any opinions on armotech guns?
i really like playing scenario games. i've been doing it for 5 or 6 years now. i would really like to get a scenario gun. i've seen the armotechs and they look the best. i was just wonde...

Safari with paintball... need advice
I have been fortunate (in both circumstance and practice time at the range) to make one-shot kills on my hunting trips to date. I also am an avid bow-hunter. I have never had any ...

Shooting My CoWorkers
Once again, the people I work for have allowed me to organize a company paintball day. It was a big hit last year, and there are even more people going this year. All newbies, many of whom...

Is it a sport
Is this a sport? Never saw it in the olympics. Maybe this year Cheers, Moe [email protected]

Looking for a club/team
Hello all. I have found this newsgroup in a fit of desparation. I hope someone here can help me. I live in the NW Atlanta metro area (Cartersville to be exact). I have bee...

Monkey with a Gun - Hat
I was at a tourney this weekend and one of the guys had a Monkey-with-a-Gun hat. It was basically a padded baseball cap with some internal netting. I didn't see it on the MWaG site. Is there...

Make $500,000 a year with Sports!
I'm looking for people who want to make at least $500,000.00 a year. I bet on sports for a living and before you start rolling your eyes, I have a PhD with advanced mathematics being my fie...

Would a Tippmann 98 Custom be a good starter gun?
Ho there, Sadly, I have just gotten myself addicted to paintball. Id played it in the past, but due to eye problems wasnt much enamoured. One bout of laser surgery later, Ive fall...

ColdHeat soldering tool
first, before you go tell me I'm off topic...I'm considering this primarily for workin' on gun boards... if you haven't seen this thing go to and check out the pr...

Maxim and Paintball
This month's issue of Maxim (the one with Anna Kournakova on the cover) has several paintball reference in it. In the "letters" column, some reader sent in a photo of his massive paintball...

I have been playing for for some time now and I am ready to buy a new gun. I am very interested in buying an Autococker and am wondering are they worth all the hype and how easy are to care ...

Just getting into paintball so I'm a noob here. From what I understand there are three different leagues for paintball in North America? Can someone give me a brief overview of what makes th...

*meow*..... {CRACK}

Paintball sword>????
Make one so I can buy one.. then I rules the kingdom and you bow to me as serfs!!!

f/t: pt extreme pistol with two holsters
pt extreme left thigh holster right thigh holster wanted: tippman 98 custom (black, not silver) the gun is worth about a hundred and the holsters are forty a piece.

Starter Marker for use in the UK
Hi everyone, I played my first day of paintball a couple of weeks back and have really got the bug. I am looking for any suggestions people can make for a good first marker whic...

co2 thru an a-5 low pressure mod
can you use c02 thru the tippmann a-5 comp-air low pressure mod or do you have to use HPA/Nitro thanks for any help in advance

Tippman 98
Hi Gang, I have; 2 Tippman 98s - 3 years old, used 6 times 3 3000psi compressed air (nitro) tanks 1 Filler yoke for the above so you can fill from a SCUBA tank gun manua...

A-5 gun case
I recently bought an A-5 and I love it. I want to get a gun case. I'm a newbie and I don't know if I will need something special to accommodate the extra width caused by the cyclone feed. ...

freak barrel system?
Hello group got a question ... I have gotten a freak barrel fronk and back ... but no inserts... so the question is can you use it that way or does it have to have insert to be used ... th...

OT: Patches
Eric, have ya got my money order yet? I'm just wondnig if it got up to ya... -- John TI2#003 [email protected]

Newbie needs help with co2 tank
Looking to buy a co2 tank for my 13 yo son. One site notes that 16oz is the best as it holds a lot of gas and is lighter than 20oz for kids. Read a lot about other accessories such as on/off...

look for some.....
new things from dye at world cup. so nice ;-) --

All Pump Weekend at EMR Paintball
PUMP WEEKEND WHEN? August 7th & 8th 2004 WHERE? E.M.R. Paintball Park Come use your pumps all weekend long in this Paintball...

Mag Bushing Question
I'm asking this here instead of AO in the hopes that I can get an answer without slogging through 5MM "L00k1T mY 1337 guN!" posts: I know that I need to replace the bolt bumper/...

AGD brings back the Sydarm in limited production
Just thought some folks might like to know... Airgun Designs has decided to do a limited production run of Sydarms. Hm...

Speaking of big events... Michigan Monster Game?
While I won't be attending, usually there's at least a few threads about it before it happens. Anyone going? It's next weekend if memory serves. -- Jeff Goslin - MCSD - www.gos...

Found better batteries for reloader
I knew that NIMH 9V batteries are the best to use in most everything but I had not thought about my reloader! These guys shipped me quick and were good to work with: www.proaudiosuperstore....

need help with a spyder shutter co2 problem
i've got a spyder shutter that needs some fixing. i can't get it to hold enough air pressure. i've cleaned out every piece of the gun and can find nothing impeding the flow of co2. i've f...

Safety First
I was reading in a message posted in another thread about people using Paintball Markers to "Shoot up the Town", so to say. First of all let me point out something, i am not pointing a finge...

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