NEED info on importing procedures of AIRGUNs to US!!
Please email me direct!! Thank you! [email protected]

The "old guy"
Hi all, I just turned 34. I played PB for several years in my late teens and early 20's and naturally loved the sport. I have only had the opportunity to play about a few days a ...

Bob Long gets bored easy
More new timmies including the Russian Legion. -- Volt The search for truth is more precious than...

HPA tank questions
Hey guys-- I've never used HPA before, but I just got one with a gun I bought. I was wondering what the differences are between the different size/pressure tanks. For example, the...

WoodsBall Subject Part 2
OK all you camo wearing freaks ( I can say that cause I are one) In another thread a question was asked what marker is good for Woodsball? I have stated, I use a Tippman A5, and an old schoo...

Best marker for Woodsball?
What would be the best marker to get for someone who loves to play woodsball (or as referenced recently, tag-the-flag type games)

A-5 not feeding
Didn't somebody here recently mention something about their A-5 not feeding properly? If so, did you ever get it resolved? Mine just started to do that, and I'm baffled. The clear piece i...

OT: change
I have changed my ID from 13bears, to the current. I had should have done this back when I decided to be part of this forum, but I did not, until today. -- John TI2#003 ...

Deadbox Magazine
Got my first issue of Deadbox Magazine (the very first issue, June 2004) and like it. It is focused on Northeast paintball, which is very nice. I plan on buying each issue as it comes out. <...

My two cents.
Short story made long, as is my usual manner... I finally got on eBay to find a good pump. The only ones in good condition are a WGP Sniper II (or III. Forgot), a Phantom, and the old standa...

Forced Crap
Here's a question. Let's say you're a company that makes markers, but they're not the best quality. When you sponsor a team, how do you justify the fact that your team's using markers made...

My 2 Cents
Folks, I don't want to lose any more good people from this newsgroup. I'm sorry that some of you have chosen to follow EdTheWard's lead, (a tragedy in itself) and depart. We will miss you ...

Scenario Paintball *Please Read*
If you are one who thinks of scenario players as: scenario players are "roving packs of obsessive paramilitary out-of-touch-with-reality players" , ". i do NOT allow "scenario ...

Dovetail On-off ASA adapters with degass feature?
I have a Check-It UniMount, which has one nice feature: As you loosen the knob, it first closes the pin valve, then it vents the gas in the ASA and line, making it easy to install and...

How many of you have PLAYED x-ball ? what do you think about it ? I only like to play x-ball because the game is fast and you can end a game in 20 seconds sometimes..... -- ...

how many of you have played x-ball and what do you think about the game ? Please don't reply if you have not played x-ball.... --

Is This A Good Thing?
TIPPMANN PNEUMATICS RECEIVES INVESTMENT FROM SUMMIT PARTNERS Fast-Growing Paintball Equipment Manufacturer Positioned for Long-Term Success FORT WAYNE, INDIAN...

On topic. Maybe.
Since we seem to need more on-topic stuff lately, I just pulled a topic outta my ass. In all your days--or day, for some of you--what do you thinking the most *interesting* marker you've eve...

Goodbye For Now
What the hell is happening to this newsgroup. I have never seen it in such a slump. Just a bunch of bitching and whining and one-upmanship.( or whatever) If anyone I give a crap about ...

Check (blank post)
-- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) To send an e-mail remove "_DIEDAMNSPAMMER!_" from t...

OT: Sometimes...
There are times I feel like I'm about to do by accident what THIS guy does on purpose!

Virus Being Distributed
There is a screensaver being placed on the newsgroups that is concealing a virus. Don't open it! It is from someone saying that it's a screensaver of his girlfriend's tits. It may not app...

How stupid are some paintballers?
Stupid enough that some of them have apparently been making fake HPA re-hydro stickers for their buddies, hey, why pay thirty bucks to have your tank tested and re-certified when some little...

Attn: EdTheWard
Hey, I'm playing this Sunday. Nick actually got the weekend off from the shed and will be playing too if you want to make a trip up. Maybe after the day we can make a video shooting ea...

Anybody go to D-Day ???
Just wondering if anyone else went. 3300 people showed up. Tippman, WGP, JT....many other vendors. Even a new hopper that laods from the bottom via a spring or coil....routes thru ...

GNC Sucks dot com --> find out why !!
Find out what thousands have already: GNC SUCKS !! They sell redated products endangering YOUR health all for the sake of lining their pockets with YOUR money. Commission based...

Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED:

My first Day paintballin'
Well, my second day - first was at my bachelor party a year ago. But I went back this time thinking this may be a sport I would like to pick up. Being laid out for 4 weeks while l...

Dangerous (aka Stupid) Dave.
This is (un)fortunately not my shootin' buddy Dave West. Warning: not work/family friendly, on basis of the sites sponsor ads.

Stoned Assassins the Ambassadors of Paintball
Do you think that B-Real and the Stoned Assassins are the ambassadors of paintball? BReal has gotten paintball more positive press than anyones I have ever seen. What do you think?

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