14 Sep 2006 22:15:23
College prof gives explosives to class

LINCOLN, Neb. (UPI) -- Police were seeking "homemade dynamite things"
distributed to University of Nebraska-Lincoln students by their
chemistry professor.

Associate Professor John A. Belot handed out the explosives, about the
size of a roll of quarters, to his Chemistry 110 students as they
filed out
of the classroom Friday, the Lincoln (Neb.) Star reported Monday.

A student who asked to remain anonymous told the newspaper Belot
called the explosives "homemade dynamite things or something," which
held in a brown lunch bag and warned "they can blow an arm off."

The incident was reported to campus police immediately after class and
six of the devices had been recovered by Monday, a UNL
spokeswoman said.

University and Lincoln Police, the Lincoln Fire Department and the FBI
were investigating.

The spokeswoman said the teacher could face disciplinary action.
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