It has been nearly 4 days..
You would have thought Sky would have added subtitles to RAW by now, I can't make out a work JR is saying. "you better get your a lawlelyer you bastard" ---------------- The ...

(BLACKOUT) My tale:
I was out in the field when it happened. Came in and tried to flip on the tube. Nothing. Checked the plug. Checked the power strip switch. Nothing. Blown fuse, I figured. Went to take a dump...

[BLACKOUT] Who (NO) REALLY caused the Blackout?
It was Bud Boomer!!!! "No! You'll black out most of Canada!!" --The Saxist #616 on the "864 Greatest Things of All Time" list ...

{blackout} survival tip
Pickles do not need to be refridgerated. They are already pickled. the Bede /:-)> you're welcome

I'm worried about Joey Numbas
What if they don't have a backup generator down at the docks?

# of messages on my "spool"
= 6666 the Bede /:-)> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(OT) I Know Who Caused The Power Outage.
Gray Davis. We blame him for everything else here in Cali, why not this? Jack Foley (From Google) -Homer May Also Have Been Responsible.

I wish I was Billy Idol.
Billy Idol was kewl~. -- ---Acolyte of Glorious La Parka~--Not that I'm NOT, mind you, but Billy Idol is a whole new LEVEL of Kewl. What ever happene...

[Blackouts] I tripped over the power cord
Sorry folks, my bad. It's plugged in again now. You should have power in no time. Shit happens. -- Burnside <[email protected]> http://www.c0llision....

Ric Flair DVD
Ripped from 411( ): - WWE is working on a new Ric Flair DVD and hopes to have it on sale early next year. I sure the h...

Cornette tears Keller a new one

Favorite Unexplained Phenomenon
I'm a big fan of the Philadelphia Experiment and Mothman.

[BLACKOUT] What happened? And Situation in Cleveland -- A usenet blog
Power went out around 4pm yesterday afternoon. It was hot out. Very hot. So not only did I lose internet access but I no longer had my central AC. Add to it I just got home from grocery shop...

Smackdown thoughts
So they dub over the "asshole" chants in post-production, but leave in the "holy shit" chants when Brock killed Spanky? Weird... I thought Eddie and Benoit were really good on comment...

Freddy vs Jason
If anyone is actually going to this keep an eye out for a kid who's supposed to get her eyes popped out and then rise from the dead or something later. It's my niece and I want to know

I hope Stoneco is ok
I hope he has a backup generator for his bubble.

Wade Keller Sucks !!!
Source: -- Below is an open letter from OVW Match Maker, Jim Cornette. This is the official statement that I was aiming for in my most recent post on the OVW/WWE s...

Jericho came off awesome on Green's Show
Green/Humplick and the whole audience seemed really into him and he was loving it. Just goes to show how much the guy rules " Kiss my hairy beanbag "

All you people in the south laughing about the Blackout . . .
Hurricane forming in the Gulf. Enjoy.

Chad-lard caused the blackout
He saw a Burger King bag wrapped around some high tension lines, so he climbed up to eat it but his fat ass touched 4 lines together at once.

(NYC) EMP caused blackouts..
No, not Lord Emp from Wildc.a.ts Comics.. An Electro-magnetic-Pulse.. Radiop reports said a loud boom was heard and even car clocks stopped working.. only an EMP would do that type of ...

I ran Chad Bryant off Usenet
And I will not have any trouble with his buddies.

Ping Alexa Cain
Get out of RSPW now.

Unusual New Gimmick In Here
When a person notices that someone they keep talking about or replying to is ignoring that person, the person then starts claiming that he has kill filed that "someone". And then that p...

FunkyM had a nightmare!!
FunkyM had a terrible dream last night that there was no powers and he had to live offline for HOURS!! Thank goodness nothing like that would ever happen for real!!! C'MON, BABY!...

[OT] Hack-Man movie review - Creepshow (1982)
Creepshow (1982) Genre: Comedy / Horror / Fantasy / Sci-Fi Tagline: The most fun you'll ever have being scared! Plot Outline: Based on the E.C. comics of the 1950s,...

The blackout problem in New York... FIXED~!
The wonders of the sun... D-Chance.

Can't wait to see Smackdown's rating
For once, I'll buy into the dirt sheet writers' claims that the reason Smackdown pulled like a 2.4 is due to 1/6 the country losing power.

Skynet took over the electricity grid!!!!!!
Boy, that sucked, 16 goddamned hours without electricity.

Good times for a change
--- HBM864~ see the luck ive had..

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