Updated Survivor series card
Updated Card For WWE Survivor Series Posted By Ashish on 10.28.03 Latest look at the PPV card... World Heavyweight Title Match Goldberg vs. Triple H Buried A...

(G3) Just got back from the show tonight!!!
HOLY F'N COW!!! Yngwie played for 50 minutes to start the show and was absolutley on fire tonight. He was having a good time and it showed. Next up was Steve Vai who was cooler th...

not a very flattering picture of tori and nidia

rspw = hollywood
a bunch of no talent jobbers are coming here trying to get famous quick but running straight into our killfiles. please, leave the group to the regulars. this invasion angle is rediculoi

i mark for them kissing our asses
i mark for the king and jim ross doing the job to the fans, kissing our asses and saying, "i know we dont do it enough, but we'd like to say, thank you. thank you very much." sit...

Memo to male porn stars:
Sticking your fingers down the bitch's throat is not sexy, you fucking idiot. Stop doing it. Also, you're a prop for the viewer. Stop making any sound or trying to have a person...

[RAW] Good show, but...
Shane has no business putting himself over wrestlers, or Test.

Shocker More good news
Kobe has said he won't play in the season opener. That means the Mavs will now win 140-90, without Kobe's 20 pts. Prediction: Shaq gets 50 playing such luminaries as Danny Fortso...

I guess Nash, Triple H, and Shane talked about the art of the promo during this weeks wedding reception. My brother and I are wondering how many millions that long, drawn out segment lost. T...

Well, it's Miami vs. San Diego in Arizona. I think Raw gets the nod tonight. It says a lot when I miss the first twenty-five minutes just to find out I didn't miss much. The Triple H-Goldber...

RAW is slipping
They had a good thing going, but now Raw is starting to slip again. Evolution's promo tonight actually entertained me. I'm extremely happy to see Dave Batista back, but this was almost spoil...

Man did Batista ever work hard on his promos. He was good out there tonight. Booker and Rico was too short to get interested in. Hidenrich was decent in his first time in the ring, but didn'...

Smackdown house show draws only 1000 people
WWE house show report 10-27 Augusta 1. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty defeated the World's Greatest Tag Team and then danced afterwards. 2. Billy Kidman rolled up Rhyno for the ...

Coach Rib
In what is somewhat of a funny rib on Coach, the segment backstage where he was getting his face 'clean' by the 'make-up' lady was actually a small shot at Coach himself. The Coach has alway...

Test Risk
WWE took a major risk by putting Test in a 'match' with Shane McMahon last night on RAW. As we have been reporting, Test is legitimately injured and is expected to miss at least two more wee...

WWE Cover Up
The opening segment on RAW which featured Eric Bischoff along with Steve Austin and Evolution ran several minutes long. Instead of cutting the matches short, they had Rico in the ring after ...

Was Gerwitz replaced?
Who has been writing Raw for the last two weeks? Back a little more than 8 months ago I completely stoped supporting the WWE. I began watching in brief portions about a month ago but over th...

Shane=bad for business
At least many of the vignettes are helping to build towards Survivor Series. On the plus side it was nice to see Evolution getting a taste of some of their own medicine. Even the beatdown af...

thoughts on Raw
A great Raw. Despite Batista's boring promo, the opener put Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak over. Booker-Rico had a few awkward spots - the two didn't gel in the ring. The impromptu Highlight...

The XTian/Jericho/Lita/Trish shit
Nice. Little stuff like that, no matter how "corny" goes a long way towards making people care about characters. -- Majiin - version²°°³

RIP Rod Roddy
you were my favorite announcer of the price is right :(

Non-Wrestlers on Raw
1) So now wrestlers are scared shitless of Shane? 2) See, problem with Austin is, how pathetic does Evolution look "just standing" there? I was glad at least they showed that Batista h...

E-Bay had my dream car online
1968 Cadillac sitting in Philly. Perfect paint. No look under the hood (heh) but the potential is there, perfect upholstery and dash. Dark blue, great chrome, hood the size of some garage do...

Found Ultimate Warrior's diet!
I found this on The Warrior's website and it's so fucking weird I just had to share with you all. :-) Presenting- The Warrior's Diet! http://www.ultimatewarrior.com/Wdiet.ht...

If NWA TNA reforms the Ultimate Alliance
RSPW will explode into a new golden age. Wu9Tang will return, T-Lowe will post again, and all will be right with the world.

WWE RAW Results (10/27/03)
WWE RAW Results (10/27/03) Fayetteville, North Carolina Raw is live tonight from the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Raw starts with a video package ...

Damn, RAW Was Good Tonight
The main event was top notch. I don't care if they did do a quick title change. It was a neat departure from the Dusty Finish I was expecting, and the addition of the cage gave it a nice cha...

Can Arnold use his stroke with Bush to get Cali some Federal disaster aid?
Just saying.... I wish the US Air Force had kits to convert some of their planes to water bombers if they had to, to assist in emergencies. A couple C-5 passes and there you go... Or call ou...

Hogan to Manage Bubba the Love Sponge and Dustry rhodes in a tag team match
If enough Miller Light cans can be provided

Hebner got locked in the cage!
I'm A Referee - Get Me Out Of Here!!!!

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