WWE Gimmick Idea: The Neck Breaker Guy
Each time another WWE wrestler need neck surgery (ie every week) do storyline angle that show this wrestler called Neck Breaker Guy he injure people and break neck (storyline). This kind of ...

[WWW] 11.13.03 Lodi Names Names In WCW Drug Scandal; Gay Characters, more
http://www.iowrestling.com/headlines/890.shtml Lodi Names Names In WCW Drug Scandal; Gay Characters, more November 13, 2003 by Matt Boone Source: Chris Ya...

WWE Gimmick Idea: The "Hey Playboy / Baby Girl" guy
This guy always refer to other person as playboy. He say thing like "how you doing playboy?" to men and "you doin ok baby girl?" to women. Alway have to use that words in every sentence. T...

Reason WWE doing bad
Too many japan wrestlers Dragan

Ernest Miller Smackdown Thursday
Another black guy play pimp character. I cant wait! Dragan

Question too Krusty
Krusty how you get nickname krusty? have to do with krusty from simpsons or krusty like krusty poop stains?

(POLL) Best song title evar?
My vote is for "Awaiting The Frozen Blasphemy Of The Necroyeti's Lusting Necrobation Upon The Altar Of Voxrfszzzisnzf" by Impaled Northern Moonforest.

[RSPW Popularity Contest] RSPW Survivor Series Call for participants
Good evening everyone. I'm bored, I'm tired, and we haven't had one of these in a while....so, after stealing the idea from whoever thought of it a month or so ago, I bring to you....The ...

Okay, here's a philosophical question for you. It's simple...
Do you think the rich should pay more taxes than the poor? Should people who have FAR more money than most, pay more? And people who have FAR less, pay less? Krusty, curious ...

20,000 bucks to finish my robot...
... my GIRL robot! This is gonna be the best prom ever! -- C The Shocker Blog: http://pdxchris.blogspot.com/ RSPW World Cyber-Weight Champion "Liberals don't...

Why people when make fun of mentally handicap...
Why people when make fun of mentally handicap... --- WHy when people make fun of mentally handicap they put limp forearm over chest and say derr duhh. I no get it becos not accura...

Gimick idear; like movie "mask" with Cher
Gimick idear; like movie "mask" with Cher --- have guy with awkward deform forehead become backstage announcer and people like the rock make fun of him then he get big broth...

ANGLE IDEA: Linda Mac Slutting Around
Vinnie Mac gets incensed when Linda begins screwing with the WWE Superstars cause the Genetic Jackhammer needs some tuning up. Venis, Storm, and others can each have videos showing a p...

[REPOST] Gimmick Idea: HBK's Strange Turn-Ons
Since Vinnie Mac has lost his touch, and still thinks that Shawn Michaels dancing like a prissy sissy and beating down his modern era superstars is all badassand a big draw, I figured I woul...

My goat turned heel at the county fair
it finished second so post-match it laid out the winner.....headbutts that would make jyd jealous. ********************** No hablo espanol.

CNN Financial talked up WWE today
profits are up this quarter....somehow.....i guess by jettisoning the night club....i thought it was odd that they were optimistic about the company and the stock, saying how great it was th...

The movie "Elf" sucks
i laughed twice....him getting run over and a belch. spoiler: everything works out in the end.....predictable and uninspiring. chris benoit's family had supporting roles. <...

Does the HHH Metrodome have a glass ceiling?
it should. ********************** No hablo espanol.

The real Golden Rule
he with the gold makes the rule. ********************** No hablo espanol.

What if numbers had two decimal points?
how would the universe change? ********************** No hablo espanol.

Wayne Gretzky's daughter is hot
Also, if those pussy hockey players think it's THAT cold in Edmonton, they sure as hell wouldn't want to play an outdoor game in Winnipeg.

LSU would beat USC...
..Its true. - "If I were me, I'd start me" Auburn's 3rd team JUCO Tailback-Brandon Jacobs "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great

7th grader got angry, took a pencil to paper and...got suspended
Netscape news reports: Seventh-Grader Suspended Over 'Hit List' PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) - A seventh-grader who compiled what officials call a ``hit list'' of students and facul...

that mullet dude on tnn who fixes cars....
lol, the dude can take apart a car in 10 minutes, all the while saying how easy it is

Hardcore Fed Needs Roleplayers
Hi, HWF, Hellcore Wrestling Federation, is looking for roleplayers who can bring in fake wrestlers only. Check out the link: http://members.fortunecity.com/hwf1/index.html

(OT) Favorite Burger Toppings?
In light of CaptDan's sandwich thread, I have decided to make this post aboot favorite burger toppings (something which I have thought aboot doing for a while). So, what is a good...

Les Thornton
I was going through an old wrestling magazine from the mid 1980's, and in a segment when the WWF went to Australia, this man was in many pictures. I do not recall him wrestling on TV or at a...

That RSPW sandwich poll is making me hungry
Time to eat. PS: That was definitely one of the better poll in the history of our great sport. -- Burnside <[email protected]> - http://www.c0llision.org/...

Yeah, by the way, you were adopted. Signed, Dad --The Saxist #616 on the "864 Greatest Things of All Time" list T...

Tim White hopes to participate in WrestleMania
http://www.wwe.com/news/headlines/1248440 Veteran referee Tim White's surgically repaired right shoulder is feeling better, and he continues to rehabilitate it, motivated in part ...

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