Tiger Woods generation
Nice day today. 72 degrees F at about 3PM when I teed off. Clear blue sky, a bit of wind, the course was fast. Some of the fairways werre a little shaggy from not being mowed in the last cou...

New Year (Golfing) resolutions
Mine are small. More consistent from 100 yards and try to make at least one RSG event in 2008. Y'all have a Happy New Year.

club weight questions
I got a set of irons that were were shafted for a women, - 1" standard.The lie doesn't appear to have been changed. I figured I could just buy new iron shafts & cut to True Temper specs & re...

Highlight of your golf year
So what was the highlight of your golf year? Mine was a shot I hit during RSG Cincinnati. It was during the USA vs. Pesky Canadian match. USA had just lost the second hole to go bac...

The rain, then the heat
Last week 90mm of rain. Now the heat. Today in Melbourne is forecast to be 42C (108F). Think I'll put off the golf. :-) -- Cheers Colin Wilson -------------...

Happy New Year
As we approach the New Year, may your swing be on plane, your distance be perfect and your line and speed be true.

Favorite Line heard on a golf course
OK, gang, it is time to end the year so we might as well end it laughing. So what are some of your favorite lines or sayings you've heard on a golf course? They don't even have to ...

Does Manco have a new job?
Program Director at The Golf Channel ? WTF?

Some golfers do a little bit of good
There was a recent charity golf tournament here in Costa Rica to benefit a local orphanage. Enough money was raised to buy each kid a new pair of shoes, clothes, presents, and throw a ...

bad grip tape!
I'm pissed, got a tune up/grip kit @ Dicks sporting goods. I wasted 3 grips that got stuck 1/2 way on & I couldnt back off. wASNT SURE IF IT WAS THE gRIPs,tape OR SOLVENT. I had some old tan...

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Poll: What Exact Moment Marked the Ultimate Decline of ABC Sports
*Cap-Cities buying the network (circa 1985) *Disney buying the network (circa 1996) *"Wide World of Sports" in its original format, gets cancelled (circa 1997-19...

Tiger is Sexually Assaulted
AP Top News at 6:00 p.m. EST Tiger Woods, the 32 year old champion golfer, and possibly the most famous athlete in the world is recovering from rectal lascerations. A man, who go...

2007 - Bush's very good year
"Bush's very good year The Washington Times By Lawrence Kudlow December 26, 2007 Against all odds, and despite the usual drumbeat of criticism, President Bush had a very...

MacGregor Propel Iron Shaft
MacGregor Propel Iron Shaft - Anyone know the specs for this iron shaft used around 2002?

Thailand Golf
Anyone interested in finding out about the best up-and-coming golf destination in the world? Check out the site http://www.golfasian.com and http://www.thailandgolfzone.com

Tiger Kills one, injures two in SF.
Just caught a climpse of the news, but it said Tiger killed one person and injured two others in San Francisco last night.

Tiger Woods Stalker

Bobby K is a musican, apparently
Has had a lot of trombones ... any other musicians here?

Ebay deals on golf (or ripoffs)
What are some good deals you got on ebay? I know ALOT of people have gotten good deals from me. I buy & sell for less more often than not. I do once in a while find a bargen or sell 4 profit...

Tiger Woods killed golf take 50
blah blah blah

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merry xmas to me!
I moved in a new apt w/ my girlfriend 2 months ago & had to get rid of 2 FULL golf bags cause I had no room for them. I'm still hatin her for that. I ordered a new 3 wood & 2 sets of used ir...

happy holidays all. its been a while since I visited. my game is about the same. somewhere between 86 and 95. drives getting shorter. irons and short game come and go. still enjoy it though....

Annika, is this you?

Merry Christmas one and all!
That pretty much covers it. :-) -- Alan Baker Vancouver, British Columbia "If you raise the ceiling four feet, move the fireplace from that wall to that wall...

Happy Christmas to everyone
I hope you shoot your personal best this year.

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How many sets of irons have you had?
I have to admitt, I'm an inpulsive ebay shopper. In 3 yrs I've tried 5-6 sets. I was looking @ another post (same topic) @ another site. Here is this other guys post......sicko ...

Rate Based on Pace of Play
I saw this on another forum and thought it was interesting enough to post here. http://www.golfclubatlas.com/forums2/index.php?board=1;action=display;threadid=32573 Basicall...

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