EWR goes corporate: good move or fucktarded?

Does anyone care about aeropo?
Well? Does anyone on this newsgroup care about anything he has to say?

[MOVIE] Review - "Junk" with SPOILERS!
Junk is a Japanese zombie action movie. The premise is that a group of thieves rob a jewelry store and are going to fence them with the local Yakuza guys at an abandoned American military b...

When did Jamie Knoble become a cowboy?
I haven't watched Smackdown! for at least a few months. I thought Knoble's gimmik was trailer trash.

Spammers want to talk to -you- for -free-!!
I've had it. After mailing, calling, complaining, and "opting out of our future mailings," I've received one too many emails from Answer Financial and their zealous band of ...

[OT] Hack-Man movie review - Searching for Bobby Fischer
Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993) Genre: Drama Tagline: Every journey begins with a single move. Plot Outline: A prepubescent chess prodigy refuses to harden himse...

Get your own damn girlfriend......
perverts. KLOWN http://klown1.netfirms.com/

450,000 People showed up to see Slick Stagger in Toronto yesterday
They're probably among the same lemmings that gravitate to the Whiff every week. ;)

StereoVision Joins WOW, Cancels GLOW 3-D PPV
(Thanks to Selena Kyte for sending me the links to the following two press releases.) ---- http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/030731/315210_1.html StereoVision and Dav...

TNA gives us Chris Daniels as a main eventer, WWE gives us Shane McMahon
nuff said. ----------------- "No! Not the bore worms!"

(OT) My boy Sydney Ponson to the Gaints...
:( For Damian Moss(who fell off the map after a month and a half), Kurt Ainsworth(LOL) and some other scrub. ------------------------------------------- "We brock...

I had a blind tour guide recently....
what is the world coming to.

Superstar Billy Graham, hypocrite and sell-out
http://www.charleston.net/stories/072703/moo_27wrestle.shtml ----------------- "No! Not the bore worms!"

[RSPW] Most Frequent Posters: January to June 2003
RSPW’s Most Frequent Posters for January-June 2003 Based upon Netscan results available at: http://netscan.research.microsoft.com/ReportCard.asp?timespan=y&searchfor=rec.sport.p...

Infomertial host that deserves an ass-kicking the most...
A) Don LaPree B) That Orange Clean guy C) Carlton Sheets D) Other

Now It Really Does PAY To Be White!
http://www.marionstar.com/news/stories/20030731/localnews/563527.html Church to pay white visitors By DIANE HAAG Gannett News Service SHREVEPORT, La. -- Gr...

Sex And Sensibility
http://www.sunspot.net/news/nationworld/bal-te.journal31jul31001605,0,5101512.column?coll=bal-home-headlines Sex and the Law By Arthur Hirsch Sun Journal July 31...

Interesting website
called redpaper.com. Theres a story at Wired about it: http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,59807,00.html It's worth checking out, I've already turned a few cents; if you're in...

[RSPW] June 2003-Most Frequent Posters To RSPW
June 2003 – RSPW Most Frequent Posters Based upon Netscan results available at: http://netscan.research.microsoft.com/ReportCard.asp?timespan=m&searchfor=rec.sport.pro-wrestling&...

Soooo if Goldberg wins the title at SS......
....then you would think the next big match would be Evil killer monster Kane taking on the monster champ Goldberg. IF this is what they do, do I see a Vince with Kane as a defacto manager a...

"Crisis on Infinite WWEs" Part 2...
To briefly recap Part 1 - "when a major pro-wrestling character suddenly changes his gimmick, Earth splits itself. The old gimmick resides on one Earth, the new gimmick on another. The wor...

Dukes Of Hazzard: The Movie?!?!?!
I heard this on a radio station from Hotlanta I listen to over the net. After searching for websites, this is the only one I found with any bit of (rumored) info: http://www.an...

Sears fiasco
So I was at the Sears at Kingsway Garden Mall, when a wheelchair guy way in front of me got his wheels jammed in the checkout lane because it was so narrow. And I mean it became stuck soli...

I got your picture...
Of me and you You wrote "I love you" I wrote "Me too" I sit here staring and there's nothing else to do... Travman Karaoke in the hizouse --------------...

J. Lo
Why couldnt J.Lo be murdered to death instead of Selena? Selena was much much better than J.Lo could ever dream of being. ==== Visit my webpage: "The Tragic Epic of Crazy Mike vs ...

If Affleck can get his ass licked...
I'm tired of the media giving love-rubs to J-Lo and Ben Affleck. Well...actually I can understand J-Lo, because like Madonna, she's not getting any younger and so she needs the fame while it...

RIP poll
Rip Torn or Rip Taylor???

WEHT Commander Hughes and his invasion?
Did that die out already? I've had him in my killfile since the second day he posted here. What's the dilly? ----------------- "No! Not the bore worms!"

I think m car is dead!!!
timing chain slipped. no compression. valves said hi to pistons... now i need big stoopid truck ford bronco? dodge ramcharger? chevy blazer? mebbe i go ups...

My list of 1000 lame things in rspw
1 : Chad Bryant 2 : John Henry 3 : C the Shocker 4: Crosscunt 5 : ------- repeat till you get 1000 " Kiss my hairy beanbag "

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