Iranian students "hulk up"...
...oh its on, its most definitely on, don't sing it bring it..etc etc. 9 posted on 06/27/2003 6:33 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... 11 days until July 9th) [ Post Reply | Private...

Road Warrior 'Hawk' Dies Of Apparent Heart Attack
*****The following report was written by Ben Smith***** is cl...

Nascar 2004 for ps2
Good game, I brought back Backyard wrestling cause it sucked. I thought it was ok at first but I learned the movesets are honestly nonexistent and the game is the biggest piece of crap to ev...

Saudis Trying To Buy Nukes
SAUDIS TRYING TO BUY NUKES By URI DAN October 22, 2003 -- JERUSALEM - In an escalation of the Middle East nuclear-arms race, Saudi Arabia is trying to buy from Pakistan nuc...

Blacks are 13% of the US population Re: Race in Corporate America
Why should a company have blacks as more than 13% of their employees? I say to combat racism we should make it a law that no company can have blacks make up more than 13% of their tota...

Kane vs Shane feud -- a re-examination
Kane gets huge monster push Kane no-shows HHH's bachelor party Kane losing feud to Shane Coincidence? Stefan

The new Strokes album F*king rules
its that damn good, damn true -- JD864~ 12:51 is the time

Jericho even jobs during "I love the 80s strikes back."
Doanl Logue is the HHH of that show. He's holding everybody down since he's so damn funny on there.

Does anyone know of?
a good sports bar in New Jersey that shows PPVs? WWE, UFC or TNA? I'd appreciate the help. Thanks

What did your fav. NBA team do in the off-season to upset you?
Damn, Spurs were aiming for Kidd, J. O'Neal, Mourning, hell even Olawakandi and got Nesterovic, Horry, Mercer, and Turkaglou...and they lost Stephen Jackson. Just to keep this on-topic...

Kid Notorious
I hope it's good, It looks like it might be. "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

New South Park tonight
whoooooo hoo "I am better then you and that makes you angry."

Zach Gowen Injured ?
Zach Gowen seemed to suffer some sort of knee injury at the SmackDown! tapings last night. After his match ended, a run-in involving Matt Hardy and Rhyno left Gowen completely out of it. It...

Penalty for Not Attenting HHH/Steph' Wedding?
So apparently there are no house shows this weekend so that wrestlers "can attend" the wedding. "Oh, gee!!! Thanks, Mr MAC-MAN!!! Thanks for giving me the time off to come support...

WTF are all these APWW losers doing here?

(OT) Iraq's dead civilians now outnumber 9-11 victims (Check out the last paragraph of the section section): "The Associated Press reported an estimated 3,240 ci...

RVD Gets A Push And Still Complains
I listened to yet another controversial interview last week, Rob Van Dam spoke on an interesting issue. He noted that he feels all the upper-tier stars are going to have to remain

Sean O'Haire: Main Eventer?
I saw Paul Heyman mingling with old friends in the catering area yesterday at the SmackDown! tapings. He was seen talking with Sean O'Haire and telling him that he's going to get a huge mai...

HHH & Steph Wedding Plans
WWE hasn't scheduled any house shows for this Saturday because of the wedding between Triple H & Stephanie McMahon. Most of the guys backstage got invitations and are expected to attend.

WWE goof at WWE Insurrextion 2003
Bischoff says that him and Jericho are proud American's. Erm...hello! Jericho is Canadian

Regal getting better every day WILKES-BARRE, Pa. – Oct 20, 2003 – Although he didn't appear on the show, William Regal attended RAW tonight, his first time seeing the R...

I Mark For Teddy Long
The man is just too damn funny. Great manager. He's single handedly making this white boy racist gimmick thing work pretty well. -The Flying Fuck *Red Bones Jones*

N-Gage is the new Virtual Boy
(p.s. LMAO at anyone who bought this faulty fad bullshit) N-Gage is Officially a Failure! is reporting that the N-Gage is a bust. Well, they were a lot nicer...

RIP Elliot Smith
You were my favorite guy I knew in passing in high school who went on to be an Academy Award nominated songwriter. -- C The Shocker - B.O.B. Member #6 Shoutcast Server: http...

Byte This Features WWE Legends
This week’s edition of “Byte This” on will be a "Legends Edition" featuring some stars of WWE’s past. Those included in the show will be the Fabulous Moolah, Sgt. Slaughter and Nikol...

Flair Pulls Rib On Mark Henry
Ric Flair pulled a little rib on Mark Henry this weekend, as they were on a very crowded plane to fly in for RAW. Flair told Henry that there was too much weight on the plane, so it wasn't s...

Goldberg Furious
I was backstage and Goldberg was extremely pissed all day at RAW this Monday. There is no definitive reason why, but there are obviously a few things that can be speculated, if you saw RAW....

backyard wrestling for ps2 is wild and crazy stuff
the opening video with backyard footage and ICP is pretty cool and the talk show stuff in the "season"aka talk show mode are a riot. The game itself is a little rough to figure out at first ...

(NIck Lachey) dammit Im starting to LIKE this guy...
.....why does he have to mess up my blind hatred of boyband people? "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k

Real World Paris question..
....why does Leah "need someone to go with her" to meet that Eurotrash boyfriend. They take the train....she's already been with him a couple of what's the big deal? Why can't sh...

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