Completely OT but...
If you are a car fan, tune in to Discovery at 9 CST (in about 10 minutes from the time I am posting) Top Gear, an awesome show from the UK starts showing here in the US finally... they ar...

New WAS Equalizer board is Available Now
WAS (Wicked Air Sportz) has finally started selling the new equalizer board for the Tippmann A-5: It appears to have some very g...

PMI Piranha R6 paintball gun
Is a Piranha R6 paintball gun good what is it on a scale of 1 to 10?

Tournament Scoring Structure
While there are variations, the standard tournament scoring structure seems to be(for 5 man): 4 points per opposition player eliminated 2 points per surviving teammate 20 points fo...

HPA Tank Recommendations Please
I asked about expansion chambers a few days ago and as always found a great deal of useful information interspersed with the insults and attacks you guy carry out on each other. It all make...

Tippman Response Trigger - Tech help please!
I have been fighting this trigger for a while now. It will rapid-fire occaisonally but 95% of the time it shoots just as if there is no Response Trigger installed on it. The " t...

Expansion Chamber or not?
I have a Tippmann A-5 and am wondering if adding an expansion chamber is a useful upgrade. If so..... Which one (brand) is best for the $? Can I install it myself? Will is be ...

asking for help
been playing for a year now. still new and havig a blast. i've seen (in movies) paintball "guns" that look like real guns. i think they are very cool. is there a place where i can find such ...

Mask/Goggle Fan advice please
Is there a mask fan out there that is worth using? Do they work? I have a V-Force mask and the kids have Proto (?) masks. What fan recommendations can you make? Any help appre...

Tippmann a5 cleaning?
Just got my used a5 in the mail from ebay seller and the dude didn't include any instructions at all even though saying in the wright up that the gun was "like new still have the box". Wel...

I hate to do it, but my kids are starting to get into playing airball. Of course, you all know what that means. I have to go into the inventor mode to figure out an affordable way to ...

What are ball detents?
What are ball detents and what do they do?

4+1 remote harness/pack
I'm a woodsball/outlaw player that's looking for a decent 4+1 remote harness or pack. I don't really care whether the tubes are vertical or horizontal, but it must be able to hold a 20oz CO2...

Weapons Expert???
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0124_01C57512.BBDE8230 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Spyder Electra DX
I am thinking to upgrade to the Electra DX. Does anyone have any comments about it good/bad? Or can anyone recommend another better electronic gun in a close price range? <...

FA: Crossfire 68/3000 steel HPA tank
Tank is in very good condition and has the high pressure output. Thanks for looking ...

OT: Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day, ya' bunch of asshats... -- Volt The gods too are fond of a joke. - Aristotle

Whats a good snipper barrel off of E-Bay for the A5?
Just won a Tippmann A5 of of E-Bay and it has only the stock barrel which maybe great, just don't know yet. Well anyway I have noticed tons of barrels for the A5 on E-bay that say there sn...

Oklahoma D-Day 2005
Well another excellent event at Wyandotte Oklahoma. Not sure of the head count but we figure at least 3000 players. 3 speedball fields were playing constant games. Teams and walkons wer...

Starting a site.
Hello all, I have been involved with paintball centres for four years now. But am not familair with the online or magazine resources of the paintballing world. I have been making...

newbie Question which gun to get?
My buddies are all getting paint ball guns so I'm now looking at them. If you had a price range of around 200 to 250 dollars for a gun what would you get. I've looked are on some web site...

Paintballs not breaking
I'm new to this sport and have a question. What causes a paintball to not break on impact? We were having a war, but only a few balls broke when hitting our bodies. They were not all the ...

Kudo's for Angelo Paintball
We were in Eden, Tx this weekend and was gonna have a small paintball war with my nephew and son, but my nephews gun started acting up. We took his gun into Angelo Paintball (San Ange...

Spyder Flash Hose Problem
Using the diagram in the following link, where the O-Ring part #37C goes, just below the expansion chamber. I can't get the tip where the ring goes to go fully inside the hose, you can see t...

Can paintball improve my sex-life ???
Or will it turn me into an asexual super-nerd with rotting genitals ...

I had a one on one pistol fight this weekend
Between games this past weekend I went one on one with pistols in the speedball arena at Pocoloco paintball. A bunch of people bet that he would beat me because he is a cop. We did best of ...

A5 stealth
I was givin one because it was messed up, well for 20 bucks i got it fixed and working. It has a flatline barrel in it which suck bad. I can remove the flatline but it does not look like i c...

shocker grease in the UK
Hello doe any9one now wher ein the UK you can purchase socker grease ? My smart parts ION, marker says to only use this grease but I can not see anyone selling it. Thanks, <...

superlube teflon grease? Hey I was rummaging through my tolbox and came across a tuge of this stuff. I used to use it in rebuilding hydraulic and pneumatic cyclinders and stuff at my old job. ...

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