RSG Pheonix 2007
Yesterday, 3 members of RSG met in adverse weather conditions (OK, it was sunny, about 84=B0 with a gentle breeze) and had the first ever RSG Phoenix. I got together with Tom Yost and Aodha... step closer to playing...
just had to say, i'm stoked about starting golf.... i've taken the advice from the posters and been shopping for a cheap, bare bones starter golf set and not worrying about specializing in...

OT - challenge for libs
If ameriKKKa is so horrible, we are 100 million people around the world applying for visas to get here?

Shifting Targets

Appleby repairs ball mark
A "ball mark" 6" directly behind the cup on the 456 yard 16th. Wonder who "hit their ball" that close to the cup today?

Senor Scott Verplank
A match play playa.

Lefty's swing @ Pres cup
Did anyone notice Phil pulling his hand off his iron (on 1 shot I noticed) quickly like it hurt? I wonder if he's still messed up?

Best Players in the World........ (Pres Cup)
You know, I know that these are the best players in the world [1] but I can't remember seeing so much great shotmaking. Knocking down pins, clutch putts, great bunker play, holing out from ...

Shot a handicap score
13.4 differential on a 14 index. -- jvdp

"Raising The Bar" - by Tim Rosaforte
I read this book several years ago and I remember being astonished at how it seemed like the book hadn't even been proofed/edited. IIRC, it was completely loaded with misspellings and gramm...

Used set of clubs cost?
I know there are stories of people buying sets of used expensive premium golf clubs from widows, the clueless, and derelicts and fugitives for $20. What would a reasonable price for s...

Neocons seek to justify action against Teheran

Neocon 'godfather' Norman Podhoretz tells Bush: bomb Iran

NBC and TNT coverage of Presidents cup
I think it's been great. Aside from the commercial interruptions to be expected to pay for the broadcast, I think the directors have done a wonderful job of of letting us golf fan...

What goes good with crow?
Duval made the cut comfortably. Congratulations to him...

Tiger Woods = Golf Killah
'nuff said.

I tried to watch the President's Cup and gave up
Who cares?. The Ryder Cup is stupid enough but this is even less interesting than the RC. They're not playing for money or anything really. Just all this patriotic BS. Why feel patrioti...

Woody Austin in my new hero
Brilliant. I'll bet he would LOVE match play madness. -- jvdp

Presidents Cup (Spoiler)
Holy crap! All the sudden the US is kicking a** at alternate shot this year. As of right now they lead in all 5 matches. -- jvdp

Faux News Plans Attack on Iran

Bankers Handicap
--WebTV-Mail-8828-5415 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit Can someone please explain the method of calculating Bankers Handicap...

So What About Iran?

Nicklaus Facial Twist
Did anyone else notice Jack Nicklaus' face twitches during the closeups during Friday's telecast of the President's Cup? It looks possibly like Bells Palsy, although I can't find anyth...

Short course invitiation...
Hi guys and girls, the Australian Pitch and Putt Association would like to extend an invitiation to readers of this ng to the Australian Triple Crown, an event described by Forat ...

Did Tiger choke?

Iraq Will Have to Wait

Beautiful Day
After all these soggy days, we finally get a real nice day! What a treat. Time to get in some golf for the first time since June (not counting some golf in Alberta). Go home, BBQ something a...

Woody Austin
The human golf highlight reel...from the broken putter on his ehad to the full gainer into the pond today. Outstanding, Wood, outstanding!

Furyk Makes Tagger Lose
Had to be. Tagger must have had no support whatever from Jim. Sad that Jim didn't play better. Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this non corrisponde ad un ut...

Bobby Clampett
Does Clampett try to be moronic or does it just come naturally to him? I mean he's known to be an intelligent guy and well spoken, in his way, but he comes out with some of the most inane co...

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