OT: betcha that was his ultimate fantasy
http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/Northeast/10/31/crime.girls.reut/index.html Getting the shit kicked out of you by 20 catholic school girls... HAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! OHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ...

Foam padding
I'm looking for new foam padding for my JT Spectra face mask. I've searched nearly every online store, including JT's website, but with absolutely no luck. Does anyone here know where I ca...

Has anyone heard of www.spyderzone.net I hear it was a good place for information

Mask Fogging
Any recommendations on how to keep my mask from fogging up? I get into the middle of a game and can't see a darn thing. The staff at my field say it is what it is. They said the fans don't w...

"Radio Shack" Talking Timers for $11.96
And new affiliate offer.. Allow me to introduce myself again as the owner of http://www.Paintballtimer.com At Paintballtimer.com we sell the same popular talking timer

Firefighters Play With Matches And Start Southren cailf. fires.
GOT THIS FROM GOOGLE.COM GROUPS Firefighters Play With Matches And Start Southren cailf. fires. From: fred ([email protected]) Subject: firefighters...

Jason's post got me to thinking ...
Jason's post about his party of 18 newbie paintball players got me to thinking of different ways it might be fun to split up into teams for open group where I play. Am I the only one so twis...

OT: Fires in Cali
Man these fires are brutal out here. They were talking about evacuating South of 118 (Simi fire) into Reseda at one point yesterday. They stopped the fire just North of the 118, but my dau...

Here there be Noobs
I'm getting together a private game composed mostly of people from work, with a few external friends. 14 of the 18 people playing have never played before and will be using rental gear. I'...

scenerio tournament.
I've had a thought rolling around in my head for a couple of years now that I wanted to pass by you guys. I am considering holding the first ever scenario gamers tournament. It would be open...

M98 Regulator, or LP Kit
All, I currently run a stock M98, except for barrel, with an HPA tank. I am still seeing velocity drifts in 15-20fps range and would like to shrink that down to 5-10fps if possible. Would ...

hey guys Dye has the new catalog out and the little vinnie sticker is now in the catalog as the Dyekids...Marcello's team.

I found a new site ONLY for ARMOTECH: www.armotechdepot.com

Marker for 11 year old
Hi everyone, my husband and I have been researching for months and still can't decide what marker to get for our son. His cousins are really into paintball and both have the Tippmann Custom...

custom autococker jewels
Hi there. Does anyone have a recommended source for a custom-designed autococker jewel? I have a design that I've made in Photoshop, and I'd like to put it on my cocker. I've tr...

OT: Outlook Express Advice Needed
Someone from my past has discovered my e-mail address and won't stop e-mailing me, even after telling this person to cease all communication. I block the address, but Outlook only sends it ...

ccd zoom scope idea
Just thinking about being able to find targets earlier -- at greater distance through brush and heavy cover. As i've said before I use a flatline a5 RT w/remote so i can wing the paint ou...

WORLD CUP 2003 Rookie division where ringers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, did you know that the team PAG Factory, who won WORL CUP2003 Rookie Division, is made up of Tourney Players whom have all been playing armature in Canada for 8 + years. So even pro! C...

Harry Potter is a tool of the devil!!!!!!!!
Burn his satanic spell casting books!!! Or you will visit the fires of damnation! See the light turn towards it my fellows!

PR: New Bunkers for Backyard paintballers
If you are looking for an inexpensive bunker for your backyard field - head on over to www.EZBunker.com and check out the new 'Player Series'. Thanks.

Need Recommendation for Marker
Need your help guys on a rather difficult decision on a new marker. My style of play is outdoors with some scenario. Purely recreational right now. The courses range from fairly thick bru...

I used to play paintball probably 10+ years ago. The last gun I owned was a PMI 3. I would like to get back into the sport and now I have no idea what is good anymore. I guess what im loo...

Question: My Tippman 98 custom goes full auto?
I have a Tippman 98 Custom only mods are a basic Tippman double trigger and new barrel. At times it starts firing full auto.......pretty cool but I have no control over it. Anyone know why...

Blackpoint's new launcher
Looking for people who want the ultimate in shoulder launchers. Constructed of machined aluminum, NOT PVC, this launcher will score hits on tanks from more than 75 yards away.

PBM-14 Pellet Claymore Mine
As noted in the Dec issue of APG, we have the PBM-14 paintpellet claymore mine for sale. Capable of launching 14 0.69 caliber pellets, the mine uses pressure from single 12 gram. Covers 45...

Tippmann MIL SPEC Mortar for sale
Looking for serious buyers only! Have one ( 1 ) Tippmann MIL mortar for sale. This is the one that's being used at Fort Knox, which has an effective range of 450 yards. Complete with base...

How do I get started?
I want to learn to play paintball but none of my guy friends wnat me to learn they say I'm a girl and should sit and look pretty.

Bunker Suppliers and which bunkers to buy?
Does anyone have a list of manufacturers for Air Bunkers. I am looking to get some for a field. We don't want any with tubes supplying the air. How about your field owners. Anyone h...

Stock class
I'm very interested in getting into stock class. I think it would be a lot of fun. Can we start a thread about stock class? Anything about stock. Stories,, Points of view,, Good points,, Bad...

Automag for sale/trade 250/best offer heres some pics
http://community-2.webtv.net/shagz2dopez/AutomagPaintballGun/ SeRiAl KiLlEr, BrY .!., http://community.webtv.net/shagz2dopez/me

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