any loners here?
i tend to (often tend to) kinda do my own thing without the team knowing most of the time. don't get me wrong, i play alot of t-e-a-m ball. but, alot of times i just run off and do things in...

paintball for martial artists?
i still hold a second degree black belt in taekwondo and used to teach. when i was active (many years ago) there was a debate over the use of paintball guns for training self defense. well, ...

Bought my marker!
I just wanted to say that I bought myself a Tippman 98 Custom. The guy in the shop gave me a good deal on it and i preferred the feel of it to the other markers. Also I was told that the...

sniper spyders?
has anyone tried the new spyder MR2 or the MR1 yet? they look pretty slick, kinda basic no nonsence kinda. i like spyders and i play woodsball so i'm thiking of getting one (finally somethin...

compared to...
which is better, a q-loader or a warp feed? i've seen a few q-loaders but only one warp feed set up.

this also makes guys come out of the woods and rec-ball game. but they have to cut the mustard not just talk. PSP 2006 CASH PRIZES PSP Pai...

go on... ya know ya want one
while putting together my gatlin gun (which still only half-ass works) i put my portable cd player and a car speaker in the housing. i've used it during game play in the woods. i put in a bl...

Spyder Rodeo or Silver Bullet?
Sorry to keep posting with the same type of questions but I would appreciate some help as I am now at the final stages of choosing a marker. I either have a semi-auto Spyder rodeo or an Ele...

tepp yep
By Paul Paterra TRIBUNE-REVIEW Saturday, December 24, 2005 A bill relating to paintball has been signed in to law by Gov. Ed Rendell...

Paintball defendant has failed to appear A young man indicted on charges of criminal mischief has a warrant out for his arrest after failing to answer to the charges in court. ...

where are you JG ??

A kids' game grows up Edmonton team newest addition to league competing for big prize money a.. View Larger Image PRO PAINTBALLERS COLOUR THE SPORT GREEN: Josh Davey...

Shooting nude women with paintball guns ...
This is fun. 10 points for hitting a tit, 25 points for hitting the nipple amd 50 points for hitting the pussy , 15 points for ass and 5 points for all other body parts. The guy w...

Paintball defendant has failed to appear A young man indicted on charges of criminal mischief has a warrant out for his arrest after failing to answer to the charges in court.

action pursuit mag Jan 2006 has picture of Marcello in proto adv.well he is my son so i am proud. merry xmas and happy new year

OT: Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!
Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah, ya' bunch of dick holes! You thought I was gonna say 'asshats' didn't ya? -- Volt I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, br...

Merry Christmas To All
I want to wish each and everyone a "Merry Christmas" and the best that life has to offer. Hardtime

Spyder Rodeo or a Pirahna GTI?
I have been looking at these two markers and I wasn't sure which would be better for playing woodsball? Or if anyone knows of one that is similar to these? Thanks and Merry Chris...

hope every body got new balls for Christmas...
wait, that didn't come out right. oh hell, you guys know what i meant. }8-) MERRY CHRISTMAS

we all know how the frankinstein monster was made from spare parts... how many of you guys have built markers/guns from mixed parts? recently there was a young guy on our field using ...

Adding a scope to Spyder Pilot
I may be really dumb and a newbie for sure, but I can easily see how I'd mount a scope on my Imagine, but for the life of me I cannot figure out I'd accomplish that on a Pilot. Any help...

Buying markers from US
Does anyone know how easy it is to buy a marker from the US and import it to the UK? I was worried that there may be problems with customs or large amounts of tax to pay on it. ...

News Released: December 21, 2005 AG1 Paintball Gun Air Regulator (PRLEAP.COM) Real Action Paintball (online is proud to announce the release of the new A...

OT: Festivus, for the rest of us!
Happy Festivus, ya bunch of asshats!!! -- Volt

Just for a little fun
I've had this for a while now and i think it's pretty funny =D so i wanna share it :) Hope you guys like it *** ABBOTT AND COSTELLO'S COMPUTER CONVERSATION ...

Which Paintball Marker?
Hi, Im looking to buy my first paintball marker as I have been playing for over a year now and am entering into minor competitions. I have a budget of about 100 and was just w...

everybody must be out shopping....well merry xmas you bunch of nerve racked paintball nuts... ;-)

just want to say...
hope evryone has a very merry christmas. through all of the arguments, discussions, questions and answers, i must say all in all this is a great group with great folks. i've learned al...

I need instructions for timing an autococker
Anyone know any good websites for instructions on timing an autococker? I want to be able to increase the rate of fire on my cocker, it seems if I try to fire quickly it will not re cock.

Ping: Ayar! Where are you?!!!
We all miss your wife! Especially Phelps. He said that Jeff's mom just isn't "doing it" for him anymore. ;-) -- Volt I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed,...

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