[LINK O' FUN] Comedy with Smackdown: HCTP
http://hatinglosing.to/content/2003/11-11-03.html Now he needs to pit Strong Mad vs. BROCK.

[OT] Commercials that are annoying me
The commercials for "Santa Clause 2". Disney had NO RIGHT to ruin the concept of Santa Claus for millions of kids just to try to make money and give Tim Allen a job. H.H. -- Hate...

(MUSIC) Update On The Police
Sting still refuses to do a reunion tour. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

(NWA-TNA Update) Yet another major update on Dusty Rhoads
He just got kicked out of KFC after 13 full plates at the all you can eat. Last seen headed towards Dairy Queen for some ice cream. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

(Gimmick Idea) The Trampled On Shopper
This person's one goal is to be trampled on by customers while trying to get the door buster deal on the biggest shopping day of the year. Extra bonus points for jobbing very well.

(WWE Update) Update On Stone Cold Steve Austin
He's still "fired." -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

(NWA-TNA Update) Update On Kid Kash
He still fears no man especially Don Harris! -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

(NFL UPDATE) Update On The Minnesota Vikings
They are still on the field wondering how they lost so badly to the Rams today.... updates as they come. -- Brian "Demolition Man" Little

Watch our bikini, er, wrestling program~!
----- Original Message ----- From: "D-Chance." <[email protected]> Newsgroups: rec.sport.pro-wrestling Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 7:30 PM Subject: Watch our biki...

God Bless Smackdown
----- Original Message ----- From: "Chief JeffH of Caca tribe" <[email protected]> Newsgroups: rec.sport.pro-wrestling Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 6:46 PM Subject:...

Spike TV's VGAwards to feature Raw vs Smackdown match~!
According to WOL (Da Meltz), the plan is for a match between Chris Jericho (RAW) vs Rey Misterio Jr (Smackdown). D-Chance. RSPW's most on-topic poster. 100% on-topic... 100% ...

Da Meltz does a house show report...
WWE house show report from last night at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. I didn't get the attendance figure but looked to be in the 4,000 range. Good show overall. No super matches, b...

Deer... Elix... Skipper
Perhaps you should tune in and watch Shane Helms wearing a clownish green mask and cape, saddled with a talentless fat slob, chasing a midget all over a wrestling arena... and even THEN...

Watch our bikini, er, wrestling program~!
And don't get mad when you don't see Stacy Keibler on Smackdown, either~! ---------- WWE has launched a $2 million ad campaign that will be used to promote Smackdown. The cam...

(almost) RIP Stevie Night Heat
Thirdreich almost paralyzed him. The big lummox can't even execute a simple Electric Chair. Just dropping your opponent and HOPING he doesn't land on his head/neck like Richards did w...

God Bless Smackdown
Benoit = Champion soon~~~ cena rules too btw "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

I'll be at Armageddon
Please hold your apologies till after the event. "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

The new Blink 182 album is mighty good
I figured i'd mention it, The song with Robert Smith is pretty good too. It's actually the opposite of everything they've made previous and it's a damn fine album. "I am better th...

So what happened to JeffH?
I'll tell ya these crazy men in masks kidnapped me and brought me to a cave in parts unknown and tortured me. it wasnt till i came across a old man on a tractor that broguht me to local auth...

Patriots 10 - 2
whoooooooooooooo "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

[RSPW Survivor Series] Round 2 Results, Round 3 Voting
In Match 1, The Midcarders lost another teammate, this time Kurgan exiting the match. In Match 2, Team, Eh, Feh, Meh and Bleh took a HUGE hit when Stoneco was votes of...

(pole) What DID Mike Wallace say to make LT cry?

Still raelly, raelly sucks

Joey Lauren Adams is 38?*
*Oh yea, she was busted with DWI... SAN DIEGO (AP) - Actress Joey Lauren Adams, who appeared in ``Chasing Amy'' and ``Big Daddy,'' was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, police ...

PING MARY, you blithering fucking idiot!
You had better get your retarded fucking ass over to alt.config! I have been talking some personal shit about my health over there. You could use it. Hell, you idiot, you need all the f...

RIP Jim Siedow
This is about a week late, but I just found out about it. The Cook from the first two Texas Chainsaw Massacres passed on. He may not have had much of a career, but he was great in those film...

(poll) What NFL coaches will be FIRED after this season?
Almost half, probably.

(SPOILER) What Mike Wallace said to make L.T. cry
"Remember that time you wrestled?"

Patriots cheat to win
Faking injuries. Shameful.

How to improve NFL football
Show that Toby Keith "Look again" commercial a few more million times.

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