Oh, hell! It figures!
I really shouldn't be surprised by the responses I'm getting from people regarding my '99 Autococker. However, I really am surprised. Better yet, I'm insulted more than anything, as I have...

Another DM4 video (not by me)
Yeah mine's not in YET, so all this does is make me drool more. But please spare me the "fast, accurate guns suck" replies. Thanks. http://www.machinepaintball.com/DM4high.wmv

AD: New paintball shop website (UK)
Hi, The owners of a paintball company near me, Holmpush Paintball ( http://www.holmbushpaintball.co.uk ) has opened a new shop online... http://www.holmbushpaintballshop.co....

Screw the Auction!
...I just wanna stare at the picture! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3639455106&category=310 -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when he is ...

fs vm 68 new barrels
we found a bunck of these since we are closing the store for good

OT: Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving, ya' bunch of asshats... -- Volt "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

autococker for 300? good deal?
my friend works at a skate/snow board shop that also sells paintball suplies and the place is going out of business. well, they have an autococker vertical feed there selling for 375 (a litt...

"pro-connect" or "quick-connect" for macro line
First, what kind of line does a "pro-connect" use? Braided hose? Are there pro-connect or quick-connects made to fit macro line? I'm using macro line and the connectors dig into the plast...

Granny Shooting a P-ball Gun
http://www.guerillapictures.com/images/gramma1.mov -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) ...

The Gunslinger
Dude I think you should have a syndicated talk show..I know I would listen. Its great, its like having my own personal insult person working for me around the clock to tell idiots that they...

here's a great christmas present...
do you have a paintball friend whose hard to shop for? here's a gift he or she might enjoy...! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2359689990&category=15825

'99 Autococker For Sale or Trade
I've come to terms with myself, and have decided to let go of my first born. She's a beautiful gun, shoots well and has never had any mechanical problems. I've upgraded all of the factory pa...

Anyone used a hammerhead barrel on a mag?
Well, the Texas Throwdown scenario is less than 2 weeks away, and I'm finally gonna do some serious upgrades on my 1992 mag, including getting an X-valve. (Who! Hoo! Christmas bonus ti...

rec.sport.paintball - FAQ and Guidelines for Posting
Archive-name: sports/paintball-faq Last-modified: April 11, 2000 Version: 1.5.2 URL: ftp://ftp.pwb.com/mac/misc/pballfaq.txt ------------------------------------------...

2k2 Raced Ultralite Cocker For Sale... CHEAP
this cocker is worth well over $1800, I am willing to let it go for $900, $1100 for a full setup.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3640693200&category=47244

new dm4
my son just got his new DM4. all I can say is you have to shoot one to really appreciate the quality put into this product. Dye did not hold back on anything. it is lighter than a Timmy. jus...

List of games that can be played?
A while ago a buddy of mine sent me a link to a website that listed a ton of different paintball games to play and their rules. Does anyone know of a link like this? I lost it in my last c...

Paintball Sniper Rifle on E-bay

WARNING, this could cause you to aim more carefully
Hi! Wanted to share a short clip which shows one of the new Special F/X toys being offered by a firm in Canada, called Area-51. Check this blast out and tell me you wouldn't <...

A-5 Cyclone problem
I was playing today, and all of a sudden it started dry firing, and the only way to shoot was to manually advance the ball with the cyclone lever. After the game, I noticed a ball broke in t...

The Nature of Evil
One of my local shops recently started carrying Evil paint. Anyone have opinions/experiences with the characteristics and performance of it? I shoot a mostly stock 03 cocker and a 14" Dye ...

holy shit

Dave Riel's, Team Fugitive
After more than three years in the Orlando area, Team Fugitive announces it's debut into tournament paintball. Three years of practice and scrimmaging with some of the best in the nation ye...

Team Fugitive
See Team Fugitive gather steam for the 2004 season. [email protected]

This store is not honest, don't buy from them!!!

OT: The Mad Asshatter
I giving out asshats today. Here's one for you, Space Cadet. It can be worn in the vacuum of space. It's a little big, but according to Mr. Humphries it'll ride up with wear. Her...

got to be kidding me
I went to a antique mall yesterday and overheard a father and son wanting to get this marker so they could shoot the neighbors dogs at night when they start barking. I was the asshat and bou...

Best place to buy...?
Kingman, Bushmaster BKO and other stuff in US. ($3000 order) I wrote to many suppliers (30+ !) but received 4 replies only. Tnx Racoon

emag-ine that
With all the recent talk of Automags, I found myself wondering what the trigger pull is like on the new electronic E-mags. The only automags I've fired before had sort of a heavy...um... fo...

A-5 Hopper break
I played 2 weekends in a row, and 2 of my friends' brand new A-5 hopper broke with the first ball hit of the day. The paintball punched a hole roght through the front of the hopper. Anyone e...

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