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WWE P2P BIRMINGHAM 11th Oct 2003
what were the results from WWE Passport to Pain in Birmingham last night?

joey numbers
who is he???

ATTN: Blitzhawk
Are you planning on changing your starters before game time? I'll be away from my computer, but I want to know who to root against when I turn on the radio. --The Saxis...

WWE STYLE TOP 20 - SUNDAY 12th OCTOBER 2003 - 12.30pm
20 most read stories 1: Breaking News: WWE hires new Superstar! - (2735 reads) 2: Unforgiven Live Report - (1628 reads) 3: Angle dating WWE Diva! - (1571 reads) 4: Fu...

What's up with chicks?
See, we all went to the bar last night, and sat around and drank and had a good time. What the fuck? Damn women. -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me ...

Fucking Hoes
Man I was at the bar with some friends and these hoes can't get off a nigga. I'm just standing their chillin and some ho starts sucking my reggie right in the middle of the club, I'm like...

FS: 1987 Titan-Stuart WWF (Pro-Wrestling) Canadian Food Issue 16-Sheet Set
1987 Titan-Stuart WWF (Pro-Wrestling) Canadian Food Issue 16-Sheet Set I have for sale the 1987 Titan-Stuart (Canadian Food Issue) World Wrestling Federation 16-Sheet Set. Each sheet ...

"KARIM" Garcia
probably Al Qaeda operative part of terrorist cell in Boogie Down Bronx. He like to start trouble, cause chaos, hothead punk. I hope Ashcroft send him to Gitmo. WWE booking suck. ...

Republicans next target state...
Republicans "Cheat to Win" tour will next hit Pennsylvania and Ohio...Cheat to Win is a strategy to control states with the most electoral votes... Florida...2000 Texas...on...

McMahon steals from XPW????
Raw sewage....

Some Questions
Does anyone see Zach Gowen going far in the WWE ? He was brought in strong and in an angle with Piper, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan...he beat Vince and Big Show. Now he's been turned into a rag...

Pedro did not make a Heel Turn.
Pedro's been a Heel for years. He might be the most hated player in MLB by his peers. the Bede /:-)> I am bigger than Jesse The Body gives me credit for.

[OT] God Damn Women
So I just got back home from a trip out with my boys. We were having a great time at this bar getting fucked up and putting the moves on the hotties when she wlaks in: Blonde, tall, gorgeous...

Patti Davis, Reagan's Daughter, Was Date Raped President Reagan's daughter says she was date raped when she was a 20-year-old college student. Writing in Newsweek...

HHH/Stephanie Wedding Location
Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are set to wed two weeks from now on Saturday, October 25th. The word going around is that they'll tie the knot at Tappan Hills in upstate NY, a historic site ...

Rush Limbaugh quotes on drug users...
Just FYI... Enjoy. "We're going to let you destroy your life. We're going to make it easy and then all of us who accept the responsibilities of life and don't destroy our lives ...

Shane Douglas = Tom Arnold
Oh It's true, it's damn true. Anyone who saw the last TNA (and if you didn't then you suck) will attest. --rafiki

(Movies) Anyone else here ever see "To Hell and Back?"
I have heard people who saw it when it first come out say it glorified war, but it is so full of people having to crawl through mud all the time and gettling killed it looks more to me as a ...

(Movies) Anyone here ever see "The Bridge at Remagen?"
Underrated, IMO. Features US troops trying to take the last bridge over the Rhine River into Germany in WW2, against the German commanding officer ordered to go to any lengths to blow it up ...

Next Terminator: A Wrestler?
Could Bill Goldberg do it? What about Chris Benoit? DEP (Though it will be interesting to see, if Rock gets it, if the Terminator will do the People's Eyebrow at one point i...

Don Zimmer tried to do a spear!!!
He's a fan of GOLDBERG!!

Defend or Bash: Political Shit.
The United Nations. Impact of Governor Arnorld. European/Canadian style 'socialism'. Likelihood of Dean beating Bush. Bush's Foreign Policy. Like...

DEFEND OR BASH: Sports shit.
Defend or Bash: Fighting in NHL Baseball The BCS system Golf. Playmakers on ESPN. New La Lakers as a "70 win team" Pa...

Deer Ohio State
Please to see your overrated asses get punk'd by Wisconsin.

Does Savage mention Liz on his rap album?
Seriously.... DEP

Zimmer vs. Pedro = George Steele vs. Jeff Jarrett on Nitro
Benoit should have done the run in to put Zimmer over.

Someone should make a movie....
Where the Chinese want to go to the moon, start a base, and claim it all for themselves... but some renegade Texas oilman/Bill Gates type/Ted Turner type isn't about to let that happen, and ...

Groundskeeper Willie brawls with two New York Yankees!
Shouting "Ay, ain't no one man a match for a greased Scotsman!"

Sports is HOT this year, yo
Lakers lose, Cubs and Red Sox deep into postseason, Yankees going to jail, old-school college football teams getting woodshedded..... yep! A good year so far. -- C The Shock...

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