Anyone here ever had a bebop cola machine fall on them?
And then have a scorpion sting you in the face 8 times?

"Arise, Promoter, Arise" Saga - Part 3
WWE's "Arise, Promoter, Arise" - Part 3 First part can be found here - Second part can be found here - Brief recap for those that can't a...

ADULTSWIM dedicated to Harry Goz
nice thing to do to someone who was basically a voice talent.

(poll) Favorate RSPW posters
Besides myself I enjoy reading Hitman333, Stoneco864, EDC ( when posting), FAT Hurris, Saxist, Panaro, Krusty, Tentalcporn, and of course the great 2X "I am JeffH, The Greatest ...

That South Park LOTR episode is alot funnier now that i've seen Two Towers
Butters rules this episode "I am JeffH, The Greatest human being to ever grace RSPW and if ya don't like it ya better learn to love it baby. Not only that I smell damn good."

Billy Kidman's Theme Song
I know that DMX does the song, but nobody seems to know the name of the track. Would anyone out there know the actual name of DMX's song? If you do just let me know. Thanks a mil. C-mack...

[RSPWFF] By my count...
That last TD by the Vikings just tied Bede and I. Arrrrrrrrrrgh. --The Saxist #616 on the "864 Greatest Things of All Time" list ...

Simon Diamond interview
Interview with Simon Diamond Date: Friday, September 12, 2003 Location: Toronto, Canada Interviewer: Joltin' Joe Joltin' Joe recently had the opportunity to interview o...

I still do not like you benaffleck
But run boy, run, and don't look back. -- Rockboy I think my life is passing me by

Bret Hart v Kurt angle at WM 20!!!
Other interesting notes: Angle said he wishes one day he'll get to wrestle his ultimate dream opponent, Bret Hart. I don't see how this is possible, but Angle went as far to say that it coul...

ATTN RSPW: Get ready to hit record on the VCR
Conan O'Brien 10th anniversary show is on in 15 minutes. Myself, I am preparing to mark hard for Triumph, Pimpbot, Masturbating Bear, Preperation Harry, Camel Toe Annie and of course, ...

(poll) The very BEST season of "Friends"
I liked the ones that didn't have a wedding or a baby in the season finale.

Nash Injured Again ? There is a rumor going around that Kevin Nash injured himself during his time off. We don't know if the injury occurred on the set of T...

(OT) Sugar Shane Won That Fight.
I scored it today (yes, it was a slow day) and I had it at 115-114 , Mosley. However there were 4-5 VERY CLOSE rounds that legitimately could have gone either way. In...

WTF is With Burnside's Posts?!
I see all these replies his messages, but not the messages themselves. It's really fucking annoying. Is he posting to another newsgroup, and someone is deciding to post the follow...

[NFL] Cardinals vs. Bengals...
admit it, you'd watch that game, just to see if the universe would collapse on itself from the suck.

Is Jerevicious ok?
I was listening to the game on the radio at work and it said he got injured! Oh and fuck you tampa bay i had 14 pts on you to win in my football pool! "I am JeffH, The Greatest ...

Patriots whooooooo
thats how ya play football "I am JeffH, The Greatest human being to ever grace RSPW and if ya don't like it ya better learn to love it baby. Not only that I smell damn good."

When did Rush Limbaugh become coach of the Vikings?
News to me.

Da Bears = 0-16 this year
I think Ditka's plan must be for them to get crushed so badly in every game that they become outraged, snag an awesome draft pick, and march to the Superbowl with an unprecidented 1...

(OUTRAGE) Conan O'Brien 10th Anniversary special only gets 90 minutes!
Like they need 90 minutes for the "Great Women of TV Comedy" special. Come ON. There's Helen Hunt (M.A.Y. early seasons), Roz and Selma from "Night Court," El...

Pepsi's Play For a Billion Show
This *has* to be a work. Drew Carey, the semi-finalists and the chimp all have to be in on it. Do people that stupid and clueless really exist?!

(NFL) Only the Bengals can dominate and still lose
at least they're first in the draft...

You didn't see John Kasey running around like a retard after that winning field goal
......I hope Gramattica is crying in his gyros tonight....... ****** "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right ...

(NEWS) Bucs lose, Bills and Chiefs officially NFL's greatest teams now
Superbowl will be a squash this year, but the AFC Championship game will be intense!

...and he drops it in the endzone! He should be quiet for a long time.

[HEAT] Is there a point to having two heel announcers on the same show?????
----- Original Message ----- From: "Oscar Gambles afro" <[email protected]> Newsgroups: Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 7:03 PM Subject: [HEA...

Jamal Lewis talks shitload of trash, backs it up
Kinda badass.

(NEWS) Shuttle lands on Earth, Detroit Lions emerge
Welcome back, brahs.

/me just turned off Patriots/Eagles to watch Bucs/Panthers
The Eagles are not good.

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