Interesting Info. On Hydrostatic Testing -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) "Why, you may tak...

Nice Lookin' Suppressor
Yah, I know. Suppressors aren't useful in p-ball, but I just have to say... this one looks pretty cool. I've never seen a p-ball suppressor so detailed.

A good mask?
I usually dont post to this group but I've been playing several years and ive finally decided my shitty ass 32 degrees mask isnt cutting it anymore so I want to get a new mask. I want someth...

eBay Shenanigans
I'd buy this A-5... IF THE SHIPPING WASN'T $229! -- Mofaz "Never interrupt your ene...

Marker Oil
The local paintball store around here sells the 1 oz. bottles of gun oil for $6.00 a pop. I'd rather buy 36 cans of soda for that much, at least I can drink that. My question is this. I h...

Just speculating...
How devastating would be a typical marker be with instead of paintballs you could replace the shots with nitroglycerin (sp?) enclosed balls. Of course, I am not talking about using it again...

goota brag
Got back from the rifle range- a lot of fun- we had a .30-06 an 8mm Mauser and a 3.5" 12 guage shotgun. Man they ROCKED the .30-06 thru me back 4 inches (I'm 6'1 and 240lbs...) and the 12 g...

Any other gameplay than CTF or deathmatch?
Whenever projectile weapons are involved in a multiplayer competition, the games devolve towards either a variant of tag, capture-the-flag or deathmatch. However, as noted before this makes...

Would the sport of paintball make a good animated cartoon?
Although many have bitched on this board about the impracticality of live-action paintball as a televised event, primarily because of the nature of play/competition make it unwatchable/borin...

TV Show Wants Your Paintball Bloopers!
Dear Paintball Enthusiast, Happy Labor Day! My name is Mike Burns and I'm working on a new clip show for The Outdoor Life Network called "Outdoor Outtakes." The show is a comedy...

Sponsorships and small companies
Hey guys, I know that some of you have small pball companies that are looking to get off the ground. WEll I ahve a small paintball team, 5man to be exact, that is looking to get off the gro...

Shutter Frame on old Spyder Semi?
I recently picked up a used Shutter double trigger frame to put on my old Spyder Semi that I keep as a backup (an antique from before the day's when Spyders had real names). After installing...

OT: FTC's Do Not Call List
I, like anyone else, am annoyed by telemarketers despite my number supposedly being unlisted. I must encourage all of you to put these people out of business (and their employees out of wor...

Quick Question about Rebels
Hey everyone... Is a Rebel a Spyder clone? I was looking at replacing the vertical adapter block on my Spyder, and the stock one for a Rebel looks like the connection points ar...

FS:Worrframes on sale
We can get the complete Worrframe (that is a WGP version of the E-blade) for $425 shipped. If anyone has been thinking of going to an E-blade, then COME ON DOWN. It includes a new hammer, ...

WTB: rainmaker parts
I have an old school rainmaker that lasted me 4 years of hard play before it started to putter out. I THINK I need a new MAC. It's hard to find these things. If anyone has an old rainmak...

WTB Eblade Trigger
Ok guys, Ive decided that I love my cocker WAY too much to sell it, hterefore, I now want an eblade for it. If anyone has a used one that they would like to sell let me know.... Thanks... <...

The Star Wars Kid is getting a little out of hand. Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some are humilated into it.

The Rules of Engagement
Okay, please excuse me if this is a really dumb question, but I honestly don't know. On a fairly regular basis, Paul "Stryder" Kloehn reposts the rules of posting to r.s.p. ...

Wisconsin & Minnesota Players
Anyone in Wisconsin or Minnesota who lives near enough that they would like to join in, Rogue Wisconsin Paintball will be hosting a game on Sunday, August 31st at our field near New Richmon...

silencer on paintball gun
Does anybody know if there are plans or a design available for a silencer for a paintball gun?

wanted: autococker trigger frame
looking for a pre-2000 autococker trigger frame with trigger. i know a bunch of you out there have upgraded to hinge triggers and other stuff, but i have an older gun that i'm building and...

FS/or Trade Black Magic Cocker
Black Magic 2000 Cocker......Black/Chrome, perfect shape. Has black/slv dye sticky grips, the rest of the gun is stock except for the twister feed. I do have a warped sports on/off drop and ...

Paintball layaway
Does anyone here know of a site that lets there customers layaway a marker? barring that I live in the north Florida area is there a shop in my aera that has a lawaway plan? -- <...

Re: Paintball gun ?
On 8/23/03 7:09 PM, in article [email protected], "T & K" <[email protected]> wrote: > We are looking at buying our son a paintball gun for his birthd...

Paintball gun sights
We are looking at buying our son a paintball gun for his birthday. We have found one that has electronic sights. Are sights used during wars? It does not look like any of the other guns coul...

My impression of a Halo Backman
WRRRHHHHHRRRHRHRHHHH. Thanks, folks, that's the only impression I do. But seriously. I just got the new Halo TSA LCD "Backman" hopper, and so far, I really like it. Mine i...

any one from maine?
is any one on this newsgroup from maine

can you make your own newsgroups?

Dick Clark Buys the NXL?
.. Or at least the rights to air it on TV. Has anyone heard anything more about this? If it's just a false rumor than man they have a ton of websites and players fooled. I'm hearing stuff ab...

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