more bad p.r. ??
i was watching csi miami and in the show there were 4 young teen hoodlums cruising around randomly shooting out the window of their car with a painball gun. basically shooting property. but ...

some more home made goodies
just sharing some of my favs with you guys

just because...
my favorite so far is the p.a.c. 6 found some fun stuff on this page. maybe some of you milsim ballers could find a couple good...

celeb paintballers?
i know ice-t plays and i heard william shatner does as well. do any of you guys know of any other celebs that are into our beloved game?

another ball question
how does cold weather effect different paintballs?

'Paintball to make debut in next AFOC games' By Our Sports Reporter 31 October 2005 ABU DHABI - Colonel Mohammed Al Bushlaibi, head of ...

ARCHON Paintball Inc. announced today an immediate product recall of all IGNITION Air Systems with DOT-E 12695 certification. IGNITION Air Systems were assembled using GCI (Global Comp...

ok guys...after i get back on my feet, another 4-6 months i will start playing again...only woodsball as i do miss playing in the woods sometimes....well time will tell in the woo...

field insurance
I'm in the process of building an urban multiple-city field using very safe, realistic and architectural stuructures with some rather crazy landscape design. (I own a nursery/landscaping co....

yesterday as i was playing, i began with two guns filled with the "wildstreak" paintballs i bought from wally-world. i couldn't hit a dang thing. i was very upset. at first i thought it was ...

this is not
paintball...this is what is killing this sport with parents....

New gun question
My 12 and 14 year old want new guns. The have various spyders and such. My target spend for each gun is between $250 and $300. What are your suggestions? Thanks in advance <...

PSP Paintball World Cup Orlando, FL - October 23-30, 2005 2005 NXL Champions - Baltimore Trauma 2005 Open Class XBall Champs - Dynasty 2005 DIII X-Ball Champs - San Diego Af...

New Marker question
My 12 and 14 year old want new markers. They have various spyders. What would suggestions be for markers in the $300 range. Thanks in advance.

Autococker Trilogy Pro question
My 14 year old wants this gun. My question is if you this was the gun you were buying and had the chance to get one for $165 would it be worth it? Is this a reasonable gun? My other so...

tippman effect
loses to sd aftermath at cup...

need good headgear
i say head gear because tha is what i mean. my nephew has a very good mask that he likes and fits him well. (he also knows very well rule #1, never take it off). but it does not cover t...

playing the "semi-pros"
today our home field was invaded by an established team of woods tourney players. our first contact with them. they out numbered us 3 to 1 (basically 17 to 5). we went out and took up positi...

Musta been a woods baller.
What do you think Tony? He was wearing a mask so I bet he was a woods baller eh? ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - A 19-year-old in a black cape and a paintball mask went on a s...

one of the top 5
Doug you don't sell less paint when your expanding Procaps announces 5 new warehouse locations and support staff By Procaps Oct 28, 2005, 08:43 ...

nice, but ask doug how much our
sport is dying...o well the guys with 15 mill just don't understand ;-) HeadRush begins 15 Million Dollar Expansion By HeadRush Oct 27, 2005, 12:38 Em...

and another thing...
I own a propane latern. The tank is used as the base. you screw the lantern into the tank you light it. this means a constant stream of ignited gas right next to the tank. ...

ya know....
Reading some comments about the new Tippmann propane marker, it would seem that some people think Tippmann came up with the idea, created the marker, mass produced it and shipped it out......

interesting phone calls
As many of you know, I have a small paintball store where I sell stuff to the local kids. Earlier this week, NPS gave me a call to check on me and "update their records". I don't order tha...

tank recall
Tony! What the hell? Are you falling asleep at the switch? There's a serious threat to paintballers and the public at large and YOU don't tell us about it... Man, I;m disappointed.! ...

New Smart Parts Tactical Marker SP-8
Check out the new SmartParts tactical marker. The SP-8 I think it's basically a modified Ion But I do think it looks b...

silencers for paintball guns? i've seen a bunch of stuff on here about suppressers/silencers for paintball guns. even tried making a couple. they didn't make much of a

another off topic, but
i am so proud also...this is my grandson Christopher.... Wright, Margott Honored By The CHA Robert Morris University men's hockey senior Kurt Wright (Barnstable, Mass. / Uni...

ot, but read it...
pass it on guys If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps were played; this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something Every Americ...

Paris Hilton - Nude Game
Sex Game with Paris Hilton. Tits, Ass, fun!

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