[LAW] Rapping Iron Shiek
F'n Hilarious!

Test Out 2 Months
To update the condition of Test, he suffered two broken bones in his foot Friday night taking a Van Terminator from Shane McMahon. Early reports have him out of action for about two months. ...

If Test Makes Stacy Have Sex With Him...
...would it be considered rape, or rather would it merely be him, as her employer, giving her a task she needs to fulfill? And if she refuses, would she be sticking to "no means no," o...

Jim Mora Jr. should be more like his dad

Deer Detroit Lions
Thank you for having a bye week and not subjecting us Detroiters to another embarrassing defeat.

Once Again, Velocity Ruled This Weekend
I swear, it's the 2nd best show WWFed has going right now. The matches tend to be really good to great. You get to see lots of unknown people who (nN) might be jobbers in terms of actual win...

Kill Bill ruled
What a great movie seriously, From the music to the whole style it was made had me marking out from start to finish. Whomever said it was not violent on that review obviously didn't see it. ...

Re: Why are young men feeling hopeless?
wd wrote: > A male NYU freshman jumped to his death Friday afternoon from an upper > floor inside Bobst Library in an apparent suicide. > > The death comes exactly fou...

If Nash returns as a heel, should he. . .
. . . return using the Wolfpac theme? I think that would be so much better for a heel Nash than the theme song from the Roseanne show. -- - Adam Waltemire - www.ruintherain.c...

Most Important WWFed Title Reigns for these Wrestlers?
By "most important," I mean those title reigns during which the champ gained credibility and did the most with what he had. - Austin: tie b/w his 1st (starting at WM XIV; I'll ignore t...

really, really limps.

I am ruling this message board
http://www.anteaterforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=5 you should too. its the msg board for my school, but it sucks --- JD864~ take a wild guess

The Best Thing Aboot Steiner Turning Heel
We get those whacked oot heel Steiner interviews. -curious /me marked when Steiner said "stip-i-lations."

Career Killing Booking Decisions?
- HHH marrying Stephanie undid all the major accomplishments Test had racked up over the prior months. Test has never come anywhere close to being as over as he was then, as a face or as a h...

Dear Boston College....
.....you guys are gonna have to pay a crapload of travel expenses. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k

(poll) Fat Tracy Morgan or thin Tracy Morgan?
I am undecided.

Why isn't the Simpsons on?
When a baseball game is canceled, the Simpsons should be on. Oh, it's true. It's DAMN true.

What a horrible day for pro sports!
All the bad guys (n. Hall) won, including the Marlins.

The Sad Thing Aboot WWfed...
...is that it could easily be as good as it was from 1997 - 2000, in terms of both sports and entertainment. Is it naive to think "come on, it's not that hard to change things aro...

2nd in Popularity Next to Hogan: Rock or Austin?
Although Austin merchandise has outsold Hogan merchandise, I bet that the name "The Rock" means more to the person on the street than Austin's name does. I know that people say th...

Damn Fassel
Fire Fassel. The New York Football Giants have the most talent in the league but we fucking suck. Make Shockey the coach he is god.

(OT) Dear Pittsburgh Steelers...
Turnovers = Victories. Well, they're supposed to, anyway. Yours Truly, Your Paragon of Virtual Reality, Torrey M. Spears Tuesday Morning Booker Dude

Yankees/Red Sox Cancelled
Rain. -- C The Shocker - B.O.B. Member #6 Shoutcast Server: http://chrispdx.audio-stream.net:8000 Blog: http://pdxchris.blogspot.com/ #5 on Lvubun's Top 100 Posters of ...

NFL - Overtime mania
runnin wild "I am JeffH, The Greatest human being to ever grace RSPW and if ya don't like it ya better learn to love it baby. Not only that I smell damn good."

(OT) Dear Fox Broadcast Team...
I appreciate your obvious desire to see the Cubs win the series... but it's not over yet. It's not over yet. I hope to see Al Leiter in a Cubs jersey Tuesday night. This is pathetic....

Experts Debate Bryant's Legal Strategy
http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/mld/myrtlebeachonline/sports/6998086.htm She referred to the alleged victim six times by name and dropped a bombshell that drew gasps: Could the woman'...

Cubs intentionally laid down
So they could win in front of the home town faithful. -- C The Shocker - B.O.B. Member #6 Shoutcast Server: http://chrispdx.audio-stream.net:8000 Blog: http://pdxchris.blogs...

Marlins to Chicago:
"I ain't done with you Cubs, I ain't done with you, not by a longshot!"

Best Former Wrestler That Became A U.S. President
Abraham Lincoln. -- Tehawk 2003 The Cerebral Assassin ICQ #4610826 http://www.tehawk.com http://home.earthlink.net/~tehawk The Inverse Law of Fla...

Homer becomes the Grim Reaper?
Family Guy did it ;)

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