Vince has finally cracked
Never during 15-years of watching wrestling had I felt the need to actively switch over the television, fast-forward the video, or pause the DVD. When Vince McMahon broke my heart wit...

Bangin !
-Randy Savage was on Hot 99.5 this morning out of Washington, D.C. promoting his album. reader Matt Ficke details: The DJs seemed to be into him (or maybe just humoring him) and...

Can't Hulk Hogan have Macho Man arrested?
Savage is being a jerk. True. (n. Budweiser)

Who attended Stu Hart's funeral?

Just as I thought it was going alright...
I find out I'm wrong, when I thought I was right s'always the same, it's just a shame, that's all I could say day, and you'd say night tell it's black when I know that it's...

How come Tajiri...
...didn't put Gowen in the Tarantula? And if he had put Zach in the octopus would the announcers have called it a septupus? SPAMguard: add a dash between "Hack" and...

Molly Holly humping Shaniqua???
Ha ha, made you look. -- Burnside - [email protected] - "This is the way the world ends. Thank God I brought champagne."

Why Isn't There an RSPW Survivor Series?
You'd have people throw their names into the mix (or once again have nominations for a set number of spaces), and then everyone could randomly be assigned to teams of 5, and with the teams m...

Vince's MAJOR announcement.........
With Raw ratings floundering, Vince McMahon recently got up during a creative meeting and declared that the New York Yankees were dead. McMahon reportedly said that using the New York Yankee...

[CRISIS] Slick Rick... DEPORTED??? NEW YORK - Sitting in a Florida jail cell, fighting his deportation, Ricky "Slick Rick"...

How many VAN GUNDY'S are there?
Good grief. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k

Where are they now?
1) Barry Windham 2) Ricky Steamboat 3) Hacksaw Jim Duggan 4) Eric Embrey 5) Terry Taylor 6) Tiger Chung Lee 7) Brooklyn Brawler 8) Jim Cornett 9) Steve Williams...

The verdict is in
David E. Powell = swell guy. -A (4 out of 4 RSPW regulars agree)

R.I.P. Pat Riley's Miami coaching career
You were my favorite coach that couldn't adapt to change. While everyone else started, you know, scoring, the Heat kept crapping it up with a team output hovering around 80. He's ...

Top 5 RSPW Posters
1) JeffH (fuckin rules) 2) DEP (My man from wayback) 3) Logical Anomaly 4) Jason Kreitzer 5) The Niggler

Reminder: Fantasy B-Ball Draft tomorrow
3:30 eastern standard time I got dibs on every foreign player, specifically the Euros. Plus Wally Szczerbiak because he is dreamy and looks like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candl...

How bout those Tampa Bay Lightning?!
Tampa Bay ain't nothing to fuck with no more.

The lead singer from simple plan,,,,
,,,sounds like homestar runner,,their next album will probably have a song called "marzipan".

You missed out on a great deal on Beanie Babies from an angry ex-husband D-Chance.

If only Barbie could be like this...

Macho Man on local radio Tuesday.. in Bham area...lmao I have to make a point to listen to this one. "With this new digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity." Mike MST3k ...

Macho Man CD...
I got it off Kazaa today and... I'm still speechless. If you ever wanted to hear an accordion in a rap song, you must get this CD.

rip hawk
u were my favorite hawk....

One Good Thing To Come Out Of Afghanistan Mark van Pelt A Fan "That's not right. That's not even wrong!"-Wolfgang Pauli ...

(HHH).....if they get divorced in 3 years...
...can't HHH claim..."I helped build this company, I bled for it, ran it, booked it, blah blah blah" and idiot jurors and judge will buy it and HHH walks out with a SIXTH of the entire compa...

(Sopranos) WEHT the Soprano's MOVIE ...
....I kept hearing on radio about The Soprano's going to the big screen a la The Godfather and having a that theory dead? Ive only seen the 1st season so far by renting them, do...

CIA = Ministry of Truth 2003
CIA 'overstated case for war' By Jon Leyne BBC state department correspondent A key committee of the US Congress is preparing to issue a damning criticism of the quality o...

[WWE] Rumors circulating re: Wedding
Stephanie wasn't pulled off WWE programming only because of the wedding. Sources close to the situation are saying Vince was upset at his daughter for refusing to sign a prenuptial agreement...

Aren't There A Bunch Of Addresses Like This Down South? What's in a Name? Everything When the Name is Butt LONDON (Reuters) - A Briti...

Who's NOT going to the McMahon-Helmsley? (And no, he probably isn't.)
From Torch 10/24/03: "-It's a light weekend, as the WWE crew has today and tomorrow off in order to accommodate those wrestlers and other WWE personnel who are attending the wedding of Steph...

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