Deer WWE, Shut up and wrestle.
Can't get any more clear than that.

Reminder: RSPW Fantasy Basketball Draft in One Week
P.S. Sorry to Freezer, all the spots were taken up already when I sent the invite.

General Distress
Arab-American leader: Keeping general sends negative message (CNN) --Lt. Gen. William Boykin, a top Pentagon intelligence official, apologized for remarks he made about Muslims, includ...

(OT) The Kid (nN) Who Placed Box Cutters on that Plane:
Hero for giving security a kick in the groin as a wake-up call? OR Dumbass? -curious Prolly a little of both

Undertaker cast in movie
From WWE's The Undertaker Lands Movie Role Posted By Ashish on 10.17.03 Why don't all wrestlers just jump to movies? The Undertaker will play Lt....

Why isnt Jericho doing YJStinger commercials?
makes perfect sense...oh it. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MS...

Why do I think IF NWA/TNA gets TV...
....that WWE is really that bad now that they could have a shot to be successful. Maybe not "win" the ratings war or penetrate the mainstream, but even NWATNA getting what WCW did ratings wi...

An american football question
why is it called football when most of the time they run with the ball so they use thier hands and not their feet the most?

Disturbing picture of Vince on the frontpage
In the No Mercy ad. Looks like Vince's head is just an extension of his neck. No chin. Like an earthworm or something. Stephanie looks like shit too. Nice hairstyle. <...

SD's main event was Misterio-Stamboli? Bahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaaa!!!!!!!!

Scott Keith heavily distraught over Stu Hart's death
I wasn't aware that Scott knew Stu, or knew anyone who actually knew Stu Hart. Keith needs to make the "Hey everyone, look at me!" stuff a little less obvious.

Making Pr0n Downloads Easier!
New Internet speed record set GENEVA, Switzerland (Reuters) --Two major scientific research centres said on Wednesday they had set a new world speed record for sending data across the ...

Buying Oil For Iraq Army, Halliburton Deny Iraq Fuel Price Allegation By Jackie Spinner Washington Post Staff Writer <...

Uncle Fester Speaks!,aid,112983,00.asp Microsoft Exec Rips ITunes Apple's music service is too restrictive for Windows users, he says. Jim Dalr...

[Classic Poll] If you were a wrestler what would your theme music be??
This is always fun! Haven't seen this shiznit in a while!! Right now FunkyM thinks his would be "The Test That Stumped Them All" by Dream Theater! C'MON, BABY!!

Why do non-title matches on tv anymore?
it's like saying to the viewers the match is worthless. you at least want the underdog to have a shot. ********************** This newsgroup is racially bi...

They should do a ghost-man tag match
one guy gets beat up so he tags out to himself and hulks up. ********************** This newsgroup is racially biased.

Nigger hanging in a tree for halloween
Bwa Bwaah Bwahaha Bwahahahahahahahahahahhahahhaaa Happy fucking halloween niggers. And remember, you are hated.. you are really fucking hated. ht...

Ike Was Right
Ike Was Right Stephen Pizzo, October 15, 2003 Talk about sticker shock. The condition of the country was far worse than anyone dared imagine. Engineers released their findings this Sep...

What I would learn if WWE was shown as educational programming.
-Japan is made up of 1 large city called Japan. -Despite satellites and remote sensing being able to map every spot on the planet, there are still Parts Unknown. - By JRs vo...

Viewtiful is beautiful
A nice little button-mashing good time. -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me by

All this baseball shit
I don't get what the big deal is. So what the guy tried to catch the ball. Big deal. Doesn't this sort of thing always happen during baseball games? I have no idea how it works so I can't se...

Wrestlers that need to solve the Hellraiser Puzzlebox.
Kane, most definately. Those hooks would fuck him up real good and then his angle would actually make sense. Hurricane too, he could be the new Chatterer.

Great Stu moment
The time when he invited 2 confident youngsters into his Dungeon (how apt) and just completely broke them down. By watching this, I learned that senior citizens can be incredibly badass! I w...

Thank you Stu Hart
Stu Hart (and his sons) always made me feel proud to be Canadian. Stu has created so many great wrestlers, too many to list but I'll try to right now: Bret, Owen, Brian Pillman, Lance Storm...

Will Mark Henry win the title?
If suck ass HHH and gOLDberg can hold the belt. There is nothing that can stand in fatass Henry's way.

attension, thousands of girl wrestling JPEG photo
Please enjoy thousands of JPEG photos by clicking the below homepages. In the past I continued sending girl wrestling and boxing article with photos for many American and European wrest...

Asian wrestlers are ruining the WWE.
This is probably gonna get me in trouble, but--the Asians are killing our fed. Their lack of emotion. Their refusal to speak English when they can speak English. They rarely speak. ...

NEWSFLASH: JeffH likes to rub dudes
If you ask nicely, he'll rub you too.

JeffH will give a new rspwer the rub
Over the years i've given the rub to many like StevieJ and TedB and brought them to the top of RSPW. Both since then have turned on your hero JeffH because they learned how to play the game ...

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