If only Federer played golf...
...instead of tennis for a living. Then we might have a real contender for Tiger day in and day out. He dismantled Roddick's absolute best last night w/o hardly sweating - the guy's a mach...

OE-Quotefix test. Have fun. Some stuff and other stuff to do with the stuff gold is made of. That kind of stuff blah blah blah. Nothing functional, nothing constructive, everything pr...

WE need to bash Israel
come on CAIR

Doggie Driver
I saw this in Petsmart tonight. you can walk the dog and practice your swing at the same time. http://www.firebox.com/index.html?dir=firebox&action=product&pid=1478&src_t=cat&src_id=g...

From another NG...
That's Not a Birdie, That's an Emu: Big Bird Follows Pair Around Washington Golf Course Tuesday, September 4, 2007 =A0 18:42 PDT ELMA, Wash. -- Every golfer likes a birdie...

Any reviews on Adams GT 500 Irons ? TIA
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Any reviews on MacGregor MacTec NVG2 Drivers?, TIA
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Golf Course Villa -Sarasota - 2br/2ba - Available NOW!
Monthly Rent From: $1,275 Timber Lake Dr. Sarasota, FL Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 2 bedroom / 2 bath plus den villa has a split bedroom plan. Master Bath with sliding...

My golf partner, should I tell ?
My golf partner happens to be my X girlfriend. I broke up w/ her 1 1/2 yrs ago but she loves the game & is available always. So the replacement girlfriend, who I am house shopping with now,...

Ping John Yoshiwaza
RSG-OHIO, man!!!! Come on!!!! -- jvdp http://www.rsgcincinnati.com

Boo Weekley messes up Sergio's card again.....
********************************************************************************************* Notes: More Boo Boo-Boos on Sergio's Card By Associated Press - September 04, 2007 ...

Ball-Watchers on Tee Box
I play in two 9 hole golf leagues at two different courses each week. At one of the leagues there is one gal especially who likes to stand maybe 4-5 ft. behind on the tee box. I have polite...

Golf stores in Chicago area - advice please...
I live in the UK but have a week's vacation in downtown Chicago next month. Can anyone recommend a good Chicago based golf discount store where I can do some shopping. Thnx. Ton...

Bet on Golf.
Bookmaker.com sign up code is WAGER. Enter WAGER as your Bonus Code and get a 25 percent bonus. http://www.bookmaker.com/?cmpid=2559_396

Listing of Courses that a Privately owned Cart Cart Can be Used
Is there a list of golf course in the Untied States and Canada where I can go and take my own golf cart and use it. Insted of renting one of the clubs golf carts. Gary Wilson ...

Would Tiger beat Satan?
I think he's dat gud.

Ball striking stat
Did I miss hear this?? Could have sworn that Johnny Miller declared on the Sunday broadcast that ... Phil M. was leading in 'ball striking'. Okay, if I heard that incorrect...

Would you play Golf against Satan???
If you win you'll get whatever you want. If you lose, Satan will get your soul. Would you???

Dave Pelz is a blow hard
Did any one catch him running his yap on golf channel today? "Phil's driver didn't win him the victory, his irons did". In other words, " I worked w/ Phil on his short game, that's why he wo...

OT: CIA Gave Iran Nuclear Weapon Blueprints
CIA Gave Iran Nuclear Weapon Blueprints The Guardian - Jan 5, 2006 http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0%2c12271%2c1678219%2c00.html Bush Used Fake Photos to Persuade Reluct...

Tiger (& Lorena) vs. the field
The August 25, 2007 edition of Golfweek had some stats of Tiger vs. the field. Multiple wins vs. woods had K.J. Choi at the top of the list with 4 wins & a .267 winning percentage...

Does the bright sun bother anyone else golfing?
When it's a clear blue bird sky I have a hard time focusing on the ball & can't hit it well. Sun glasses that I have tried didn't help either, I think they were polarized & gave a 3D effect...

Will Iran's Good Nuclear Report Card Slow the March to War?

Ryder Cup
Why isn't Phil Mickelson listed in the point standings? Is he not going to play for the USA????

Why Bush Can Get Away with Attacking Iran

Murray's Cart/Cab Service
http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/Movies/09/04/people.billmurray.ap/index.html Looks like it was benevolent Swedish drunken golf cart driving!

Is he in the same party as Reagan, Goldwater, Lincoln ? Did somebody switch name tags?

Hand distance from body - address vs. swing
When making a swing should your return to the same location as they were at address? I was watching some Swing Vision swings on YouTube and noticed on more than half of the swings the han...

Hello [email protected]

Tiger any good?
I'll let you decide. Otto -------------------------------------------------- David Feherty on Tiger Woods "People have accused me of...

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