PMI or Dye HPA Recommendations
I'm looking at switching my Co2 setup to compressed air. I have a SP Shocker 03 and I'm aware of the gas in-efficiencies so I would like to go for either 4500PSI or 5000PSI bottle. I ...

OT: About these durned NG's.
The newsgroup server I had been using (, I believe) went pay on me. On April 1st. Assumed it was an April Fool's joke. Damned Germans. And AOL dropped their NG access. Damned AO...

Anyone seen Mr. Tubby Goslin lately?
haven't seen jabba the hutt, the ladies man and all around high school icon here lately. must be too busy with the twinkies to get on a keyboard.

Ad: Paintball Website breaking records!!
Hey guys, If you haven't been to lately, you are really missing out! We now receive over 5.4 million monthly visitors and are ranked as one of the top 2 paintball...

best tactic ever

practiced with reballs yesterday
best idea ever. our team rented an indoor supair field (paintball invasion in NJ) for practice. the field uses reballs, they're something like a 68 caliber bouncyballs. hurt a little mo...

Testing Thunderbird

still here ... sort of
hmm for some stupid reason thunderbird wont show the bodies of any messages posted to the group. I haven't seen anything in days. Anyone know why? Obviously if you repl...

we should all buy frozen paintballs and get John Kerry

Splat-1 Used equuipment
Its been a while since I posted, I retired from paintball a few years ago. I used to run THE National Indoor Paintball Championships in Tennessee. i have a whole bunch of gu...

SunyJim's Paintball Club - London Ontario
WHO WE ARE... SunyJim's Paintball Club is looking for new members. We are a local group of Paintball players from London Ontario. We get together every other weekend to play "Outdoor...

Recommended Electronic Gun?
Can anyone recommend a good sub-500 dollar electronic gun? Right now, I have a Piranha Electro but I would like to get something that has a metal trigger and a little better of a gun. I don'...

what is better autocokers or angels
what is better autocokers or angels

backman and frontman?
Well, after i decided to get an LCD Halo TSA I have yet another question; are you saved? ok, ok... bad joke What's the difference between the TSA frontman and TSA backman? Thanks i...

Need of an LPR kit
Hey all, I have an A-5 with JCS dual trigger and a J&J Ceramic. Anyway, when I start firing the gun fest, the paint goes all over the place, reguardless of the barrel. Like the ba...

Bolts, Chambers and Scratches (Spyders & Clones)
Hi all, Here's one for y'all to have a rant about. Some people say having scratches, scrapes and/or general abrasions on a bolt (talking about spyders & clones here) is BAD and th...

Finally got an autococker!
So yesterday I received the box containing my autococker. It's much heavier than the piranha I own. I'm impressed with how it's built. I have a couple questions: It's got...

ION Marker: need your opinion
I just got a new ION marker with an Evolution egg hopper. Great gun. I just have some issues with it. I'd appreciate your input. I am a newbie btw. Issue 1: When I first filled my tank...

[media] Hey, look, we're all terrorists
Oh, hey, check it out! Apparently, CSIS is starting to keep tabs on us paintball players. You know, because paintball play is such a good indicator of who is and isn't a terrorist. *rolls...

halo2prophets forum please join if interested
i know this isn't about paintball and all but if any of you ever heard of halo2prophets google group we just moved to a better place sure there's some paintball topics and i must say it...

For your Viewing Pleasure (College Nationals Trailer)

Strictly for White folks
Sites for information on issues concerning White Americans: New Nation National Alliance http://www....

bunkering and 10 ft rules...
Hardtimes post in the "goodupgrades" thread got me thinking. How do you all feel about this more recent development of fields pulling people out without getting actually hit when another ...

Halo TSA
Hi, I have a Tippmann 98 custom w/flatline barrel I mainly play speedball Currently, my stock hopper is loading slower than i can shoot I'm thinkin about getting a Halo TSA Is that...

OT: Transition
My Dad passed away on Friday. He died in a hospice, with my wife, my Mom and I all holding his hand. The previous day, his first at the hospice, was truly surreal; Thursday was the day t...

are spyders good or crap?
Hence the title, are spyders good or crap? My friends are like all against it some people say they're good too so0o0o0o just to prove my friends right or wrong... which one is...

Want to be able to afford the best paintball gun?
Want to make some Money? Of Course!! Basic Facts A while back, I was browsing these newsgroups, just like you are now, and came across an article similar to this that said you cou...

Anyone seen a WG-47 from Armotech yet?
I just saw this one on eBay and it looks sooo good. I would like to hear from experienc...

need help
I was wondering if anyone knew what makes balls explode. Me and my brothers went out the other night for the first time and all my balls were exploding I was using the same kind of balls as ...

Scuba tanks
Any body have any experience with scuba tanks? I've got a couple that are leaking around the O-ring that seals the valve to the tank. How do I get the valve off without damaging the tank? ...

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