Christmas! http://www.highestpeakstudios.com/movies/elf/ Calibretto 13 - Merry Freakin' Christmas Lyrics Well, I woke up that night ...

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about Mad Cow diesase = MCD
They thought that MCD = MiCkeyD's... and MCD WILL be sold at MiCkeyD's anyway so they are very mad about it being sold at San Diego resturaunts in Reys home town and his family and fri...

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about Gunsmoke being canceled.
They both agreed that CBS forcing James Arness to tap out to detective shows wasn't the right thing to do, especially not in front of his family and friends in Los Angeles. And Rey said...

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about L.L. Cool J
They didn't think it was right for him to have to tap out to real talented rappers in front of his family and friends in Los Angeles.

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about Betamax
They didn't think it was right for Sony to have to tap out to Phillips VHS format in front of their family and friends in Tokyo.

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about Intellivision.
They dont think it was right to force Mattell to tap out to Atari in front of their family and fiends in Los Angeles.

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about napoleons defeat.
They didn't think that his eventual tap-out at waterloo in front of his family and frineds was right.

Lesnar and Mysterio are very upset about sadam's surrender.
They thought that the U.S. forces forcing him to live in a out door shithouse hole like a maggott, and then being forced to tap out to the mouth inspection of doom in front of his f...

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