Guerrero and Kidman
Billy Kidman has a knee injury and will need a few weeks off to rehab it. It's not serious and he should be fine in a few weeks. Eddie Guerrero's plane was delayed and he w...

Backstage Notes From RAW
I would like to take a second to pass on my condolences to Ric Flair for the loss of his mother, which is why he was not at TV last night. I heard from a few people at Raw ...

[UK] National ID Cards Britain Plans to Introduce Identity Cards Britain Wants to Introduce Compulsory Identity Cards to Protect Against Fraud...

Can't get any better service than that Is it free if it takes longer than 30 minutes?

JeffH aint in jail
he's just pimpin on wax ya herdddd.. JeffH returning soon

Crash, Hardcore, and Molly Holly
hey all - so, i feel dumb. i've been watching wrestling for years n years, and thought i knew it all. With the death of Crash Holly, I was suprized that Molly Holly was wrestling Monday...

How To Swindle The Government, Part 987,243
The Secret Life of a Retirement Account By LYNNLEY BROWNING and DAVID CAY JOHNSTON November 11, 2003 (copyright The New York Times) In 1997, Congress gave retirement savers an at...

Nathan Jones
The following is an article from BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- Nov. 10, 2003 -- His left elbow back to 100 percent and a variety of other issues and commitments behind him, Nathan Jone...

Paul Heyman's Influence
Anyone who talks to the Smackdown talent knows that when Paul Heyman returned a few weeks ago, morale picked up considerably because people thought (or maybe hoped would be a better wo...

Ping: Assassin/Frog
I thought you might enjoy the stupidity that NIGGERexcrement displayed recently over at AFN. During one of his many idiotic "post your address or I win" rants, he made the claim that he coul...

Ok, which RSPWer won this auction? John Green -it wasn't me...honest!

Kurt Angle Re-Injures Neck
Kurt Angle is experiencing a lot of pain in his surgically repaired neck. He underwent an MRI and the results have not come back yet but are expected to be released later today. He worked th...

Michael Hayes
As a result of his actions at the wedding between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, WWE road agent Michael "P.S." Hayes was keeping a low profile backstage at RAW last week. While some thought...

Why should Michael Hayes lose his job?
I mean, isn't there always some drunken ass at a wedding who tries to get up and sing!? ****** "Growing up, my favorite uncle was Uncle Cave Man. We called him Uncle Cave Man...

POLL: Ever ordered prescriptions over the internet?
Xanax? Steroids? Anything good you wanna share? I was actually thinking of ordering some xanax, which, every now and then, are kinda nice after a hard week, and I was wondering if anyone her...

(OT) Another source for the Paris video...
...unless it's been posted already. It's the night vision one... Yawn... LG (meh) -- Quarterfinalist - 2003 Aero-Saxist KORSPW Runner up - 2003 Most Imp...

What WWE Diva has the nicest feet?
Vote on the poll on the homepage of this address: Nominees: Torrie Wilson Trish Stratus Stacy Keibler Dawn Marie ...

a.. WWE Execs have advised Rikishi to lose some of the weight he gained during his off time, close to 60 extra pounds. a.. Michael Hayes was backstage at RAW last week and was keeping ...

Worst film quote ever!
First spoken line in Donnie Darko: "I'm voting for Dukakis."

If I can't like Ridge Racer 5 for any other reason....
Fogbound is a kickass theme song.

[America] Science: Who Needs It?
(1) Does Science Matter? By WILLIAM J. BROAD and JAMES GLANZ November 11, 2003 (copyright The New York Times) Through its rituals of discovery, science has extended life, co...

MPEG question
anyone out there in RSPW know a program i can use to cut mpegs? (like say have only a fraction of the file instead of the whole thing) --- JD864~ knows very little of these things...

Gimmick Idea: Wrestler that never wrestles
Not like Kevin Nash or Nathan Jones. Just invent a new character and hype him with vignettes for years and years, but he never shows up. Kind of like Glacier for those fir...

[France] Gov Officials Are The Same Everywhere French transport minister caught speeding amid road safety ...

Make That Pepperoni With Extra Cheese, Hold The RPGs Iraqi Man Opens Pizzeria in Baghdad BAGHDAD, Iraq - Soldiers in Bagh...

Jessica Lynch Topless?
[Note: An NYC newsradio is reporting that Larry Flynt has decided against publishing the pictures of Jessica Lynch]

Senator Al Franken? Al Franken vs. Coleman? He's thinking it over Published November 11, 2003 AL11 Sen. Al Franken? ...

(Demolition?)Ever hear that song "Splackavelli"?
I just downloaded this song for shits and giggles thinking it was gonna be some misogynistic laughfest, but this song kicks some ass. If it's Demolition, then excuse the fuck out of me beca...

Remember Miss Afghanistan?,30&provider=ap_av&.test=1&f=53746348&lid=rnv-56-s.5410654,rnv-128-s.5410654,rnv-200-s.5410654,rnv-300-s.5410654,wmv-50-s.5410655,wmv-100-s.541...

Hey Krusty~! School's in next summer as Aussie university offers surfing di...

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