Skirmish: Defend the Castle on 10/26
OK y'all, who's going? Mitch [email protected]

Hey, Jose Sanchez...
When will you update your site? You don't have an inventory list of your products, to name one. -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

making the switch
I am planning to switch from using CO2 to compressed air this winter. I want to know where is the best place (on the web) to get good air tanks cheap? All great truths begi...

i need some ideas!!!
I have been in the sport since June.I have a 98 custom and a excellertor 6.0 I have found both of them a little on the heavy side. I like the performance of the tippman, and the electronics ...

Free play day at So Cal.
interested in playing one of the biggest scenario fields in southern california? how about on October 25th? is hosting a free play day followed by one of their

I was wondering if any one of you here has bargained with a paintball store clerk over a gun, parts, or miscellaneous accessories. It seems to work with me on occasion. -- ...

A migdet in a clown suit comes into your bed
What do you do/

Pump vs. Semi's - anybody go?
Who has an update? How'd the Patriach's with Pumps hold out?? Did the hose beasts annihilate the outgunned old-schoolers? Or did percision and experience prevail over unending firepowe...

Ayar15... YOU'RE NEXT! I'll try to arrange a trip next year to play p-ball with you. That's if I have any available off days left over. If not, then we'll just have to wait for the follow...

Shipping Paintballs???
Has anybody heard of problems resulting from paintballs being shipped air freight?? Like, say UPS second day or Priority Mail?? Just wondering, cause balls kinda tend to be pricey over her...

Mofaz Meets LCT Paintball
Last Thursday I flew out to MO to meet and play along side Dave Lyons a.k.a. LCT Paintball on his friend's 80 acres of land in an organized Big Game (well, sort of). Coming from a densely p...

What do you guys think?
What is you favorite type of pie?

this NG is in a SLUMP
as if you didn't already know. lets just all review. please state your name and write EVERYTHING you know or think you know about paintball. then we will argue about it. I e...

paintball pig forums
Could you please check out. Its non profit, basically I think that everyones game could benefit from it. The forums are compelete, but...

painfully disappointing day in NJ (big habeeb)
So i show up at fireball mountain at 7 am in Old Bridge. Am disgusted that first of all, noone from the field is even there yet. Second of all, damn fields are under water. Both of those ...

Tippman 98 Custom Users
I've just purchased a 98 Custom and am wondering what upgrades are recommended and what they do. I know about the Flatline and the Response Trigger, but what about the rest??

Maui Hawaii???
Anybody read this board in Maui??

New to the sport
I'm just getting into paintball and I'm looking to buy my first gun in the next few weeks. I was hoping for some good advice on what to buy and what NOT to buy. I don't want to spend allot o...

Anybody playing Sunday in / near NJ?
Hey all, I'm finally playing again after more than a year's absence. Anybody going anywhere around Jersey? Preferably someplace with BYOP... Drop me an email. Mitch bi...

Operation Citadel @ Blast Camp (Hobart, IN)
Anyone else going this weekend? online p-ball game
Think fast! -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)...

Hmmm. Marker choices?
Looking to buy a better marker than my Spyder. Was looking at the Impulse and electronic Bushmasters, since I'm unwilling to give SP any money at the moment, but woudl consider a cheaper Imp...

Best Number of fields in a day...
OK, the over-under on when this becomes an outright flame war is 6 posts, place your bets now. When you go out for a day of paintball, would you rather play a small number of fiel...

Pull My Trigger
LOL! I did it! I made up an Ayar15 title! *clears throat, adjusts shirt and becomes serious* I was wondering if it is possible to make an electronic trigger have a longer pull, rathe...

Field Design
Hello, I need some ideas on how I should set up my field I am making. The field it self is just an open field with woods all around it. Some of the woods are going to be u...

FS: Paint
We would love to have some RSP'ers give their opinion on the new paint we are selling. We have been very pleased with it ourselves, but nothing is better than the opinions of customers...

polishing internals
I've been spending some time learning the ins and outs of this tippmann a5 -- it's been fun. So i did some light polishing and generally cleaning the internals -- My local hard...

Flatline Users
Is the flatline upgrade really worth it?? I'm looking at getting either a Piranha G3 or a Tippmann C98 and one of the things I'm looking at is the different upgrades between them ...

SC Village Walk-on
Okay, surprisingly I am posting a paintball-related question. I'm meeting some buddies at SC Village next weekend. I've never played there. What is the advanced walk-on vibe like? W...

Barrels for a Tippmann Custom 98
I am looking to replace the stock barrel on my Tippmann Custom 98. I am looking for something that will increase my range and accuracy when I am a sniper in a game, but I also want something...

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