gettin' back into it!
hey everyone, I've been out of the game for quite some time and I'd like to get back into the swing of things again. I've got an older shocker sport and I was just astounded by th...

Cheap 9V Batteries For Your Paintball Guns! (UK/Europe)
Hi there, We've setup a special link for VERY CHEAP Duracell 9V batteries for your guns and hoppers...

Welcome to 2007 TIPC in Taiwan!!
Taiwan International Paintball Championship (TIPC) 2007 1st Leg - Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) 2007 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------= -...

Soon to Be Sold
Alright, so I've thought long and hard about this. As though as this might be for me, I have come to terms with myself and decided to let most of my paintball stuff go. I haven't played si...

JURY DUTY SCAM This is actually a real one. And it is nice that the person sending it included the verifying links to prove it. Anyway, what a great scam to get your...

[GooEa] My PB practice field * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * please post yours, practice or favorite fields :) ...

best pb granade
I've heard that Tipmann Squad-Buster is s***... Anyone knows better granades?? TIA Luke "Snake" Michalski

i am looking for a spyder electra 05 but i am looking for it to be cheap

good read
Viewpoints Thanks for making Ketchikan better! even at the Rock Pit... By Bobbie McCreary April 21, 2007 Saturday We are with y...

tippmann model 98 doesn't re-cock
My friend brought his tippmann 98 to me, which hasn't been used for a long time, and I put a tank of co2 on it, cocked it, and shot and it didn't re-cock. We took it apart but nothing stood...

DYE Invision
Hi, finally I'm thinking about buying a mask... I have good deal on DYE Invision, but I saw some reviews of cheaper V-Force Armor, and now I'm thinking... Pay 199 PLN for DYE or 99 for Arm...

my mech freeflow cocker and you know it has the best parts and new ta boot ! $200 shipped

ok what did i miss ?who will tell me what's up ? nobby HT tom volt unforgiven if he aint pickin his pants haha ;-)

SPLAT! SPLAT! You've all been hit.....>GRIN< Sorry.. Just had to......

OT. Han
Has anyone heard from Eric in a while? Paint Safe john -- Duct tape is alot like the Force, it has a Lightside and a Darkside, and it binds the universe together....

paintball comparison
i use nelson products: anarchy hemorage nelspot special forces (i think) precision they make good paint. i've styed with precision for a long time. i shoot very cons...

OT: Price Check Volt

good scenario for 2-4 players
Hi, I just wanted to know if there's any possibility to create good scenarios for 2-4 players. Any ideas?:) Luke S Michalski [email protected]

Stargate Scenario May 12 2007 Otisville,MI
When: May 12,2007 Where:8351 Farrand Rd Otisville, MI Fee:$20 Walk-on $15 Pre-reg (to pre-reg go to Info: BYOP Paint and air will be made available...

Why play with obsolete "cheap" Semi-auto paintball guns? For only little bit more money you can play with state-of-the-art Full-Auto paintball machine guns. Check us out at: ...

How can I troubleshoot my response trigger?
Hello, I installed a response trigger in my a-5 but it does not work. When I pull the trigger I kinda see the silver rod behind the trigger try to push forward, but it doesn't res...

Off topic
When is your American remembrance day for the end of the Vietnam war? -- Nobby Never let the bastards grind you down... Think positive and get even!!! http:...

Newbie want to bye a GOOD paintballgun
Hi All I=B4m a newbie from Denmark and want to bye a good paintballgun (Semiauto) but here in Denmark its a jungle. Hvat is a good brand and is there some "veteran" players who wants to...

Test First Post... Again
Howdy! Just making sure my posts are getting through. Yes, I should have used a test group first, but also wanted to re-introduce myself again. Last time I posted here was 3 y...

newbie intro..
Hi, well after couple of posts and receive great help (Nobby;) I think I should introduce myself on this forum, as I want to became paintball star in the near future (lol). Name: ...

Amazing Head Shot
This young boy really takes a good head shot. I've never seen anyone get hit hard enough to knock their head back, just like in the video.

Paintball is a violent "sport" that is responsible for murder, rape and spree killers!!!
Since paintball has been invented, the number of murderers, rapists and spree killers is rising. More and more people start to hunt and shoot people - because of paintball and violent c...

question (weak point of my marker)
I have Spyder Sonix, and Im confused about one thing. There's a place when I mount my tank, it's made of some kind of plastic, and not highest quality.. I suppose when I'll mount & remove ...

OT: Happy Easter
Happy Easter! Ya' bunch of asshats!!! -- Volt I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.

what the heck...?
the "tombstone" in my a-5 is leaking like a screen door. i borowed my buddies a-5 and the "tombstone" in it was leaking too. one of our team members just had the same problem? what is happen...

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