LOL at Mr. Racial Sensitivity Dynamite Hack's cover of Boyz n the Hood Hm, four white guys covering a gangsta classic? Interesting, possibly <...

The Rock rumoured for another shitty movie
Another comic turned movie... The Rock is rumored to star in a new movie called Namor, based on the Marvel comic book series of The Sub-Mariner, Prince of Atlantis. No other detai...

Bumble bee = Zach gowen
overpushed little shit that was on tv every week.

Does anybody know where I can get a laser head for a Bethel Mill?
I really need one.

Hey I.B. Blaqman
How's it been going? Your internet connection seems to still be in Japan, how's it going over there? Did you see any of the buzz about Hogan when he went over to Japan lately? Wis...

I finally played Ratchet & Clank
Friggin' awesome. The Danny Elfman like music more than makes up for the ice-skating like movements of the character. I hope they make a sequel and polish the control a bit. I haven't had...

Biggest jobbers on the transformers cartoon
Sunstreaker Windcharger Trailbreaker Skids Bluestreak Pipes The Technobots Reflector Thundercracker Octane The monstercons Snarl (sludge, slag an...

Hey white people.
Why are you guys so racist against black guys like me? I understand why you hate shiftless, lazy, and worthless blacks, but that's no reason to hate on the whole race. Every race has its a...

Men produce lactic acid while running.
If Nathan Jones does a run-in, he'll bring a whole to meaning to "blowing up".

So what Matrix character could tell how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
? Burma Shave.

So what Matrix character is Mick Foley?

So what Matrix character is Krusty?

Biggest jobbers in the GI Joe cartoon
Footloose Stalker Short Fuze Lift Ticket Blowtorch Firefly Zandar They hardly showed up in the cartoon! Heck, by season 2 Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were MIA. ...

Re: Challenge to 'Mr. Extreme' , housenigger one
>"Mr.Extreme" <[email protected]> wrote in message >news:[email protected] >Thanks to Tom Shelley and Google....we found the truth about Ex...

So when is Jagr gonna strap on a rocket?
This guy used to be the best player in the NHL. Now he's fucking pathetic.

From the assholes that brought you "suspension of disblief".
- It looks like the Hurricane won't be performing the chokeslam anymore. WWE officials have told Hurricane that they don't feel he can pull off that move in a convincing manner and have aske...

The Mountie was the best wrestler of WWF
The Mountie shocked them all!

(NEWS) Oakland Raiders sign Rob Johnson

(Movies) When has a jumping pursuit move actually worked?
You know, when someone gets knocked down and the assailant tries to follow it up with a jumping foot or knee to the head or gut. I've only seen it work once when that deadite bitch kneed Br...

CW's Three Weeks Later Movie Recommendation
Go see "Kill Bill" if you are one of the seven people left who haven't after I saw it today. It simply kicks all kinds of ass. ****** "Growing up, my favorite uncle was Uncle Cave...

I'm marking for Panaro's obsession with me
It's so cute, he's probably scouring the newspapers and tv for every bit of political news and screaming "HA! I BET CROSSFACE WILL HATE THIS!!!!!!"..... ****** "Growing up, my fav...

C The Shocker = Bonehead
You may all flog me for my employment-threatening goof this afternoon here. -- C The Shocker Blog: RSPW World Cyber-Weight Champion "Liber...

yummy yummy yummy i got curry in my tummy! http://www.teenmaidensonline...

neo-cons are going down
<Fro> democrats won every mayor race I saw down here

Tammy Sytch has reached Anna Nicole proportions
Seriously. These were taken from out of ...

My thoughts on the show 8 simple rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a very well written show without John Ritter on it. I loved the way they played off his death by him collapsing on isle 3 in the grocery store to buy milk before he takes the kids to ...

Dems lose Kentucky..
..first time in 30 years. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k

The work of all works: The 20/20 Episode
----- Original Message ----- From: "penguin" <[email protected]> Newsgroups: Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 6:50 PM Subject: The work of all works...

Mark Henry vs. HBK thoughts
Wow, HBK pulled a pretty decent match out of Sexual Chocolate, though the end did kind of come out of nowhere. Also, Mark Henry's punches to HBK in the corner at the beginning of the match ...

The work of all works: The 20/20 Episode
Does anyone remember in the 80's when 20/20 had this expose on professional wrestling and one of their reporters (John Stossel) got "attacked" by a wrestler I seemed to remember as Dr. D Dav...

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