Crazy Voodoo woman serves up roasted cooter A Vodou believer pours hot pepper-spiced homemade alcohol on her genital area, one of the key rituals during Gede, a Vodou holiday dedicated to Baron Samdi...

(Gimmick Idea) Guy who beats a dead horse
Perfect gimmick for 100% of RSPW.

(Gimmick Idea) Guy who brags about how much he gets laid
He'd have to be a creepy old dude who had a failure of a career in wrestling (a jobber or JTTS) and who would take every opportunity to flaunt how he got 'more pussy than you've had cups...

WWE Gimmick Guy: "The Charity Organizer Guy"
He joins from indy fed. Real nice guy. Very compassionate. He start a CHARITYto pay for family of dead wrestler. You know - goal is to pay for kids tuition, funeral cost. Make sure wife and ...

Corey is Naked
I like your gimmick ideas. My favorite is e-fed guy. Maybe we work together for ideas in WWE some day. Dragan

RSPW Gimmick Idea: Foreigner With Lots Of Bad Gimmick Ideas
I think this one explain self. He come up with many gimmick ideas for WWF while typing in pidgin english, run whole thing into ground in a matter of a few hours, then jobbed out to t-netz...

GIMMICK IDEA: Owner's son
Dances like a fruit and beats up all the wrestlers, including heels that are supposed to be pushed as monsters.

Viva La Bam
demolition yes... but damn is that show hilarious.

WWE Gimmick Idea:Sarah the stripping lifeguard
a typical well built blonde who is dressed in a red lifeguard swimsuit and carrying a red lifeguard thingy. and everytime she wins or every now and then when she wins she rewards the fans by...

WWE Gimmick Idea:My friend Luke. the king of WWE Marks.
he'd be like totally believing all the stuff in WWE is real and he'd be dressed like he usually is in slacker mode and he'd be saying bone headed stuff about everybody and how gay HHH is. an...

WWE Gimmick Idea:Crazed Exterminator
I am amazed during the 95-96 era of wrestlers having second jobs no wrestler in WWE (maybe indy's) had a gimmick of a crazy bug exterminator who inhales too much bug fumes and goes crazy goi...

WWE Gimmick Idea:That E-Fed Guy
a real smart ass guy who spends way too much time posting in RSPWF and thinks he is the God of e-wrestling then he enters WWE and gets his ass handed to him most of the time. he'd be really ...

(poll) Let's say Bill Parcells goes to Old Country Buffet
What would his total consumption be?

ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" show
Nobody will watch it.

Punk' of these days one of the Punkees... going to whip out a concealed weapon when they think its "real" and then where will Ashton be? - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon...

[Saving Jessica Lynch] Was that supposed to be Uday Hussein?
You know, the guy on the barricade? Looked like him... -- Burnside - [email protected] - "This is the way the world ends. Thank God I brough...

Britney Watch 2003 - Update: Demolition perhaps, but who (nN) the hell cares? LG (needs to be alone now) -- Quarterfinalist - 2003 Aero-Saxist KORSPW Runner...

Funny wrestling books on Amazon...
This one cracked me up... Then this one reall...

USA Iraq Idea: Hire Al Qaeda
Not to be outdone by Israel and USA, Al Qaeda show this weekend that they good at killing arab too. So why not we hire them to go to Tikrit or Fallujah and take out arab there? They will do...

(NFL) About Daunte Cullpepper
He needs to get injured soon so the Vikes will have an excuse to put someone else in..... -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

Dear Coach Mike Tice
When you have 4th Down and 1 yard in the middle of the freakin 4th quarter you should go for it.... duh. Thanks for listening dumbo, Your ever so angry Vikes fan, ...

Update On Dusty Rhoads
Last seen at some KFC in America chowing down on the buffet... and I don't mean just a few things here and there but everything the poor KFC employee's can put out. One employee w...

Update On HHH
7:31 PM CST - Last seen boning Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

Dear Minnesota Vikings
Your an embarrasement. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

Arrested Development = The Royal Tenenbaums 2003
Arrested Development = The Royal Tenenbaums 2003 -Poot FOX has hit rock bottom brahs

(NFL) Deere Buffalo Bills:
There's a little orange flag over there on the sideline. You ARE allowed to take the ball PAST that flag. In fact, it's encouraged... LG (was forced to listen to that abomination of a ...

[NWA-TNA] March 2004 has 5 Wednesdays in it...
I'll buy their package deal in March. That's $7 each for 5 PPVs. That's not *that* bad... If they're still around that is... ($1 to toa)

Deer Die Hard
You rock. Especially the part where the guy was on the roof. P.S. Do you know Mad Max?

Remember Zubaz?
I didn't know Hawk and them co-founded the company. Ellering invested their money in it. That HAD to make them wealthy...right? Those things were *everywhere* in the late 80s, early 90s.

Don't forget...
"When you Wish Upon A Weinstein" Tonight, 11 PM, Cartoon Network. Don't say I didn't remind you.

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