Hey Krusty
A question about stand alone DVD records as opposed to DVD recorders you would install into a PC. What are the advantages of those, if any and the disadvantages? With a PC you have diff...

Hey Krusty!!!!!!!
........................... Move it Football head.

Akio Attacking Jamie Noble
It's so sad to see former teammates not getting along. -curious Maybe The Cat can help bring them back together again (insert gong sound here)

Fear Real-life Matrix Will Be Monitoring You
http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/139375p-123703c.html Fear real-life Matrix will be monitoring you By MADELEINE BARAN DAILY NEWS WRITER The Matrix has ar...

Oooohhhhh...*so* close...
Crimson Skies for X-box Live All they needed to do was use *real* airplanes...how fucking hard could that've been? A P-51? A Corsair? A Messerschmitt 109? Well, online dogfi...

The almighty Dollar
This is why The "E" isn't in as bad a shape as some in the IWC would lead you to believe. NEW YORK (Reuters) - World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWE - News), promoter of "...

Deer Niners
You suck.

Seahawks Are Goin To The SB
FUCKIN-A!!! Jimbo Jones -Most respected RSPW poster (99-current)

What Dr. Seuss book should be raped by Hollywood next?
I say Horton Hears A Who (nn).

What is the name of the porno movie they keep showing
on the 60 Minutes promo? It looks like some retro 1960's skin flick that was shot last week.

Wrestlemania XX
As we reported several weeks back on 1WrestlingRadio, Wrestlemania XX will be a 5 hour PPV presentation and will start at 7 PM, running until midnight. Tickets for the event list a 7 P...

Two fucking votes?
I hate you people so much.

Say you ran across Vinnie Mac one day...
or got stuck on an elevator with him. He's coming across as approachable, maybe in a good mood. He asks you if you watch wrestling, and asks your opinion on the current storylines and curr...

Why do they plug figure skating during football games?
I know they gotta push their network's shit but COME ON.

Why are beer commercials funnier than sitcoms?
There should be a sitcom called "Beer Commercial."

Why does CBS use Triple H's music as their main NFL theme?
I guess it makes sense since the song is called "Play the Game," but still, that's stealing.

Dead Wrestler Biography: Owen Hart
Owen Hart, son of Stu Hart and brother in law of the legendary Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, was one of the greatest technical wrestlers of his time. Debuting sometime in the mid 80s, Hart made ...

Dead Wrestler Biography: Kerry Von Erich
Kerry Von Erich, son of Adolph Hitler's right hand man Fritz Von Erich, was one of the most charasmatic superstars to ever come from the state of Texas. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he rose p...

[Humor] Calling all Flame Warriors...
What kinda Flame Warrior *might* you the reader be? http://www.winternet.com/~mikelr/flame1.html ~ JT (passing on a little humor) -- Email address is a SPA...

Dead Wrestler Biography: Louie Spicolli
Louie Spicolli was a very famous grunge rocker who originally went under his stage name, "Rad Radford." He was a drummer for Pearl Jam, but then quit to join the WWF. Was briefly a Bodydon...

I just walked out of the first movie ever
So my friend has connections with the local theater and can see any movie for 50 cents. So we pretty much go and see something every week. Anyway, this week he suggested Cat in the Ha...

We should abandon rec.sport.pro-wrestling...
... and charter a new group, alt.hey.krusty. -- Perkins Sick of "Hey Krusty..." posts.

Steve Austin
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin enters the publishing ring Wrestling star says writing his book was like therapy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -...

[POLL] Worst nuclear war movie ever?
Toss up between the Manhattan Project and By Dawn's Early Light. Caught By Dawn's Early Light last night and at first thought I'd love it, because I'm fascinated by all that old Cold W...

Flair DVD Disc 1 Thoughts...
First off, the packaging is awesome... nuff said. It's got some classic pics of Flair at various stages of his career - Harley Race and the NWA Championship (1983) Each of...

McMahon vs. Austin
The latest talk going around backstage is that Steve Austin will indeed be wrestling at WrestleMania XX. While it's not definite, as WWE will need to see how his health holds up, ...

Tehawk's Usenet Poll
11 people voted me dumbest. I'm just wondering out of the 11, who in here voted for me? _ I personally believe that everything I've stood for when I got into a WWE ring would be ...

Sean O'Haire
Push Sean O'Haire. You may recall a few months ago when I did talk about this issue, but that was only brief. This time, I'll be dedicating a full column to it, seeing as how some...

Angel, SD! Rating Details, The Cat, More
- Kurt Angle has already told WWE management that he won't wrestle again until January, but that he will continue to work on TV if needed. He will not be working house shows. - As...

WWE House Show Results From Detroit, Michigan 11.21.03(Goldberg/Booker vs. Evolution)
The show kicked off with Eric Bischoff and The Coach welcoming us and busting on Detroit. Bischoff says "That Bubba Ray has been suspended tonite and D-Von will have to find a Mystery Partne...

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