Siegfried is probably crying into a bowl of Frosted Flakes right now
What's going to happen to that tiger, btw?

Siegfried should have continued the show after Roy died
That's what Vince McMahon would have done.

Did people get refunds after the tiger ate Roy?
They got cheated.

Roy jobs to Tiger
LAS VEGAS (Oct. 4) - A tiger attacked magician Roy Horn of duo ''Siegfried & Roy'' during a Friday night performance, leaving the superstar illusionist in critical condition, authorities sai...

Aah-nuld & Enron, who would've thought? Arnold Unplugged - It's hasta la vista to $9 billion if the Governator is selected Friday, October 3, 2003 It...

~WEHT.....Outback Jack........????
Outback Jack ~~~~~~~~~~ Tie me kangaroo down, sport! How many years has it been? If given the chance, he could have been the greatest Intercontinental Champ of al...

Ted Kennedy to receive Bush Public Service Award Typical... Republicans over and over again go out of their way to offer the hand of friendship and reconciliation to guys like The Sw...

So i sit, alone and broken hearted, looking back on the past, I look at the posts with tens of replies, wishing for the days of yore to return. Remember when the Rock was funny? Remember whe...

(OT) Deer Kellen Winslow Sr...
On Best Damn Sports Show Period, you said you had a problem with Rush referring to Donovan McNabb as a "black quarterback." But last I checked... he IS a black quarterback. Stop the mental...

(Serious Discussion)Double Anal: Gay or Not Gay
For people who are native here is the topic: For Gay: Two dicks touching = Gay Legs touching = Gay Ball sweat dr...

FS: 1987 Hostess WWF (Canadian Food Issue) Pro-Wrestling 20-Sticker Set
1987 Hostess WWF (Canadian Food Issue) Pro-Wrestling 20-Sticker Set I have for sale the 1987 Hostess WWF Wrestlemania (Canadian Food Issue) Factory-Sealed 20-Sticker Set. The set inclu...

THQ and AKI PETITION! No Mercy fans, must sign!
This is a petition to Get THQ and AKI back together! Sign this and tell your friends to sign too!

Deer Oregon
WTF happened? Signed, Maryland, Pitt, and a host of others --The Saxist #616 on the "864 Greatest Things of A...

Ric Flair DVD news!!!
Demolition news reports that the 3DVD set will feature clipped versions of his matches along with Flair verbal blowjob on how HHH is "The Man" and all the lame crap that WCW put him through!...

See kids? Another reason to eat right.
This sounds like a Monty Python skit Family Angry Over 500-Pound Woman's Burial Casket Not Large Enough, Children S...

Kissing HHH';s ass=Results!!!
Kevin Nash Could Return To Feud With Goldberg Posted By Ashish on 10.03.03 Who better to replace the Game than Nash? Kevin Nash could return to WWE TV soon, only this time a...

Warren Sapp says that the NFL is full of white faces "Put there to fill the stands"..
I want that spook outta there!!

Isaiah Thomas said Bird wouldn't have the NBA backing if he wasn't white..
where was the outrage?

Roy attacked by a tiger onstage It was bound to happen. . . -- - Adam Waltemire - - Join our Ya...

They are so bad and Im so good! Ive defeated hundreds of fighters in backyard martial-arts fights and Im strong,agile and intelligent. I can defeat 10 men a once , even if they have...

Mark Prior is GOD
Believe dat, playa. Tre D - 39 degrees in Hell #109, #68, #38, #29, #34 on Lvubuns various 5 RSPW poster list "Basically, it's a cure. For NOT being ...

What's in you cd player atm?
I've been listening to Cold - Year of the spider, NIN: And all that could have been, Project Pitchfork -Daimonion(Excellet Cd if you like industrial!), and a little Audioslave. <...

Today's misadventures
I drove through a nearby university campus, and naturally was almost in a car wreck with a coed who ran a stop sign because she was talking on the damn phone. I squealed to a stop <S...

Heaven Can Wait!
Made you look!

If any Eagles fan thinks McNabb is overrated.......
I'll be more than happy to let you have Jay Fiedler back for him......... ****** "Growing up, my favorite uncle was Uncle Cave Man. We called him Uncle Cave Man, because he lived ...

Too bad this Limbaugh thing didn't happen before Booker was buried
HHH could come out and say the only reason Booker T is getting a push is that the liberal internet media wants a black champion. Sadly, half of RSPW would come on and say for once they...

Deer Atlanta Braves
Tee time is at 10AM Monday morning back in Jawjuh. ****** "Growing up, my favorite uncle was Uncle Cave Man. We called him Uncle Cave Man, because he lived in a cave, and every on...

Hulk Hogan to play Superman ??
Hollywood Insider reports Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea has been offered a tryout role for the new Superman movie. There has been many rumors of different actors playing the role but it sounds l...

Hugh Fink rules
I'm watching his standup on C.Central, He's hilarious. "I am JeffH, The Greatest human being to ever grace RSPW and if ya don't like it ya better learn to love it baby. Not only...

[RSPoliticsW] Who (nN) said this quote?
"To occupy Iraq would instantly shatter our coalition, turning the whole Arab world against us and make a broken tyrant into a latter-day hero ... assigning young soldiers to a fruitless hun...

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