RSG Cincinnati 2008
Do this occur in Cincinnati?

Russians, Saudis Expect U.S. Attack On Iran

When the boss calls in sick....

I was looking for a place for some golf discussion
However the first twenty posts have NOTHING to do with golf. There must be a golf forum around here4!

More SPAM today I see!
Can someone please moderate this group?

Cink's DQ
From Jimmy Roberts' report on TV yesterday, and various web sources, this is the story as I understand it: Cink hit his ball near, but not in, a fairway bunker. In preparing to hi...

More on cable.....
Stayed for a week or so somewhere where they had cable. I am amazed anyone uses this...although in this case the cable is free, so even I would take any event, it went off for almost...

Attn: AKA asphalt
Fix your computer's calendar and time. -- ___, o | / . "Someone likes every shot"! bk

Only Jesus can save this group
Jesus is the answer. The Son can save RSG.

Pray to Jesus, please.
He can stop the SPAMMERS. Let the Son perform miracles for all of us. We are his witnesses.

Stop the Slander
This newsgroup really weird.

Ochoa wins Safeway event by 7 shots
Nobody seems to care about the new dominant force in golf.

Sportsman of the 2000s
Basically it's only 2 guys: Tiger vs Federer Tiger - because he achieved 2 career grand slams, 1 Laureus award Federer - more majors(12-11), more super-dominating seasons(3-...

Auto insurance
If you need great auto insurance, That is easy on your pocketbook, please email me (sorry no golf carts). I will be happy to give you a quote! Cecelia

Why are gas caps on the driver's side of some cars but the passenger's side of others?
. Suppose fuel tanks were always on the driver's side of the car. Drivers would then have to park on the right side of an open pump in order to fill their tanks.

RSG-NC And the winner is.....
Mother Nature. Definitely the story of the weekend. We started off very promising with temps in the 70's on Friday and the dress of the day was shirt sleeves and shorts. As an omen for ...

I love golf
---------------------------------- Thank you for trying our sample web based remailer/Usenet posting facility. You used our SAMPLE secured anonymous remailer. Had you been using our

The Future of Golf Carts? or

A newsgroup that has gone to hell
Such is RSG.

The Real Secrets Of Golf
Secrets of golf! Most golfers will do absolutely anything to improve their golf game and this is the reason why most are constantly in search of golf secrets to improve their game.

Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population Hollywood director Russo goes in-depth for first...

So, pretty quiet with everyone in NC, huh?
Any reports from Charlotte yet? I check Fox, but they didn't have any scores in yet....

Lots of old faces still around but where did the aussies go ?
Hi everyone. Havent posted here for about 7-8 years now, sorry about that :-) but good to see a few familiar faces about. Also found a website with pics of RSG Atlanta, so now i know what...

Rules Question - Marking Clubface
Is there any rule or decision that would prevent me from putting two small marks on the face of a wedge to aid in alignment? They would be outside of the contact area and thus would not i...

Anybody know where I can buy shoes?
Can't seem to find any, anywhere! ----- - gpsman

St. George area golf courses
I will be in the area early Sept and have just 1 day to play golf (36 holes). Can anyone rate the following? I want to play 2 of them. The Ledges Coral Canyon Sunbrook ...

A Caddie's Caddy
The caddie who loops for the winner in the Byron Nelson gets an $85,000 Cadillac XLR-V.

Iraq violence: 27/3/08 - "surge" reaches peak of its powers - U.S
Round-up of Daily Violence in Iraq, Thursday 27 March 2008 Baghdad 12 mortars hit the Green Zone starting at 10 am unti...

18 Hours....
...till Pflum gets his spankin.

The effect of widening your stance?
I noticed yesterday at the practice range that widening my stance (with driver) just a few inches had a remarkably beneficial effect. I started hitting a higher and straighter flight. Previo...

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