31 Jul 2005 23:00:31
The Mousterpiece
Deer Booker T.

Start dating white, latin, or asian girls as your taste in black women
truly is abyssmal.

01 Aug 2005 00:09:25
Re: Deer Booker T.

The 1991 Miss Black America says hi.

01 Aug 2005 02:16:57
The Mousterpiece
Re: Deer Booker T.

So does Shar-meh and LaBeastia.

01 Aug 2005 13:58:07
Re: Deer Booker T.

"Sharko" <[email protected] > wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> The 1991 Miss Black America says hi.


Sharmelle is the hottest Diva they have right now.
and the most believable...

01 Aug 2005 09:31:52
David E. Powell
Re: Deer Booker T.

You dare say that about the guy who tagged up with Midnight?

(WEHT Midnight and her across the ring missile dropkick?)