PR: Vengeance Paintball Distributors established
Hi folks. Been quite a while since I was a regular visitor, instigator and contributor to RSP. I've recently established a paint distributorship in the southeast for X....

OT playstation games
Since I can't find a playstation games forum that doesn't consist of "my fave game rulez!!!111!!!! hAx0rz!!" or whatever... I'm going to be picking up my annual ration of games, I'd like t...

Start-up Kit?!!
I've been thinking about buying the Tipman Startup kit...any opinions? -- ---------------------------------------------------- This mailbox protected from junk email ...

Autococker setup for sale

WARNING weekend warrior cowards with gas guns at CAMOUFLAGE Hants UK
Two recent visits to Camouflage Paintball in Hampshire (A32) for separate 14th birthdays have put us off the sport. As first timers both boys took their friends. I am the father of one of th...

paintball game
Just for some info....Greg H. is the owner of Reds Gear. maybe I spelled it rongw hehe

greg hastings pball on Xbox - by big habeeb
ok, so I picked it up today and have only put about 10 minutes into it... But so far I have to say (and I admit it isn't saying much) this is the best paintball video game i've seen so...

Paintball grenade machine
Hey everyone i have my Grenade machine for sale. It's great and good for money making

FS: WGP 04 ProStock Autococker
FOR SALE WGP 04 ProStock Autococker Rock Regulator and Dye Rock knob STO 3-way STO ram Evolution Electric hopper WGP 03 +2" barrel Dye I.S. Boomstick barrel ti...

Ami Helge
Hey guys if you know who Ami Helge is.. If not check her our she is the editor of and is a very good player Jess Carroll Splat ...

Paintball gear
Hot deal on paintball gear. Less than five hours left on this auction: e=STRK:MESE:IT


FS Dye Autococker Single Trigger Grip Frame
It has a very short and snappy trigger pull. Good for fast shooting. It is about 5 months old and in excellent condition. It comes with the grip screws. $65 (If you need a sear ...

Good chance to show off your golf!!
Wow!! I got a big news!! maybe some of you already know it.. There'll be held "The 1st Shot-Online US Open" during the Christmas season!! It'll begin from 11/31 (Mon) and th...

Xbox Paintball
Anyone play paintball on Xbox ?? Can you name a good one or ones to avoid?? Thanks

Clear M98 Elbow
I just got a clear model 98elbow from They are worth the $ I think.

Tune in to Tactical Gamer Radio! Tactical Gamer Radio is up and running. We serve the tactical first-person shooter, AirSoft, and paintball communities. We're loo...

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Turkey Day, you bunch of Ass Hats. -- John TI2#003 [email protected]

Cheap Spyder Electro on ebay

Paintball in southwest missouri
I would like to invite anyone in the Joplin, MO area to join a new Meetup group I have started. My goal is to get a bunch of people together for paintball on a regular basis. I have only bee...

Same Ol' Same Ol' RSP
I leave you guys for a few months, then check up to find out if things have changed. HA! I was right when I said to myself, "I doubt it". Ah, by the way... this is Mofaz. So, w...

Página interesante en la Costa del Sol Saludos

Got a great online golf game..
wow, I found new online golf game, Shot-Online. I really love playing golf, but there's no enough time to go to field.. so I tried to find some nice golf game and finally! I got ...

Slight edit... Sorry for the first one being so TERRIBLE
I edited the post slightly, maybe i will be able to have a reply that actually has to do with the problem I have this time. Sorry to everyone who may have been offended or agitated by my i...

tippman upgrades
OK everybody, I got a small prob, and I hope someone here can help. I shoot a 98 custom completely stock. the highest it will crono is around 280 fps to tell the truth it looks like I'...

Why are Low-Pressure markers Gas Hogs??
Can anyone explain? Is there a way to minimize gas usage and maintain FPS? Thanks in advance. "Got RF?"

[Paintball] Advantages of "Fibre Wrapped" Air Systems
As the subject says, I'm looking at going to air and I want to know what the advantages of "fibre wrapped" tanks/bottles are? The only advantage I've been able to find so far is that they're...

I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life.
"I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want." -- Mark Twain "Today people in America can become whatever they want. Tr...

FAQ - Updating and Assuming responsibility.
Hey Gang, Back in 1998 I assumed responsibility for the original FAQ for R.S.P. I updated the document and submitted it to the FAQ-meister's at MIT for inclusion on the FAQ server...

FS: 2 NEW in box E-Spyders with Accessories and E-Piranha
The following are for sale only, please email me for pictures or with any questions you might have. A) Spyder 04 Imagine (new in sealed blister pack, blue) includes the following: ...

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