22 Apr 2006 21:06:22
unforgiven 33
todays games

rained like crazy all day. everything and everyone was soaked. none the
less... played our butts off. had a bunch of firemen and emt folks come
out and a local "team" (if you can call them that) as well. the firemen
and emts were way cool and played well. the other "team" totally sucked,
as usual. couple of chix came out to play (they were the EMTs). out
played some of the guys.

played several games of various kinds. again i took time to ref. i enjo
being ref. gives me a chance to watch and learn things i would probably
miss if i were only playing. no one was bothered by the rain either. it
slowed and then got really hard several times. the only time we stopped
was when we saw lightening. soon as it slacked we were at it again
though. i enjoy playing in the rain. gives a different outlook on the
game. plus you cn move around so without the crunching leaves.

our "hunt the sniper" game was a hit again. last week the snipers took
out all of the hunters. this week, a whole different story. and our
newest fort got painted several different colors too. this paticular day
the attackers got smart and threw grenades into it. the defenders
bitched about it because they thought they were so safe in there
(noobies) LoL.

hope everyone else had a great day of paintball too. if not, maybe
tomorrow. don't let the rain stop you (unless you have electros). have
a good weekend