Coiled Remote
I purchased a 32 degs. coiled remote line about a month ago and never got a chance to use it till now. I attatched it to my gun then filled the line but all my air was leaking out of the qui...

for anyone too busy to be here this weekend...
happy 4th of july weekend. drive safe. have fun. blow stuff up... eerrr...maybe not. anyway, have fun and play hard. hint: budweiser and firecrackers are a great fun/party time combo ...

lctpaintball is no longer
Most of the old guys will remember me as LCT Paintball. At one time I made and sold a product to refill grenades. I've bored of that, so I've moved on to new adventures. If anybody has a lin...

To drop or not?
I was at a pro shop recently listening to a conversation among some teenage paintballers. They were arguing vehemently against the whole idea of drop forwards. They seemed to think that it w...

Dye I3
Ok, I've got the Dye I3 goggles and I've read somewhere that they actually have two lenses to prevent fogging. Now does this mean that Dye doesn't have an anti-fog formula of the lense, beca...

question 4 yous
i've never played woodsball is it better that speedball the guys i play with now hate playing with me they call me sniper girl...thought i might try woodsball soon... ~teresa~

look guys this may interest you
see a speedballer sometimes post good things...hahaha

too much to think how stupid these assholes can be...

i got my new a-5 sunday and a 14 inch hammerhead barrel with it. i have found it to be very accurate (shot about a 1/2 case of paint through it already). but i also have the 20 inch j&j cera...

Goslin: More on the second hand smoke debate... Woo Hoo. Soon boys, soon. Soon all you puffing carcinogen factories will have to engage in your deadly little vice in th...

what's the difference between the WAS board and the 8 board (i think it's called an 8 board) that go in the a-5 electro triggers? i just heard about it yesterday and know very little a...

here's the impossible
my brother has a 98 custom that he added alot of mods to. he has a cyclone feed and a responce trigger (just to name a couple) last week he stripped it down and totally cleaned everyth...

Looking for members for a New (Old) Paintball Forum Was an established board that was left for death and now I am trying to bring it back to life. Looking for people wanting to run and/or contribute to a board...

speedball field
we have a speedball field in Seymour,Ind. you can e-mail at [email protected] 4 more info. ~teresa~ LOVE YA!!! KLNB DBVBQP

interesting/big ass supplier
I do not care what happens to them because Gino is only out for money and only money...I just wish he was not Italian !

Bought a PCS for my 1st gun. Not Happy. Looking for "better" gun.
Hey All, I've been reading the posts here for sometime and you guys seem to know your paintball so I wanted to ask for some opinions. I recently started in the paintball sport (re...

raining again
still raining here. alot of the walk-ons don't want to get wet. we regulars don't care. most of the guys enjoy playing rain games (non electro guns of course). it adds a little different ele...

i was out today target shooting with my old brass eagle eradicater. basically a POS but, was trying out some of my new targets before i take them out to the field. it's very hot here now and...

keeping paint
usually i just set my left-over paint in a cooler and leave it in the closet till the next weekend. it keeps ok enough but now that i'm using a different paint i was wondering if there is a ...

makeing the way slow but sure !

rabits and other animals
on the tourny fields...damm those tourny guys ! Poor squirrels...

4th July
Just to say that I'm off on my holidays to Turkey and won't be posting after today for two weeks, so here is an early happy 4th of July to all you Americans that celebrate the day.

mom a mia

question about your fields
our woods course is pretty big. and we are clearing land to pt up 2 speedball fields too (don't gimme no crap, it's good for business). there will be 1 field for 7 and 10 man teams and 1 fie...

It would appear that the idiot brigade has arrived to bring shit to the newsgroup. It's a shame that they don't more to do with their silly little under developed minds than to ta...

New dating site for scuba divers
Hi All, I just found this great new site called I made some incredible contacts already, Australia, Spain, UK, California. Wonder where my next ...

shit howdy
happy fathers day you bunch of asshats ;-)

vi/xv Puns
Antique: Ocean. Fine: Man discern Franks. Defiants: In favor of Chinese with no monarch.

WTB: Halo B loader
Looking to buy a used Halo B loader with all internals. E-mail-- [email protected]

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