The end of golf balls is near
I saw a commercial for Titleist golf balls on TV today. This is ludicrous - I mean, marketing a golf-related product on television? What's next, players wearing sponsor's logos on their clo...

Weed Wacker Golf Club?
Have you seen the Big Daddy Driver? <A HREF=>Big Daddy Driver</A> The videos say it all.... ...

Rules Question
Was playing today and my ball was hung up on a bunker rake on a steep downslope toward the bunker. Once the rake was moved it was obvious that there was no way that a ball was ever going t...

SG2.5 or a laser finder?
I am trying to figure out which I "need". Considering I only normally play 5 -10 different courses a year I am not sure buying either is really necessary. However that being said, a guy at...

Hi, does anyone know where to enter the serial in intelligolf? Thanks

Weed Wacker Golf Club?
Have you seen the Big Daddy Driver?

Golfing in Europe
Here is another interesting website. Travel info, things to see and do. Have a look if interested.

RSG-NC Courses Finalized
I've spoken to all the golf courses in the area and gotten the aerification schedules, a necessary evil in March around here. Unfortunately all of the planned courses are aerifying within...

There's an RSG joke in here somewhere I'm sure is has something to do with Bellomy or Stemmer or Koenig. I'm having a hard time coming up with the punch line, though. ...

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Free online Games play and free download - Intelligent games
Free online Games play and free download - Intelligent games Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision.. ...

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RSG-NC: Will it Happen?
Is this RSG-NC thing really gonna happen in 4 weeks? I can't even get my name on the list of Tentative/Possible Attendees and I'm the fuckin favorite! Anybody else going that hasn...

RSG Phoenix mini-meet?
Well, the last one was Yost, Gordo and myself. If I could have managed to putt, I'd have cleaned house on them. Putting is coming into form, anyone up for another go round? Wife is

Beginning of end for the PGA Tour?
The sponsor for the LA Open, formerly a top event, is some financial services company no one has heard of. Pebble Beach, which used to be a top event, is now a joke. They run away from Westc...

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tqvduMrQy8nDwMvcvbrWxsa309DP3rmry76zycGi09oyMDAzxOoxMdTCMjXI1aOs1/jC5NPa1tC5 +rjEuO+/qrfFx7C3vbXEtqvduKOsuavLvsv51Nq5pNK11LC7t76z08XRxaOstdjA7c671sPTxdS9 o6zAtM35uNuhorDEoaLMqLrNufoNCrzKytCz...

Electric golf bag cart / trolley recommendation
I have been looking for an electric golf bag cart (or called trolley). They seem to range in price from $200-$2000. Does anyone have a recommendation for any & are the remote control types...

No more MDF
PGA Tour scraps cut rule, makes tweaks to FedEx Cup points PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- The PGA Tour's new cut rule, all of two months old, has already been mothballed, ending two month...

Scot Ritter gets nailed by POX

The war's full story?

Damned funny! Ok, some are just plain wrong, but a few are funnier than hell. Faves - Truth or Dare, Damn 5-0, and Blasphemy. John ...

what did you buy this winter for the upcoming season?
For me, it's more like what did I not buy. Being a compulsive ebay shopper & sitting on my ass in front of a computer 8-12 hrs a day it's hard not to buy. I got 2 drivers, a $13 Cleveland L...

Degree of Face on Ping Putter?
I have an old Ping Answer Putter and I am curious to find out the degree of the face. Thanks....jack with spring fever

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Are the majors easier?
Someone said that so many players psyche themselves out that it's easier to beat a great field at a major. Maybe it eliminates hot players who haven't figured out how to play out of the...

Recommendations for Lexington, KY
Planning to be in Lexington, KY the Saturday of Ryder Cup weekend. Would appreciate some recommendations for a good course to play that day. Deucewood

Good course to play in Vancouver right now?
Going to be heading down to Vancouver to pick someone up at the airport this week and am thinking of going in early to get a round in if it isn't snowing in whistler or raining in vancouver ...

Is Chelsea Clinton fair game?
Do you think it is significant that Obama has kept his family in Illinois, maybe to insulate them from the DC culture and that Chelsea is a hedge fund manager? It seems important to me. ...

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